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Dec 20, 2018
I have had misophonia since I was a child but as I've grown older it seems to have gotten worse.
I can't eat around anyone as it drives me off my head, especially my father who I've told repeatedly about the condition, but just ignores it and continues to make the most grotesque noises I have heard in my life.
The noises he makes when he eats have also gotten worse with age, the noises have gotten so bad that I sometimes feel like beating him to death, so that he'd just shut up.
My experience with misophonia is not only with eating though as I also hate the sound of people breathing, making weird noises with their mouth, kissing (loud kisses) and I'm also easily jumpy when it comes to loud noises
If anyone can give me some advice on how to deal with misophonia it would be a godsend as my GP has been absolutely useless. After he found out that I had misophonia he gave me olive oil ear drops to get rid of earwax, which I have never understood, why give someone olive oil ear drops for misophonia?
Wouldn't that just make it worse since you'd hear the noises clearer?