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Messed Up...can anyone just talk to me :)



New member
Jun 4, 2010
i'm an 18 year old girl and i'm depressed. I have lots of great friends and i'm studying my dream course in university, everything seems to be perfect to outsiders but i feel so alone and unloved and ugly on the inside, and it's taking its toll on my college work.

I would love a boyfriend too but its proving tough to get one as i'm so under confident when it comes to men, due to my lack of self confidence and happiness in myself in general.
Can anyone talk to me, offer me some much searched for words of wisdom or have anyone or anywhere that may help me? Greatly appreciated, and I'm also here to chat to anyone else in my situation.
Thanks, #
(y)eyeheartcheese <3



Listen you are young, but depressed by the tone of your post, you are wonderful but you do not see it because the illness distorts your thoughts ??
Please go see your Doctor asap and get help !!
Talk to your Doctor about your suffering, negative thoughts etc, seek support here as often as you like the people here will support you always !!:welcome::grouphug:
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