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Today I actually might have saved someone’s life. She was displaying Agonal breathing, all red, choking— basically my boss gave her parenteral nutrition, left the head of the bed down and she had secretions in her mouth that were blocking her airway.

I repositioned her to high Fowler’s position to her side so the secretions could fall down away from her respiratory system and so she could breathe again.

I think I may have helped her out or even saved her life because after she regained oxygenation, her face went from all red to olive and the agonal breathing stopped. Had no one been around, I don’t know how long she would have been alive without oxygen

I’m frustrated because all my training (I interned in the emergency room, ICU and med surge) and this is the most I’ve been able to do for someone. After a year of extremely hard work, they were going to make me assistant director of staff development, but after my boss left—- they basically hired someone else and reverted me back onto the floor.

It’s like some force was tricking me into thinking that my hard work was going to pay off but they used me for two weeks and then disposed of me.

Luckily I’ve made good relations with everyone and friendships/ grandparents out of my patients here but,

there are some days where I get so bored I just help out maintenance/ the custodians and I scrub toilets smeared with feces off toilets and the floors with a towel and cleaner.

I’m not saying that stuff is beneath me because it’s not. Someone has to do the dirty work but my student loan is staring me down and it’s like 200,000 dollars for schooling and this is what I get? It just doesn’t seem just.


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Nov 10, 2019
It is important we do what makes us happy and/or gives us money to live the lifestyle we want.

I am over 40 and still have my student loan to pay off. Luckily when i get to 47 they write it off. I would prefer to have worked all these years and paid it myself but life doesn't always work out as planned.

Well done for helping that person.

Keep moving forwards and making the right decisions for yourself. There isn't much loyalty anymore.

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