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mild ocd or something else?



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Nov 23, 2008
Bonnie Scotland
i have had this since i was small and it has gradually got worse. the worst being when i had my first child and again with my second.

It is about cleaning and tidying and organising. Today i am in tears because i feel that things are not 'right' in the house.

I always start tidying upstairs and work my way down. i cannot do it in another order. once ive tidyed i have to recheck each room a couple of times to make sure it is actually done and stayed the same. i like to have everything in a catagories, like inside cupboards etc, in drawers everything has to be 'the same' sort of thing.

i have had some cbt and it did help, i can leave it all now but it is making me hate my house i feel like a tinker and thr house is all dirty and not right. i can feel me starting to come out of my depression and starting all these things again. i get so anxious when i feel im running out of time to do all my sorting. d

do you think this is ocd or just anxiety disorder. i have been diagnosed with g.a.d and depression possible bipolar2.

thanks if you managed to read all that. any help apreciated :)


Nov 1, 2009
Well.. I read all of that. Seems like OCD to me. :tea: