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Mental health TV - Sat 4/4/2015 - Fri 10/4/2015



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May 8, 2008
In Home and Away on Channel 5 this week, Ryan is a demented stalker (so I'm surprised that it isn't on at 3.15pm on that channel!)


11pm, My Naked Secret (double bill), Discovery Home & Health. Documentary series exploring physiological concerns with psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos

This was on about the Germanwings crash;

How Safe Are Our Planes? An Airbus 320 heading from Barcelona to Dusseldorf crashed in the Alps with the loss of 150 lives, and after initial concerns over mechanical failure or an act of terrorism, it was eventually revealed to be an act of mass murder committed by the co-pilot. This documentary asks whether air travel is still the safest form of transport, examining the airline industry's safety record and incidents involving pilot error or emotional breakdown

Watch it free here - 1 hour - How Safe Are Our Planes? - How Safe Are Our Planes? - Channel 4


7pm, Hoarding: Buried Alive, TLC

7pm, Chemistry - A Volatile History: Discovering the Elements, BBC Four. It profiles Henry Cavendish.

Henry Cavendish - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

11pm, Bedlam, Sky Livingit. Paranormal drama series, set in an apartment block converted from a pre-Victorian psychiatric hospital. Renovations awaken the spirits of former inmates who come back to reclaim what they believe to be rightfully theirs, and seek revenge on those who have wronged them.

Starring Will Young, Theo James and Charlotte Salt

11:45pm, A Beautiful Mind, BBC Two. Compelling Academy Award-winning biopic of brilliant mathematician John Nash, whose prospects for a promising career with the CIA were confounded by paranoid delusions and schizophrenia as the stress of the job proved too much. It certainly makes fascinating viewing, but it's not always easy to watch - and many critics felt the 2001 Best Film Oscar should have gone elsewhere.

Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Ed Harris and Judd Hirsch star.

And so another one of my abstract concepts for you;

How even Boxing fans can in theory understand a particular aspect of Moslem trouble better than the Police can (so in theory we can EVEN trump the CIA on this one).

Tony Blair was supported over Iraq in 2003 by many other Labour MP's when the Labour Party leader, but NOT followed over Iraq by them in 2014 when NOT the Labour Party leader.

We had a HOARD of them over Iraq - Straw, Reid, Blunkett, Blears, Flint, Jowell, McNulty, Sion Simon etc - backing Blair MASSIVELY.

Not backing him now though.

That is because the Old Labour faction is in the ascendency in The Labour Party - so being from the rival Blairite/Mannng Wing factional axis is not a good career move nor fashionable in The Labour Party right now.

(Caroline Flint was probably the BIGGEST Labour opportunist over Iraq - EVEN actively rubbishing US Democrats on the issue in order to stay `in' with Blair whilst he was leader - but note how she's now forever up the backside of Democrat Obama over everything now that Blair has been dumped - the dopey Police haven't noticed. She now sits silent on the topic in Ed Miliband's Shadow Cabinet).

i.e. Whenever the likes of Caroline Flint are in govt and make an (inconsistent) Foreign Policy decision which upsets the Moslem apple-cart either abroad or here at home (or both), you NEED to be aware of her political opportunist nature in order to SEE it coming in advance - and our Police and MI5 etc AREN'T aware of Psephological community trouble factors like that one.

(Now that Tessa Jowell and Hazel Blears are standing down, Caroline Flint is probably the BEST `predictor' in the whole of Westminster in that situation - she'll ALWAYS make an executive decision which MERELY suits herself in career terms against that background of perennial factional Labour in-fighting and Tory v Labour fighting - we saw it again with her abortive attempt to force Gordon Brown out in January 2010).

The dopiness of The Police (and MI5) on the matter can be PROVED - simply ask them about John Smith's fatal heart-attack in 1994 and the link with Moslem trouble, they WON'T see any abstract link.

The abstract link explained - all other factors being equal - Smith would have acted DIFFERENTLY over 9/11 and Iraq etc (he was from a different Labour faction than Blair) - and so since opportunist Blears, Flint, Jowell etc only make career-enhancing moves, it means THEY would have acted differently over those issues TOO.

