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Mental health TV shows - Sat 27/3/2021 to Fri 2/4/2021



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Mental health TV shows - Sat 27/3/2021 to Fri 2/4/2021

Online - Panorama - Failed By The NHS : Callie’s Story. BBC documentary from February 2020;

Ellie Flynn talks to the family of Callie Lewis, who killed herself while in the care of the NHS, and uncovers the extent of the service's failure to provide adequate mental health care.

30 minutes - www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsN5n-BT0EY


10.20pm, Fatal Attraction, BBC 1. The 1987 movie which gave us the term "bunny boiler".

0:15am, Terrors And Affrights - The New Anatomy of Melancholy, Radio 4. 400 years ago Robert Burton wrote an epic attempt to understand melancholy. What can it teach us today?

2.15am BST, Climax (2018), Channel 4. In the mid 1990's, 20 French urban dancers join together for a 3 day rehearsal in a closed-down boarding school located at the heart of a forest. They then party around a large sangria bowl. The atmosphere becomes charged and a strange madness seizes them for the whole night. They have been drugged via the sangria, they neither know by who nor why. And it's soon impossible for them to resist the neuroses and psychoses, numbed by the hypnotic and the increasing electric rhythm of the music. While some feel in paradise, most of them plunge into hell.

In French with English subtitles.


11am, Desert Island Discs - Professor Sir Simon Wessely (psychiatrist), Radio 4. He shares his soundtrack with Lauren Laverne.

11:30am, Dr Sanjay Gupta, the CNN news channel. General health magazine show, often has mental health items

9pm, Bregus ("fragile"), S4C. Drama series focusing on Ellie's not-as-it-seems perfect life. Ellie (Hannah Daniel) seems to have it all – the perfect husband, daughter and close-knit group of friends. But what happens when tragedy strikes and unleashes demons in Ellie that threaten the façade of her life and even the core of her sanity?

In Welsh - English subtitles available.

(Repeated on Friday at 10.30pm)

9pm, Copycat, TCM. In San Francisco, the psychologist Helen Hudson is specialized in hunting serial-killers. The accused Daryll Lee Cullum tries to kill her and she becomes agoraphobic. Now Helen lives a reclusive life with her gay friend Andy that helps her. Sometime later, there is a wave of crimes and detectives MJ Monahan and Reuben Goetz are investigating the murder cases. Helen identifies that the murderer is copycatting notorious serial-killers and she anonymously contacts the Police Department. The detectives visit her and Helen teams up with them and prepares the profile of the killer that wants to be famous. But soon the copycat killer Peter Foley contacts and stalks Helen. Will they be capable to stop Foley before the next murder?

(The scene in the toilet with the janitor - inspired)

4.10am, Marina Abramovic Takes Over TV Recut, Sky Arts. The performance artist. Her work explores body art, endurance art and feminist art, the relationship between the performer and audience, the limits of the body, and the possibilities of the mind.


2pm, Drama - Yellow Lips, Radio 4. Katie Redford's debut drama, about a daughter's memories of her mum's battle with mental health.

3pm, Star Trek Voyager - Memorial, Syfy. A planet inflicts PTSD on any who approach it.

(Family viewing edit - originally Saavedra was seen and heard disintegrating the dead - here we only hear his laser fire and Janeway inferring it)

5.30pm, Tales of the Unexpected - The Open Window, Sky Arts. Holidaying in Connecticut, former teacher returning from a mental asylum Gregory visits an isolated hunting lodge.

(The 1914 story The Open Window by Saki re-worked. Many people don't understand this episode so you may have to Google the original tale for an explanation)

9pm, Finding Jack Charlton, BBC 2. The 1966 World Cup winner who died of dementia last year.

11.45pm, Suddenly Last Summer (1959), Sony Movies Classic. The wealthy Violet Venable (Katharine Hepburn) attempts to bribe Dr John Cukrowicz (Montgomery Clift), a young psycho-surgeon from a New Orleans mental hospital that is desperately in need of funds, into lobotomising her niece, Catherine Holly (Elizabeth Taylor). Violet wants the operation performed in order to prevent Catherine from defiling the memory of her son, the poet Sebastian (Julián Ugarte). Catherine has been babbling obscenely about Sebastian's mysterious death that she witnessed while on vacation together in Spain the previous summer.

2am, Marina Abramovic - The Artist Is Present, Sky Arts. The performance artist. Her work explores body art, endurance art and feminist art, the relationship between the performer and audience, the limits of the body, and the possibilities of the mind.


8pm, What We’ve Learnt About Grief, Radio 4. Cariad Lloyd reveals how science is revolutionising our understanding of grief.

