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Mental health TV this week - Sat 12/10/2019 to Fri 18/10/2019



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May 8, 2008
Theatre play - Mites

A new darkly comic, absurdist play by James Mannion, Mites is a sinister exploration of the manipulation that lies beneath relationships, in particular of those who are mentally vulnerable in society.

A lonely woman, abandoned by her husband, lives in an isolated house with her outspoken, anthropomorphic cat, Bartholomew. One day she is visited by Ken, a Pest Controller, who claims to be her ex-husband returned to her. Deceived by his lies and obsessed with memories of the past, the woman accepts Ken into her life, despite the sceptical protestations of Bartholomew.

As her self-deception grows and Ken's true intentions become clear, how will she survive the competitive machinations of her two male companions? And is there more to Bartholomew than meets the eye?

Tristan Bates Theatre, 1A Tower Street, London WC2H 9NP

Monday October 7 to Saturday October 26.


Post - Show Talks

Tuesday 15th October: Q&A with Terri Paddock - Full Panel TBA

More - Actor Centre | Mites


11:10pm, The Beguiled (1971), TCM. As the American Civil War rages, a 12-year-old student of Miss Martha Farnsworth's Seminary for Young Ladies in Mississippi stumbles upon a gravely wounded Union soldier, Corporal John McBurney (Clint Eastwood). Taken in to recover from his injuries (but not handed over to the searching Confederate army), McBurney is imprisoned in a small room inside the mansion. However before long, the seductive and unwanted guest manages to take advantage of the female inhabitants' wartime-subdued desires. But is McBurney really in control of the situation?

10pm, Ghost Asylum, Discovery Science. Apparent hauntings at abandoned mental homes

11:10pm, Man in the Middle, Talking Pictures. An American military officer stands accused of murdering a British soldier in late 1940's India. However his attorney soon makes a shocking discovery - only to fall foul of a high-level cover-up. Evidence that the American is insane is covered up, since the big brass on both sides want him executed.

Crime drama, starring Robert Mitchum, Trevor Howard and Barry Sullivan.


11:30am, Dr Sanjay Gupta, the CNN news channel. General health magazine show, often has mental health items

9pm, Play Misty For Me, TCM. Female stalker thriller.

(Based on the song Misty by Erroll Garner which is the version in this - Johnny Mathis probably has the best known version worldwide but I think the Ray Stevens version was biggest in Britain of all the versions).

10pm, Why We Hate, Discovery, 10pm. This series might be over-complicating matters. Save yourself an hour (this might even be a series) I'd say it works something like this;

2 men, 2 women, one of the women is Pamela Anderson (i.e. a woman who would be picked by both men) - the other woman isn't Pamela Anderson so would be picked by neither of them.

Playing the game out;

Man 1 picks PA obviously (leaving Man 2 with the other woman) = Man 2 then hates Man 1. The other woman hates PA. Man 2 hates the other woman, as does Man 1.

PA picks Man 1 (leaving Man 2 with the other woman) = Man 2 then hates Man 1 again. The other woman hates PA again. Man 2 hates PA this time.

Man 1 picks PA, but Man 2 asks PA to over-rule that choice - and PA does and picks Man 2 instead = Man 1 hates Man 2. Man 2 hates Man 1 back. PA hates Man 1. Man 1 hates PA back. The other woman hates Man 1 and Man 2 and PA.

etc etc etc

(The moral - we hate both not having choices that we like and those that deny us that choice. Sorted - if only)


9pm, Analyze This, TCM. A stressed Mafia boss is plagued by anxiety attacks that leave him incapable of killing rivals. When a car crash brings him into contact with a psychiatrist, he thinks he has found the solution to his problems. Naturally though the horrified shrink is reluctant to be drawn into the world of organised crime - especially when the gangster starts to intrude on his personal life and the FBI tries to recruit him as a mole.

Comedy with Robert De Niro, Billy Crystal, Lisa Kudrow, Chazz Palminteri and Joe Viterelli.

11pm, Quantum Leap - Shock Theatre, Forces TV. Sam occupies the body of a manic depressive in a mental institution and finds himself getting ECT.

1am, My Crazy Ex, Lifetime channel.



5:30pm, Leading Women, CNN. Profiling current influential women who have made it to the top in their fields. Leading Women connects you to extraordinary women of our time. Each month, we meet two women at the top of their field, exploring their careers, lives and ideas.

Watch online - Leading Women

10pm, Town on Trial, Talking Pictures. When a young woman is murdered, suspicion falls on several members of the local tennis club. It falls to police inspector Halloran (John Mills). Halloran finds out that Peter Crowley has been treated for schizophrenia.

(The climactic chase by police and the fire service up the outside of a church spire to arrest the culprit was filmed at Holy Trinity Church, Roehampton, Surrey)

11.10pm, The Truth About Alcohol, BBC 1


8:30am, Dr Sanjay Gupta, the CNN news channel. General health magazine show, often has mental health items

1pm, TJ Hooker - A Kind of Rage, Sony Channel. 1980's police series set in Los Angeles with William Shatner - trying to shirk off his Captain Kirk typecasting from Star Trek (and failing).

In this one, Corrigan's behaviour changes drastically after he receives a blow on the head

Goof - one minute the gunman has a hostage, and yes we see her escape, but we don't see him lose the gun that he suddenly doesn't have anymore after that, or maybe she took that too, she is American after all.

(Made about 7 years before the notorious Rodney King police brutality incident by Los Angeles police - but at least only 1 of the 4 police gathered around the black man on the floor nearly beats him to death here - so either coincidence or maybe William Shatner really is from the future)

In real life it was found that Los Angeles police taking steroids explained far more than them being hit on the head etc - they tended to do that to other people.

2:15pm, Patient Killer, Channel 5. A hypnotherapist specialising in dreams blames herself for failing to prevent a patient's suicide two years ago. After setting up a new practice, she wonders if history is repeating itself when a new client with a similar condition asks for her help.

Psychological thriller, starring Victoria Pratt and Casper Van Dien.

11pm, The Handmaiden, Film 4. Korean version of Fingersmith - in Japanese-occupied Korea (1910 to 1945), a conman plans to seduce a Japanese heiress, then marry her and commit her to an asylum in order to steal her inheritance.

1am, My Crazy Ex, Lifetime channel.


9pm, Perception, 5 USA. Dr. Daniel Pierce is an eccentric neuropsychiatrist who uses his unique outlook to help the federal government solve complex criminal cases.

9pm, My Strange Addiction, Discovery Home and Health channel

9.30pm, My Strange Addiction, Discovery Home and Health channel


9.30am, Frasier, Channel 4. The psychiatrist abandons his bar-propping in Boston (a heavily Irish descendant city in the north eastern USA) in favour of presenting a radio show in Seattle (a more Hippie influenced city in the north west). However, his new life is thrown into upheaval when his father moves in with him - followed by his apparently psychic care assistant Daphne.

(There are just over 260 episodes and it runs in double-bills at 9am daily)