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Microdosing elemental lithium taking lithoum orotate

  • Thread starter normanis domesticus
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normanis domesticus

Oct 11, 2020
Philadelphia, PA
Hi, I suffer from bipolar disorder type 2 and am trying to manage my mood swings by microdosing elemental lithium by taking lithium orotate. Does any one out there have any experience in treating their manic depression doing this?


Well-known member
Forum Guide
Nov 10, 2019
I don't recommend it but others might. I was advised not to use it and to only take what a doctor prescribed.


Well-known member
Jun 24, 2020
At one point my prescribing practitioner suggested a multivitamin with a micro dose of lithium. I didn’t take it, so I can offer nothing more.


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Apr 15, 2020
London, UK
Dear normainis domesticus,

I have no experience with Lithium Orotate nor lithium proper as a matter of fact. That being said, I have tried my fair share of alternative treatments and self medication and I can tell you for sure, at best they do nothing at worst they cause harm.

I am Bipolar (probably type 2). When I first became depressed, I began to self medicate with alcohol and cannabis and that went about as well as you can imagine. Then when I began to recognise my depression, I was hesitant to go seek medical help due to stigma and my own stupid pride. I thought I knew what was best for me and that I was smarter and better than all those other doctors and I could beat this thing naturally. I began taking CBD oil which did absolutely nothing. Then I began to research St. Johns wort, a natural antidepressant which works much like Prozac but with fewer side effects, so I decided to give that a try. Initially, it worked great and I thought to myself 'aha see I was right all along'. Then about two months later, I got the worst hypomanic episode of my life. I started getting mixed states, was rapid cycling. Not a day went by without me wanting to end my life and I came close to it on several occasions. Finally, I went to go see a psychiatrist who precribed me Lamictal and Aripiprazole which saved my life. I went through a hell, which I made worse for myself by self medicating, but I learned a valuable lesson, to not be afraid to seek help when I need it.

Now specifically about Lithium Orotate. On paper it seems like a good idea, because this element theoretically has more potency that Lithium carbonate with only a fraction of the side effects due to the lower dose. However, in practise no good studies have demonstrated the efficacy of Lithium Orotate over lithium carbonate or lithium citrate. This is because it is more complicated that simply chemistry. Lithium is a complicated medication that works on a variety of proteins and neurotransmitters in the brain. Scientists are still not very sure as to how exactly it works, while other forms of lithium do not.
I would recommend that you stick with an approved treatment and if you don't feel like putting up with the side effects of taking Lithium Carbonate, then talk to your doctor about other meds such as Lamictal. Which is a fantatsic mood stabiliser with very few side effects.

Best wishes a hope you have a speedy recovery,
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