The present leader of Labour (Ed Miliband of course) has long said that he'd have acted differently to Blair over Iraq

(e.g. any community trouble which erupted in Salford over Iraq as a DIRECT result of local MP Hazel Blears' decision would NOT have occurred at all had John Smith still been the Labour leader at the time - because the opportunist Blears would have simply wanted to stay `in' with leader Smith and so would have sided with HIS decision instead - the Police and MI5 can't see abstract Psephological factors like that).

Why Boxing fans WOULD easily understand the concept;

Flint's behaviour almost exactly mirrors the infamous cynical opportunist behaviour of promoter Don King regarding a World Heavyweight Title bout in 1973, between then challenger George Foreman and existing champion Joe Frazier.

(King was the manager of the champion Frazier when the fight started - but as soon as Foreman knocked Frazier out and became the new champion himself, King instantly crossed the ring to become Foreman's new manager instead! As I say that is a VERY famous story in boxing circles).

See the famous fight here - YouTube

(Read the comments underneath on that webpage - where LOTS of boxing fans tell that infamous mercenary tale about Don King).

The final knock down at 9:56 in the video is one of the most famous knock-outs in the ENTIRE history of boxing in fact - because many media writers and commentators at the time said how Foreman had actually punched Frazier UP into the air and then Frazier landed down on the floor and out! You can actually see though that it is more of a spasmodic jump by Frazier after being punched which launched him into the air and then down onto the floor.

So, knowledgeable boxing fans would instantly RECOGNISE Caroline Flint's behaviour over Iraq (and any associated community trouble which directly stemmed from it in 2003 and then didn't in 2014) if explained to them in the same context as Don King's infamous behaviour in that famous 1973 boxing fight - but you can explain Caroline Flint's mercenary and opportunist behaviour over Iraq to the Police a THOUSAND times and they'll NEVER understand it.

(Hazel Blears is a member of The Privy Council and is on that Commons Committee which was questioning that Sawers MI5 bloke not long back - but MI5 itself can't see that abstract security issue described above about her - so see the level of dopiness in the Security Services?)

0:20am, Psychoville, GOLD. Comedy thriller series, written by and starring The League of Gentlemen's Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton, focusing on the lives of five apparently unconnected characters. A blind recluse, a telekinetic dwarf, a hook-handed clown, a deranged midwife and a man-child obsessed with serial killers each receives a mysterious card bearing an anonymous message.

With Dawn French and Adrian Scarborough

1:10am, 1-800 Missing: Delusional, Alibi. Jess meets an FBI inspector who tells her about a secret investigation of Brooke - but begins to doubt her own sanity after the encounter and wonder whether the meeting really took place

2am, I Dated a Psycho, Crime and Investigation. Documentary series examining once-loving relationships that soured in terrifying fashion.

3:30am, Taxi, CBS Drama. US sitcom series set in a taxi firm. The Latkas Gravas character is from a fictional European country where they don't speak English. His dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder) was conceived late in the series as a result of actor Andy Kaufman expressing boredom at portraying Latka. This allowed him to broaden his comedic abilities with alternate personas.

(New York City taxi-drivers are often notoriously foreign - or that is the stereotype which this character plays into)


7am, Hit and Run, True Movies 1. Thought-provoking drama about a guilt-ridden motorist whose self-respect and sanity are gradually eroded as she struggles to cope with the consequences of her rash decision to flee the scene after causing a terrible accident.

Margaret Colin, Lisa Vidal, Drew Pillsbury and Paul Brewster star

11:30am, Dr Sanjay Gupta, the CNN news channel. General health magazine show, often has mental health items

12:05pm, Patch Adams, Channel 5. A talented student doctor turns the medical community upside down with his offbeat views about the healing power of laughter. He's soon provoking outrage and intense debate among his professors - and enlivening assorted patients with his extrovert nature.

Comedy drama, with Robin Williams giving an irritating performance in the title role. Monica Potter, Daniel London and Bob Gunton co-star

6pm, Brain Games, National Geographic Channel. Documentary series with interactive experiments, illusions, and mind tricks revealing the inner workings of the human brain.

12am, NCIS: Los Angeles: Patriot Acts, Sky 1. The FBI's domestic terrorist task force, including operational psychologist Nate Getz, steps in to help the team when a former marine is suspected of creating a chemical bomb.

