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missing that part of me


Clint 23

Jan 10, 2015
About a year ago i was diagnosed with schizophrenia at my lowest it was really bad and these last few month i've been getting better. I am glad that I'm better but part of me misses the madness in my head and the voices. when you grow up perceiving that what your experiancing is "normal" and i just figured its who i am but now that that part of me is pretty much gone i feel different like sanity was forced upon me so i can be part of society. I guess madness can be a good excuse to get away from reality.


Well-known member
Aug 30, 2014
I like being psychotic because that reality is better then being medicated and having to live in the real world with the stresses and triggers, I'm not dangerous so I don't understand why they don't leave me alone.
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