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Mental health TV shows - Saturday 1/9/2018 to Friday 7/9/2018



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May 8, 2008
Theatre play - Mad Woman In My Attic;

Monica Salvi - the patient is an Italian actress and singer graduated from the Royal Academy of Music’s Postgraduate Musical Theatre Course. After graduation, she is one of Sir Elton John’s backing singers at the Concert for Diana (Wembley Arena, London) and a member of the West End Chorus for Chess in Concert (Royal Albert Hall, London). Due to her Italian fiery passion and red hair, she soon specialises in quirky and mad roles, such as the mad Bertha in Jane Eyre the musical (Bridewell Theatre, London), a few mythical creatures in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (Kenneth More Theatre, London), and also originating the roles of Polly Flinders in the new musical Nursery Crimes (King’s Head Theatre, London) and Mademoiselle Syphilis in Nadav Wiesel’s Femme Fatale (Upstairs at the Gatehouse).

As well as performing in other people's shows, she produces and performs her one woman show Mad Women I My Attic, gaining both the public and the critics’ approval, in Brighton, Edinburgh and London.

Monica is also a certified gong practitioner and sound therapist.

For further information, please look here;

Inmates - Mad Women in my Attic!

Welcome - Monica Salvi

Victoria Derbyshire Show from 29/8/2018 - teenage girls who self harm;

Starts at 1 hour 49 minutes in - BBC iPlayer - Victoria Derbyshire - 29/08/2018


6pm, Randal And Hopkirk (Deceased) - Vendetta for a Dead Man, True Entertainment. A private detective is assisted by a ghost partner who only he can see or hear!

In this one, a madman named Jansen escapes from a lunatic asylum almost exactly one year after he was locked up by (the now dead) Marty Hopkirk. Seeking revenge, he finds that Marty has already died (of course), but learns that his widow Jeannie Hopkirk is very much alive, so he hunts Jeannie down instead.

10pm, Ghost Asylum, Discovery Science. Apparent hauntings at abandoned mental homes

11.50pm, Celebrities in Therapy, 5 Select.

2:10am, Night of the Demon, Talking Pictures channel. Horror film - an American psychologist comes to Britain to expose a sinister secret society, but becomes dangerously involved with the cult.

(Note how the demon always kills in a way which allows logical explanations to investigators)

4:10am, Mind Blown, Syfy. In Los Angeles a secret US government programme in psychotronic warfare goes terribly wrong

(In the real world - psychotronic warfare is the conspiracy theory that governments make use of radiation, radar, and surveillance techniques etc to transmit sounds and thoughts into people's heads, or affect people's bodies, or to harass people etc)


11:30am, Dr Sanjay Gupta, the CNN news channel. General health magazine show, often has mental health items

6pm, Randal And Hopkirk (Deceased) - When did You Start To Stop Seeing Things?, True Entertainment. A private detective is assisted by a ghost partner whom only he can see or hear!

In this one, Marty Hopirk is very concerned that Jeff Randall can no longer see or hear him, and is acting out of character, so Hopkirk ventures to Harley Street to seek the advice of psychiatrist and hypnotist Sir Oliver Norenton - using the hypnotised patients to communicate with him.

9pm, Louis Theroux: By Reason of Insanity, W channel. Part 2 of 2 - the journalist immerses himself in the world of Ohio's maximum security state psychiatric hospitals, meeting patients who have committed crimes - some horrifically violent - while suffering from severe mental illnesses. In the first of a two-part programme, Louis spends time with patients who are attempting to come to terms with what they have done and talks to the clinicians entrusted with delivering the treatment it is hoped will one day lead to their reintegration back into society.

11pm, When Patsy Cline Was ... Crazy, Sky Arts. Documentary charting the life and career of Patsy Cline, who overcame personal issues and industry gender biases to become one of country music's most influential figures.

Crazy was the name of her biggest hit - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patsy_Cline#"Crazy"

2am, Sharp Objects - Vanish, Sky Atlantic. Drama starring Amy Adams, based on the book of the same name by Gillian Flynn, following the story of a troubled newspaper reporter who travels back to her hometown to cover the story of the murders of two young girls. When she returns to her hometown, reporter Camille Preaker is confronted by psychological demons from her troubled past.

(Monday and Tuesday - I can't find anything!)