Crime drama, starring Peter Cambor and Chris O'Donnell

1:45am, My Bre-asts and I, Watch. Former Atomic Kitten member Jenny Frost discusses the anxieties she has about her bre-asts and tries to overcome her worries by speaking to her family and members of the public. She also turns the tables on a lads' mag photographer and meets women who have lost their bre-asts to cancer


7.30pm, The Secret Life of Four-Year-Olds, Channel 4. Documentary exploring the world of 10 four-year-olds as they meet in a nursery rigged with cameras that capture every glance, whisper, tussle and emotion. With their parents watching on monitors, the children encounter one another for the first time in October and then again in May. Overseeing the action are two experts - educational neuroscientist Paul Howard-Jones and developmental psychologist Sam Wass - as the youngsters make and break friendships, and find their place in this new social group

9pm, Moone Boy, Sky 1. A boy has an imaginary friend

10pm, Stalker, Sky Living. The psychological thriller returns after a mid-series break. Perry is in custody for attacking Janice, and she questions him about the disturbing pictures he drew of Beth, while Ray receives a surprising visitor. Meanwhile, the TAU investigates the case of a mayor who believes his stalker could be a someone from his scandalous past.

Maggie Q and Erik Stocklin star

9pm, Britain's Benefits Crackdown, Channel 4

9pm, Benefits Britain, Channel 5

(Asylum on BBC 4 at 9pm is just a spoof of Julian Assange in that embassy)

10.35pm, Togetherness, Sky Atlantic. From the outside, life appears to be pretty perfect for Brett and Michelle Pierson and their two kids, but the couple are struggling to rekindle the spark in their relationship.

Adding to the stresses of family life are Michelle's sister Tina and Brett's best friend Alex, who both end up moving into the Piersons' already cramped house.

American comedy series, starring Mark Duplass, Melanie Lynskey, Amanda Peet and Steve Zissis

10:15pm, Psychobitches, Sky Arts 1. Comedy sketch show starring Rebecca Front as a psychiatrist who conducts therapy sessions with some of history's most famous women.

With Julia Davis, Sharon Horgan and Mark Gatiss

11pm, Wire in the Blood, ITV 3. Thrillers based on the novels by Val McDermid, starring Robson Green as eccentric clinical psychologist Dr Tony Hill, who possesses an eerie insight into the minds of murderers.

11pm, Murder of Innocence, True Movies 1. Emotional drama, starring Valerie Bertinelli as a woman whose descent into insanity is witnessed by her confused and alienated husband (Stephen Caffrey) as he battles the authorities to prove she is a danger to society.

With Megan Cavanagh

Based on this case - Laurie Dann - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


9pm, Battle Scarred, Forces TV. Each year up to 20,000 people leave the armed forces. While for most the return to civilian life is a straightforward one, others find it completely overwhelming and for those stressed by combat it can be especially traumatic.

Emmy-winning journalist Chris Terrill investigates what happens to people who struggle to cope with life after leaving the armed forces

10pm, Nurse, BBC Two. Comedy about community psychiatric nurse Liz

Comedy series, starring Paul Whitehouse and Esther Coles

10pm, Date Movie, 5* channel. A parody of movies like My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Bridget Jones's Diary etc. A lonely overweight American woman falls for a sentimental British man, but finds herself fighting off a jealous rival and trying to overcome the disapproval of her parents before she can get him up the aisle.

Spoof romantic comedy, starring Alyson Hannigan, Adam Campbell, Fred Willard and Jennifer Coolidge

10pm, Injustice, ITV Encore. Celebrated London barrister William Travers moves his family and practice to Suffolk after suffering a nervous breakdown, and his life is thrown off balance a second time when he sees a familiar shabby figure at a train station. Meanwhile, Ipswich detective Mark Wenborn is assigned to investigate a murder at a deserted farm and his inquiries lead him into a game of cat-and-mouse with Travers.

Thriller series, written by Anthony Horowitz (Foyle's War), starring James Purefoy, Charlie Creed-Miles and Dervla Kirwan

(The following episode is the following week)

11pm, The Deer Hunter, ITV4. Robert De Niro heads the excellent cast in this savage and heartbreaking tale of six Pennsylvanian steel workers and their families, whose lives are torn apart by the brutality of the Vietnam War, focusing on the horrors suffered by those sent away to fight, and how they struggled to cope with normality on their return to America.

Academy Award-winner Christopher Walken, Meryl Streep, John Savage and John Cazale - in his last film role - are all on top form.

