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mindfuleness meditation is great for management...



meditation in moderation is good like exercise, too much and it becomes too much about control, anxiety and self medication.....Buddha spoke of the middle way, everything in moderation. mindfulness is a good management tool, the body can naturally go into mindfulness when needed. Astral travel and depersonalisation can be natural states in the body/bain,


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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
Astral travel and depersonalisation can be natural states in the body/bain,
Interesting thoughts.
I've often wondered if depersonalisation isn't perhaps a wiser/higher part of ourselves taking over when things are getting too fragile for our regular selves.


its a protective state, when the pain, psychological or physical gets too much, it can detach you or black you out if needed, the unconscious is on our side :)
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