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Messages in everyday objects



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Sep 29, 2014
The Land of Oz
Do any of my peers ever experience this?
For example, my messages come across in car license plates. The letters especially. I find messages in them all the time. That and road signs. I get messages sometimes I find really hard to disbelieve aren't made for me. I freak out if I am feeling paranoid already and pass an overtaking lane sign. I have to fight my thoughts very hard to disbelieve it's not a message that people are out to get me. I get embarrassed by admitting this, as I've been ridiculed in the past for it.
I also get messages in the supermarket (but I believe that is precisely what marketing execs want) on what foods are safe to eat and what aren't (and I am not talking about the dietary information or product labelling as such). Moreso the colour of the packaging (I refrain from loud packaging with too many colours as I believe these bold colours are potentially dangerous).
I hope I'm not alone in my experiences... :(


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Mar 27, 2019
Eastern Europe
I actually like to find such messages (I am not diagnosed with any MH issues), I always find it funny to see a car plate that I can translate it to an acronym that has something to do with what I work for example and then imagine some nice scenarios about the people in the car. I guess it is related to the way our brain translate everything we can see or hear with patterns. Unfortunately our pattern matching system is a pretty lousy one, thus it fails more often than we would like to or we have a better self-esteem on this topic than we should have.
As I understand from my son's therapist this would be a standard symptom with people experiencing psychosis (chronic or not) so you "have" to fight with yourself on this.
My son used to read these kind of signs all over the place, recently he wrote down everything he remembered during this acute episode and it's pretty scary, he really thought (actually he still believes that it was true.. he is working on this with his therapist) that everything was about him (something like Truman show).
Did you experience this lately or was it like this forever?


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Jan 27, 2019
Hi Vanish. I have not experienced this. But I do believe in signs. Like if I get on facebook and open up to a post I think it was sent to me personally. When the post is meant for everyone. Just try to avoid looking at cars license plates to much. The grocer store can be very overwhelming and can triigger us into panic almost. I only go to one gracer store and I won't go if I do not know exactly where the item is I need. Wishing well hugs Jules


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Jan 7, 2008
one guy i knew used to get messages from the tv,, what if i say the media gives all sorts of messages, i remember the guy deciding the wombles were real, then he decided he was jesus got sectioned

last i heard of him he'd appealed a benefit decision gone to a tribunal were they declared him fit for work


I have this but I thought it was normal and everyone had it.
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