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Jun 3, 2009
ON, Canada
:cry:I REALLY, REALLY wanted to avoid bringing this up with anyone. I've never told anyone but one person, and even then I didn't say much. But after the last counsellor had a breakdown infront of me and mentioned her own trauma with molestation, I can't stop thinking about it. I've spent so many years trying to forget it, but I can't stop playing it over and over in my head now.
When I think about it I get panic/anxiety attacks and I start to shut down like never before. But I need to tell my new counsellor, because I can't keep shutting it away, it's going to haunt me till the day I die.
Would it be appropriate to write it down for the counsellor instead of saying it? I really REALLY don't think I can verbally tell them without losing it or being sick to my stomach. :cry:


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Sep 22, 2008
I think writing it down would be a good way to get it out there on the table for discussion. Hopefully your current counsellor is up to the task!

I reckon once out in the open it will start losing it's power to haunt your life.

Take care of you. :flowers: