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Mixed state/depression



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Oct 1, 2009
Hello all, I have been in and out of a private psychiatric hospital here in Australia for the past few months suffering from mixed states and bad cases of depression, I am currently back at home and want to end everything. Nothing seems to be working for me, the Doc has tried all types of meds. Not sure if to go back to hospital or to just end it


Jul 11, 2012
Go to hospital freind you will get balance


Hi TR,

As kev says, perhaps you should go back to hospital? I'm afraid I'm not familiar with how things work in Australia, but can you call a crisis team/therapist or the equivalent of the samaritans helpline?
Don't give up-you can get through this with the right help and support.



Mar 13, 2011
Don't end it. How will you ever get better then?

One of my favorite comedians is Australian, Jim Jefferies, he makes me laugh.

I have some lovely family in Australia, they live in Sorento in Perth. I really want to visit them.

Anyway, hello.

What have you tried outside of meds, CBT? Mindfulness, relaxation , etc?

Are you living healthily at the moment, are you sleeping ok?

Go back to hospital, but there's other things that you can do that may work for you.
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