8.30pm, The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, BBC 4. The 1970's sitcom series (just 21 episodes). Reggie Perrin is suffering from a mid-life crisis, and so tries to escape his dreary life.

10.45pm, Bates Motel, BBC 1. `Prequel' to Psycho.

11pm, Marina Abramovic Takes Over TV Recut, Sky Arts. The performance artist. Her work explores body art, endurance art and feminist art, the relationship between the performer and audience, the limits of the body, and the possibilities of the mind.

1.35am, Before I Go to Sleep, Film 4. The 40 year old Christine Lucas wakes up in bed with a man she does not know, in an unfamiliar house. The man explains that he is her husband, Ben, and that she suffered brain damage from a car accident 10 years earlier. Christine wakes up every morning with no memory of her life from her early 20's onwards. Christine receives treatment from Dr Nasch, a neurologist at a local hospital who provides her a camera to record her thoughts and progress each day, and calls her every morning to remind her to watch the video in the camera.

2014 thriller.


5:30pm, Leading Women, CNN. Profiling current influential women who have made it to the top in their fields. Leading Women connects you to extraordinary women of our time. Each month, we meet two women at the top of their field, exploring their careers, lives and ideas.

Watch online - Leading Women

6pm, Star Trek - City On The Edge Of Forever, Horror channel. After an injection, McCoy becomes both insane and ends up back on Earth in the 1930's - where he unwittingly changes history. Kirk and Spock have to change it back.

One of the most famous episodes - with Joan Collins

(The 1990's BBC sitcom Goodnight Sweetheart - where a man in modern London can walk to London in 1940 at the end of an alleyway - alludes to this episode in lots of ways)

10pm, Eternal Beauty, Sky Cinema Premiere. After being jilted at the altar, Jane falls into a state of despair and schizophrenia. However her life starts to change when she begins a darkly comic romance with Mike, a failed musician and fellow lost soul.

Romantic comedy drama, starring Sally Hawkins, David Thewlis and Billie Piper.

11.15pm, Quarries, Horror channel. To escape her abusive boyfriend, Kat joins a wilderness expedition with a group of women, all of whom are struggling with the uncertainty of life. What was supposed to be an opportunity for personal discovery quickly becomes a fight for survival, forcing each one to discover the strength within themselves that they didn't even know they possessed.


8:30am, Dr Sanjay Gupta, the CNN news channel. General health magazine show, often has mental health items

Radio Cardiff every Thursday at 1:30 to 3pm. Well Waves - mental health radio show. Well Waves explores experiences of mental health and is made by volunteers from VCS Pave The Way who have the perspective of 'lived experience' and features true life stories; interviews; features and covers a range of performing & creative Arts. Radio show introduced by co presenters Jay Walker and Jen Ashton.

Listen to all episodes on Mixcloud here - www.mixcloud.com/BeingWell/

10.45pm, The Accountant, BBC 1. As the maths savant Christian with his Asperger's Syndrome uncooks the books for a new client, the Treasury Department closes in on his activities, and the body count starts to rise.

2016 US drama.

(Goof - Christian states that when growing up he lived in 34 homes in 17 years. Dana then queries it, "So you moved 34 times?" And Christian answers yes. Actually he only `moved' 33 times if you think about it. So he is not as precise with numbers as you might think. Maybe that's what happens when movies with characters with Asperger's are watched by real people with Asperger's).

Friday night

0.55am, The House On Haunted Hill (1959), Talking Pictures. Frederick Loren (Vincent Price), an eccentric millionaire, invites 5 people to a party he is throwing for his 4th wife Annabelle (Carol Ohmart) in an allegedly haunted house he has rented, promising to give each of them $10,000 - with the stipulation that they stay the entire night in the house after the doors are locked at midnight. The guests are test pilot Lance Schroeder (Richard Long), newspaper columnist Ruth Bridges (Julie Mitchum), psychiatrist Dr David Trent (Alan Marshal), Nora Manning (Carolyn Craig) who works for one of Loren's companies, and the house's owner Watson Pritchard (Elisha Cook).

(Spoiler - even after the denouement one question remains - exactly how did that rope when put through the window manage to twirl itself around in that way? Tying shoe-laces wouldn't be such a nuisance if we could make them do that).


9.05am, Frasier, Channel 4. The psychiatrist abandons his bar-propping in Boston (a heavily Irish descendant city in the north eastern USA) in favour of presenting a radio show in Seattle (a more Hippie influenced city in the north west). However, his new life is thrown into upheaval when his father moves in with him - followed by his apparently psychic care assistant Daphne.

(There are just over 260 episodes and it runs in double-bills at 9am daily)