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Aug 6, 2013
When you hit rock bottom, how do you get moving again? I'm not there yet but the more caught up I get in things that slow me down, like debt, red tape, falling through the cracks (not "this" enough, too much of "that" to qualify) the more difficult I find it to make progress. My job doesn't quite pay the bills and I have no investment money (or plan) to supplement my income. Debt is growing, my credit rating is smashed and I live in a city with no friends or family. I'm scared that I've got a month or two left before I end up on the street. Meanwhile I'm fighting my own mental discomfort and disjointedness.
I have half-baked ideas, like building a website or starting a small clothing line but I never understand what I try to learn about it enough to put thoughts or words to action (assuming I even had the resources). I have no idea what kind of website or what to do in general.
I've been denied student loans and I don't qualify for any social services. The vice is squeezing me and I feel like I'm prolonging the inevitable. (My rent is as low as it gets)
It's hard enough now, I wonder how I could pick myself back up if I end up on the street.
Does anybody have some acute insight they want to share about what to do when I run out of wiggle-room? (Anybody want to hire me for some kind of net project :p)

I'm not in need of encouragement, I'm looking for related experiences and ideas on how people have managed it. Thanks guys!