5:30pm, Leading Women, CNN. Profiling current influential women who have made it to the top in their fields. Leading Women connects you to extraordinary women of our time. Each month, we meet two women at the top of their field, exploring their careers, lives and ideas.

Watch online - Leading Women - CNN.com

9pm, Louis Theroux: A Different Brain, Really channel. Louis Theroux meets some of the estimated one million people in the UK who are living with the life-changing and long-term effects of brain injury.

10pm, Bull, Fox. Dr Jason Bull is a trial consultant psychologist

10pm, Hang Ups, Channel 4. Comedy series written by and starring Stephen Mangan as Richard Pitt, a therapist with a chequered professional career, who finds himself at a crossroads in life.

10.55pm, The Silence Of The Lambs, 5 Star. The 1991 psychological profiler themed movie


8:30am, Dr Sanjay Gupta, the CNN news channel. General health magazine show, often has mental health items

11am, Twelve O'Clock High, Film 4. A US Air Force officer takes command of a bomber squadron based in England, and has to suppress his instincts to restore morale and discipline in attacks on Nazi Germany.

But in addition to the obvious dangers and bringing about destruction, since neither side flies in ways optimum to individual survival as opposed to disrupting the overall enemy mission (the German fighter planes coming in firing from the "twelve o'clock high" position of the title - from head on just above the horizontal to enable many repeated attacks when swooping down from very high up will lessen the number of overall possible passes - and the bombers are forced to fly in daylight, stay in formation to both save fuel and hit targets instead of flying evasively) it soon becomes a task which places a heavy strain on mental states and brings already weary men to the edge of endurance.

Oscar-winning Second World War drama, with Gregory Peck, Hugh Marlowe, Gary Merrill and Dean Jagger.

(The WW2 the RAF bombed Germany at night and USAF bombed by day - and as I say the USAF method was far more accurate but equally far more dangerous).

8.30pm, Young Sheldon, E4. Spin-off from college comedy series The Big Bang Theory, featuring a 9 year old Sheldon Cooper. Despite speculation that Sheldon's personality traits may be consistent with Asperger syndrome, obsessive–compulsive personality disorder, and borderline asexuality, co-creator Bill Prady has repeatedly stated that Sheldon's character was neither conceived nor developed with regard to any of these traits

(Another series of The Big Bang Theory starts on Thursday at 8pm on E4 - so right before this actually - by this point in that series Sheldon somehow has a girlfriend)

9pm, Instinct, Sky Witness. A retired CIA officer working as a college psychological behavioural professor and author

US drama series, starring Alan Cumming and Bojana Novakovic.

10pm, Quacks, BBC 2. Spoof medical comedy

1am, Starsky and Hutch - Partners, Forces TV. Following a car accident, Hutch wakes up in hospital with no memory of Starsky and no recollection of ever having been a cop.

Seventies drama series, starring Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul.

3.15am, Love Bite: Laurie Lipton and Her Disturbing Black & White Drawings, Sky Arts. Documentary on artist Laurie Lipton, whose haunting images seek answers to the most uncomfortable themes in our culture - such as madness etc.


9pm, My Strange Addiction, Discovery Home and Health channel

9.30pm, My Strange Addiction, Discovery Home and Health channel

10pm, Bull, Fox. Dr Jason Bull is a trial consultant psychologist

1am, Starsky and Hutch - Quadromania, Forces TV. A deranged man in Shakespearean costume begins killing taxi drivers (because their radio call sign was Romeo Juliet?), so Starsky poses as a cabbie to catch him.

Seventies police drama series, starring Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul.

Remember this song from 1979? Car 67, where the taxi controller has a Birmingham accent. Was played a lot on Birmingham radio stations at the time, for obvious reasons - YouTube


8.30am, Frasier, Channel 4. The psychiatrist abandons his bar-propping in Boston (a heavily Irish descendant city in the north eastern USA) in favour of presenting a radio show in Seattle (a more Hippie influenced city in the north west). However, his new life is thrown into upheaval when his father moves in with him - followed by his apparently psychic care assistant Daphne.

(There are just over 260 episodes and it runs in double-bills at 9am daily)

11.10am, The Mentalist, 5 USA. American drama series based on the work of Patrick Jane, an independent consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation. Once a fraudulent celebrity psychic, he uses his skills of observation and understanding of human behaviour to help the CBI to solve its most serious crimes.