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mentally ill off meds problem neighbours



I don't beleive in meds but given that in todays world that is the only available thing i have to agree to it's use for me and for some around me given theres nothing else and given that alternatives, in my experience are overrated
I differ in that I don't think that some of the alternatives are over rated at all; but are conversely largely ignored & denied. I think it's Orthodox psychiatry & the scientific model that is extremely over rated in relation to MH. But I do see your point - the viable alternatives are not accessible unless people have a ton of cash, or are in extremely beneficial positions. It is largely a case of the orthodox psychiatric system, i.e. Meds - or nothing at all. That's the problem I have always had, & still do. I have never agreed with orthodox psychiatric practice, & I believe in the effectiveness of alternatives; but after sections, forced meds, & med dependency, with the exclusion of access to any of the viable alternatives - it's a choice of nothing, or the system, & the system is better for me than nothing. I have gone many years in the past with no contact with the system; & it was far harder.

maybe psychiatrists would rather have other choices
Yes, very often their hands are tied as much as ours by the system. I have had conversations with psychiatrists to that effect. But that doesn't justify people not making a stand & taking action for change.

Most mental health services for the poor have a heavy element of social control, fact is they wouldn't be funded otherwise, what party or system is going to be different,
Social change can & does take place, societal change happens. Whether such changes will be for the better or worse remains to be seen. Over a large time scale I don't actually think it could get much worse, but maybe it will. We may not see significant positive change in our lifetimes, maybe there will be? But I'd like to think that at some stage we have a more enlightened attitude to these things; within society as a whole.


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Jan 7, 2008
I went to a meeting when i was living in the haringey area, this rethink innner city guy was on about the wonderful housing project in brum, remember my analyst talking about it in brum, they were building it down her street and she said it sounded so awful she was tempted to sign the petition.

Then there was some women from brent user group on about wonderful things in brent, i now live in brent don't see anything wonderful

I'm mentioning this because certain people are on about wonderful off drugs alternatives, i'm wondering if they;re the same, wonderful things elsewhere when no one can tell the truth of that elsewhere

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