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Mental health TV shows - Sat 25/7/2020 to Fri 31/7/2020



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Mental health TV shows - Sat 25/7/2020 to Fri 31/7/2020


10pm, Ghost Asylum, Discovery Science. Apparent hauntings at abandoned mental homes


11:30am, Dr Sanjay Gupta, the CNN news channel. General health magazine show, often has mental health items

8pm, Filthy House SOS, Channel 5. They help out people with mental health problems

9pm, Gary Gulman: The Great Depresh (2019), Sky Comedy. Gary Gulman offers candid reflections on his struggles with depression through stand-up comedy and short documentary interludes that provide insight into his mental health journey.

0.30am, Still Alice, Channel 4. 2014 drama about Alzheimer's


6pm, Star Trek - Dagger of the Mind, Horror channel. After a psychologically disturbed patient from the Tantalus penal colony manages to escape to the Enterprise, Dr McCoy begins to suspect that something is amiss on the colony. Captain Kirk and Dr. Helen Noel beam down to the planet to investigate.

6pm, Waiting for God - The Funeral, Drama. Sitcom series with an elderly cast. In this one, a vicar suffers a nervous breakdown at a resident's funeral

1am, My Crazy Ex, Lifetime channel.


2pm, Comedy Legends - Peter Sellers, Sky Arts. The troubled comedian.

9pm, Prodigal Son, Sky 1. New series (Silence Of The Lambs rip off)

11:15pm, Hayley Goes ... Celibate, BBC 1. Hayley Pearce takes on the challenge of giving up sex for a month, visiting a psychologist to understand her own desires

0.55am, Shut In, Horror channel. A widowed child psychologist lives an isolated existence in rural New England. Caught in a deadly winter storm, she must find a way to rescue a young boy before he disappears forever.


5:30pm, Leading Women, CNN. Profiling current influential women who have made it to the top in their fields. Leading Women connects you to extraordinary women of our time. Each month, we meet two women at the top of their field, exploring their careers, lives and ideas.

Watch online - Leading Women

9pm, Gothika, Horror channel. Dr Miranda Grey is a psychiatrist who works in a penitentiary, in the mental institution sector. She is married with Dr Douglas Grey, the chief of department where Dr Pete Graham also works. Chloe Sava, a patient of Dr Miranda formerly abused by her stepfather, claims that she is frequently raped by the devil in her cell. After leaving the asylum in a stormy night, Dr Miranda has a car accident, and when she wakes up, she is an inmate of the institution itself, being accused of an horrible crime and having no memory of the incident.


8:30am, Dr Sanjay Gupta, the CNN news channel. General health magazine show, often has mental health items

Radio Cardiff every Thursday at 1:30 to 3pm. Well Waves - mental health radio show. Well Waves explores experiences of mental health and is made by volunteers from VCS Pave The Way who have the perspective of 'lived experience' and features true life stories; interviews; features and covers a range of performing & creative Arts. Radio show introduced by co presenters Jay Walker and Jen Ashton.

Listen to all episodes on Mixcloud here - www.mixcloud.com/BeingWell/

10:30pm, Brief Encounters, BBC Scotland (available on Freeview). Conversations between people travelling by train, including the mother of an autistic son

11:30pm, Mirror Mirror - Stress & Anxiety, Flying, Being Offended, Crime, BBC Scotland.

1am, My Crazy Ex, Lifetime channel.


4.30pm, Can Alzheimer's Be Stopped?, PBS


8.05am, Frasier, Channel 4. The psychiatrist abandons his bar-propping in Boston (a heavily Irish descendant city in the north eastern USA) in favour of presenting a radio show in Seattle (a more Hippie influenced city in the north west). However, his new life is thrown into upheaval when his father moves in with him - followed by his apparently psychic care assistant Daphne.

(There are just over 260 episodes and it runs in double-bills at 9am daily)