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Mental health



New member
Feb 1, 2018

It has taken me a lot to come onto a site to tell people how I am feeling.
I have suffered mental health now for many years, I struggle with the simplest of things and when I get stressed I self harm. I have awful scars but it has not stopped me doing it. In the last week I have self harmed 3 times and seems to be getting worse. I have had counselling, Cbt, hypnotherapy in the past but always seem to go back to self harming I find it a release when I am feeling sad or angry or depressed. Does anyone else suffer with this? I feel like such a bad person when I do it but can’t stop.

Thank you for reading this x


Well-known member
Staff Member on Leave
Sep 12, 2013
For me self harm is a coping strategy. I have found that tackling the underlying stresses has been the most helpful thing for me. Also finding alternative coping strategies such as meditation, mindfulness, exercise and arts and crafts has helped. You are not a bad person at all, you are a normal person coping with things the best way you can.


New member
Feb 7, 2018
I know that this sounds easier than it actually is but try not to feel like you're a bad person. You're hurting and struggling and you don't know the best way to deal with it right now, but that doesn't mean you're a bad person. I know that you wrote that you've tried different things, but don't give up. There is hope. Is there someone that knows about this and would be okay with you calling when you feel like you're headed towards self-harm? I'm thinking that having someone that you could talk to in those difficult moments might be a starting place. And would you be okay if I prayed for you?


Feb 8, 2018
There’s an app called “calm harm” which has helped me a lot, when you feel like hurting yourself try going on there and trying out the activities on there, if that isn’t for you there will be other ways of coping, for me music always helps (listening, playing and writing). It’s hard but keep trying <3