An often harrowing drama from Michael Cimino, who picked up Best Picture and Best Director Oscars for his troubles

11.25pm, Gridiron Gang, More Movies. Dwayne Johnson stars as a youth probation officer at a maximum-security detention centre. The idealistic mentor is determined to teach the adolescents in his care that they have a chance to turn their lives around, and in an attempt to boost morale and self-esteem, he helps the inmates to form an American Football team.

Fact-based sports drama, with L Scott Caldwell, Leon Rippy and rapper-turned-actor Xzibit.

Based on this - Camp Kilpatrick - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1:25am, The Savages, Channel 4. An estranged sister and brother with disastrous personal lives and unfulfilled ambitions are thrown back together when they are forced to care for their elderly father, who is suffering from dementia. But, before long, the middle-aged siblings' neuroses bubble to the surface as they trawl from care home to care home trying to manage their father's final days.

Comedy drama, with Laura Linney, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Philip Bosco and Peter Friedman


5:30pm, Leading Women, CNN. Profiling current influential women who have made it to the top in their fields. Leading Women connects you to extraordinary women of our time. Each month, we meet two women at the top of their field, exploring their careers, lives and ideas.

Watch online - http://edition.cnn.com/SPECIALS/leading-women/

5pm, Unabomber: The True Story, True Drama. The infamous US terrorist Ted Kaczynski. Lawyers attempted to enter an insanity defence, but Kaczynski rejected this plea. A court-appointed psychiatrist diagnosed Kaczynski as suffering from paranoid schizophrenia

Also from Wikipedia;

He also participated in a personality assessment study conducted by Henry Murray, an expert on stress interviews. These experiments were conducted as part of the controversial, top-secret CIA program later revealed as Project MKUltra. Students in Murray's study were told they would be debating personal philosophy with a fellow student. Instead, they were subjected to a "purposely brutalizing psychological experiment" stress test, which was an extremely stressful, personal, and prolonged psychological attack.

During the test, students were taken into a room and connected to electrodes that monitored their physiological reactions, while facing bright lights and a one-way mirror. Each student had previously written an essay detailing their personal beliefs and aspirations: the essays were turned over to an anonymous attorney, who would enter the room and individually belittle each student based in part on the disclosures they had made. This was filmed, and students' expressions of impotent rage were played back to them several times later in the study.

According to author Alston Chase, Kaczynski's records from that period suggest he was emotionally stable when the study began. Kaczynski's lawyers attributed some of his emotional instability and dislike of mind control techniques to his participation in this study. Indeed, some have suggested that this experience may have been instrumental in Kaczynski's future actions.

So another deluded genius mentioned, so then another one of my abstract concepts then - to see if you too understand it;

How To Trick The Police By Exploiting Their Proven Ignorance Of Two Wild West Film Plots

When it comes to Moslem trouble - some of the concocting algorithms of Jack Straw, John Reid, and David Blunkett etc essentially mirror plot scenes in 2 Western films, or reveal Police ignorance of those film plots - in the movies Winchester 73 and El Dorado.

e.g. in El Dorado where James Caan recognises that the significant thing about what he has just been told is NOT what has just been said, but WHO has said it to him - and John Wayne FAILS to notice that until prompted by Caan.

So when Jack Straw rants about Veils (in front of the police), they only notice WHAT is being said and NOT the significance of WHO is saying it (and when etc).

i.e. the routine Police psyche on the overall matter isn't that of abstract James Caan in El Dorado - but more like that of macho John Wayne in the film.

(A scene in the movie Winchester 73 meanwhile parallels how Straw, Reid and Blunkett etc were ANTI the Police at places like Grunwick, Orgreave, and Greenham Common etc but were then PRO the Police over 90 Days detention of Moslems without trial etc - in the scene where James Stewart fights alongside US Cavalry in The Indian Wars despite previously fighting AGAINST some of those exact same soldiers in the earlier American Civil War)

That police ignorance might not be automatically useful to a bad guy though;

e.g. a Police officer knowing that the house made of bricks in The Three Little Pigs fairy-tale WON'T be blown down by the wolf (despite the earlier fate of the straw and wood ones) might know that fact anyway merely as of right, rather than via any actual familiarity with the story - brick houses are simply far more sturdier than wood or straw ones of course - so it doesn't necessarily follow that Police failures over Psephology re Jack Straw etc means they have or haven't seen the 2 Western films.

i.e. Police NOT noticing any further paralleled plot-points from the 2 films when also deliberately `translated' into real-life wouldn't be certain to work due to Police witnessing of the film plots but not noticing the trap parallels - they simply might not have seen either film but MIGHT still spot any paralleled plot.

