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Mirtazapine tapering



New member
May 27, 2019
Dundee, scotland

I was put onto mirtazapine 15mg in February to help with low mood and anxiety... I had a potential court case coming up as a witness. I was really sleepy on the 15mg so increased to 30mg (more is meant to be less drowsy)

I had a week of annual leave at the start of May and the whole week I was anxious... restless. When I returned to work I felt panicky and stressed to the point of feeling light headed and feeling like I was going to have a panic attack.

Went to docs to say I wanted off the medication, so he lowered me back down to 15mg. Since then my depression and anxiety has been much worse than before I started the meds.

Is it possible I’m suffering withdrawal? That was 2 weeks ago I dropped back down to 15. I also find the later in the day the worse I am. Just trying to understand if it’s the medication. I wasn’t on it for very long but I’m miserable feeling this way. Just feel like I can’t ever relax, enjoy my own company or just generally feel happy.

Any thoughts/advice welcomed!