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220A has acute psychosis. I diagnosed her before I saw her chart. I asked the LVN if she could put in an order for a psych consult because I found her at the foot of the bed sitting up reaching out to a voice talking to her. Her case reminds me of my case. Her lights were broken and wouldn’t shut them off so I wrapped a blanket around it to help facilitate restful sleep and gave her 3-500 calories a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to facilitate rest because I read the extra calories facilitate rest but what she really needs is risperdal or some form of antipsychotic.

I tried music therapy but her delusions are so strong she keeps asking me about her delusions. She really needs meds. I set up a bunch of pictures of her family on her side table and got heavy blankets to put over her to also facilitate sleep. I don’t know know what else I could do other than sit here one to one to watch her until she falls asleep.

I wish music therapy worked better on her but she’s really anxious and confused. I think the pictures of her family helped though.

I’m scared she’s going to die and that she’s experiencing end of life delirium but maybe it’s just manic psychosis.

Oh yeah duh, I should pray. That’s what is missing.

I thanked God for allowing me to use my skills to help her because I know they’re not my skills and that God gave them to me. I also prayed for her rest and a calm mind and sleep. Psychosis robs people of rest and sleep and safety and security-I know how it’s like.

She’s starting to calm down thank god.

Oh no I wonder if placing the blanket around the lights is a fire hazard. It’s not beneath the bulb it has a covering over the bulb that’s plastic and then I placed the blanket over that.

The lights are like operation lights they’re so bright.

Oh no I think she has visual hallucinations too. This is not good.
Lunar Lady

Lunar Lady

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Mar 19, 2019
Just popping in with a hug for you @SomeGirl15153 :hug:

How’s your day going? X


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Aug 1, 2014
What a performance and trauma you are having, I would definitely try again, for a pshyc consult, she very much i woudl guess in distress, of sorts, and mentally not well, she does need ur gentmental health asssitance, and an assessment, I've learned you are in California, I would h ave advised otherwise, if you were in Britain, to contact the crisis team, I'm unsure how the sys tem works out there.

I do hope that things might improve.

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