(So any trickery by a criminal or terrorist would probably work best against those Police officers who HAVE seen those 2 films but HAVEN'T spotted Jack Straw's concocting - those officers could be tricked in a BIG way by terrorists and criminals. And we DO at least know that Police officers have NOT spotted Jack Straw's concocting)

The salient points are these;

A. Can `transplanting' certain further sub-plots from El Dorado and Winchester 73 specifically assist terrorists or criminals in some new or added way above what terrorists or criminals already achieve via their existing methods?

B. Can terrorists or criminals somehow viably and routinely ascertain whether any chosen Police officer has or hasn't seen El Dorado and Winchester 73 - and do that without arousing suspicion?

(I believe that El Dorado is essentially a remake of Rio Bravo and so it might not be easy to ascertain each time - i.e. if you described El Dorado to a Police officer might they mistakenly recollect Rio Bravo as the movie in question and vice-versa? Especially as John Wayne starred in both and the titles are both Spanish).

C. So you are a terrorist or criminal. You know you can roundly trick any Police officer who HAS seen either El Dorado or Winchester 73 or both. Even assuming all that AND that you can ascertain that info from officers - HOW could you be reasonably certain that WHEN you played the trick, it would be against one of THOSE officers and not some other patrolling Police officer on duty at the time where the plot then wouldn't work?

(So it would have to be at night or on Christmas Day etc when they are generally fewer officers around anyway AND where you'd know for sure that most if not all of those officers HAVE seen BOTH films. That scenario would present the BEST chance for the plan).

e.g. could a Moslem extremist somehow just contact an oblivious Mosque to stage innocent-looking "Film Nights For The General Community" etc over time - you'd show some Moslem films etc but ALSO other films - including THOSE 2 (under the false guise of giving the Film Nights a wider feel to the community etc) - and invite the Police along.

Afterwards, you'd then know for certain that ALL Police officers who attended will have seen THOSE 2 films - and a bit of vague discussion afterwards with them would confirm or not if they noticed the relevant scenes and noticed parallels concerning Jack Straw etc.

To be on the safe side, you'd then WAIT for Jack Straw etc to do his trouble concocting routine again - if those Police officers then all FAILED to spot that blatant concoction by Straw DESPITE having just seen the 2 films, it means that the coming tricks by you the terrorist/criminal WILL work on those same officers.

(And one scene in question in El Dorado involves lawmen being lured into a fatal ambush - think about that situation potentially sitting out there for Al Qaeda etc)

8pm, GPs: Behind Closed Doors, Channel 5. The observational documentary returns, this time giving an insight into the work of doctors at Putneymead Group Medical Practice in Putney, south-west London.

8pm, Ancient Aliens - The Tesla Experiment, H2. Investigations into inventor Nikola Tesla's claims of communication with extraterrestrials on other planets, and whether the scientist could have been a human 'receiver'


(The SI Unit of Magnetic Flux Density is named after him or something like that?)

Nikola Tesla is to Geeks what 1 Direction are to teenage girls - 1 Direction lost on X Factor or Britain's Got Talent or whatever it was, and Tesla lost out on the Nobel Prize etc and ever since then Geeks and teenage girls have both become obsessed with showing they were the wrong decisions.

I ought to point out though that some Geeks once built Tesla's sketched-out "earthquake-machine" and actually in San Francisco, just to see if an earthquake would then occur - and nothing happened.

Remember that when this show says the FBI suppressed his idea for a death-ray against Hitler during WW2 etc - the more logical explanation over why they nicked the plan but never developed it was that it also didn't work

Ok, another one;

(As I hobby I investigate conspiracy-theories. And I say that Oswald did kill JFK in case you are wondering)

Nikola Tesla discovered that if you stuck a light-bulb into the ground near a large radio-transmitter, it somehow came on by itself. So he started doing that with a few, and so could light up the surrounding area WITHOUT a direct electrical connection to the transmitter - and so it would be free electricity on the side of course since the transmitter would be sending out radio-programmes anyway etc.

