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Messaging is difficult! Any advice?


Slime o

New member
Mar 26, 2020
Hello everyone!
I'm sure lots of people feel the same way. Texting, emailing, social media- I find it really difficult to speak to people this way. Depends who the recipient is though because while speaking to friends it can be quite easy and I can sometimes convey things more honestly than in person. But if I'm not that comfortable or close with the other person it can feel like a nightmare. Emails are especially difficult because they are usually sent to people I don't know well. I can spend hours and hours writing an email and end up putting it off until the next day. Sometimes it takes a whole week for me to reply with one or two sentences. It's such a pain but it's because all I really care about is whether I will be liked. When I'm texting friends I frequently begin with 'sorry for leaving you hanging for 2 weeks' or something to that effect. I hate apologising all the time- it probably comes across as insincere since I'm a notorious repeat offender. I worry I get on people's nerves or that people think I hate them or something. But while apologising repeatedly is an option with friends and family, you can't waste time like this in a professional setting or people will give up on you. I want to be able to reply to clients and colleagues quickly without experiencing a disproportionate amount of stress. Has anyone been able to overcome this? How do you message people without being excessively concerned with what people think of you?


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Jul 8, 2019
hi Slime o :welcome: !

I get that sometimes
and find it helpful to have a 3rd party
that I can send my draft email to before I send it
either my advocate or my step mother or aunt or someone like that

if you can think of anyone that can help you like that

I hope you find the forum helpful
there is a sub forum for work and money issues
where you could post a draft perhaps