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mixed episode

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday

Well-known member
Jun 14, 2009
What does it feel like. I think I'm in the middle of one now. I'm sad but highly agitated, can't sleep but want to go to bed. Racing thoughts but no energy. Want to curl in a ball and cry but can't for some reason. It feels very strange. Does this sound like a mixed episode?


Well-known member
May 7, 2011
I kind of think that if you were in a mixed state you would likely not be able to think it through and recognise you were in one (based on my own experience of them). Hope you feel better soon though.
Fairy Lucretia

Fairy Lucretia

Well-known member
Apr 9, 2011
Magical fairy wonderland xxxx
hello Ruby ,im not sure what you are experiencing ,but I send you love ,hugs and my very ,very best wishes


Well-known member
Sep 1, 2013
It kind of sounds like it...a classic "mixed" state is happy then sad and vice versa. It's quite annoying to deal with because you don't know what you feel is really "you" or the illness. Maybe try to get some rest and calm your mind.

I don't really get into those sort of states anymore, the medication is right for me. I can relate though because I've been there.


Aug 7, 2009
It feels like violent mood swings.. just really up and then plummeting back down.. usually like a sadness spread throughout a mania..
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