But a conspiracy-theory says that electric companies suppressed development of the idea as they wouldn't make money that way - people could just stick light-bulbs in the ground near their transmitters without telling them. Hence we have the AC wire metered system of generated electricity today, not Tesla's radio-electricity through the air or ground - says the conspiracy.

But the main problem was actually this - it only worked with bulbs placed in the ground VERY near the radio transmitter (it isn't like the bulb works as far away from the transmitter as a radio would get broadcasts from it - it is nothing like that distance away) . So you'd need Jodrell Bank etc on every street - with the present AC wired electricity though the bulbs can be MILES from just one massive generator.

And - er, we put glass light-bulbs on the CEILING because that way you don't fall over them etc? Sticking them all over the ground instead? And how would you read a book at night etc? The book's own shadow would completely cover the text.

And you'd put them in the ground in your house? Your entire house would have to have soil all over the floor to put the bulbs in etc!

(Couldn't electrical companies stick adverts on all the glass bulbs or charge LOADS of money for them and make money THAT way if the idea really worked properly? Think of all the wiring costs they'd save for a start off)

9pm, Bates Motel, Universal Channel. Widow Norma Bates and her shy teenage son Norman seek a fresh start in a coastal town filled with secrets.

Horror series set as a prequel to Alfred Hitchcock's movie Psycho, starring Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga.

10pm, Mind Games, Sky 2. Drama series about two brothers who run a problem-solving firm that employs solutions based on psychological manipulation.


8:30am, Dr Sanjay Gupta, the CNN news channel. General health magazine show, often has mental health items

6pm, Boston Legal: Dances With Wolves, Universal Channel. Legal drama series.

In this one, Alan fights for a sex therapist's right to joint custody of her daughter, while grappling with the fact that he is a former client of hers!
Starring William Shatner and James Spader

6pm, Myth Busters: Fright Night, Discovery Channel. Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman investigate if particular sound frequencies can convince people of paranormal activity

6pm, Star Trek: Voyager: Extreme Risk, Syfy. The Voyager crew races against the Malon to build a vessel able to withstand the atmosphere of a gas giant star, in order to retrieve a probe being pursued by their enemies. However, their plans suffer a setback when Torres is taken ill with Clinical Depression.

Kate Mulgrew, Robert Beltran and Roxann Dawson star

To make sense of this Star Trek Voyager episode if watching only this one;

(It'll help if you knew the situation in Ireland during The Troubles. The separate police had to enforce peace on their own sides of the border or prevent terrorists from crossing it etc, but the RUC police in Ulster were sometimes mistrustful and sceptical of the anti-terrorist efforts of the Garda police across the border in the Republic, since The IRA were trying to bring about via violence something which the Irish govt actually wanted peacefully - a united Ireland)

But I digress;

In this franchise, (centuries in the future in space) The Federation has been formed by Humans with Races from other nearby planets (Vulcans and by this stage Klingons too etc)

Other rival nearby empires exist, such as The Cardassians. They were oppressing The Bajorans, The Federation intervened - and war resulted.

(In events covered by the DS9 franchise) peace came and The Bajorans gained their independence, and joined The Federation.

But others along the border areas, including outside mercenaries and volunteers - called The Maquis (a mish-mash of various Races in The Federation etc) wanted The Federation to rule THEM too (i.e. wanted more of Cardassian space transferred over).

However, the Federation and Cardassians had agreed the new border after the war (and had no desire to fight again), so both have to chase and catch The Maquis on their border sides.

(Like I said about that Irish thing - The Cardassians distrust The Federation patrols since the MORE successful The Marquis are the MORE chance of The Federation gaining more of Cardassian space).

So, in episode 1, the starship Voyager of The Federation is chasing a Maquis ship on their side - and BOTH end up lost and incommunicado on the far side of the galaxy in its Delta Quadrant

The Dominion - Peace existed between The Cardassians and The Federation (and The Romulans) until The Dominion invaded from the Gamma Quadrant (covered by the franchise Star Trek - Deep Space 9).

The Dominion were SO powerful though that the initial plan was for The Federation, The Cardassian Empire, and The Romulan Empire to all unite to fight the common invading enemy which was intent on conquering them all - however The Cardassians reneged, on figuring that uniting against the almighty Dominion would simply lead to annihilation with the other allies, when joining with The Dominion instead would leave some remnants of the other 2 defeated Alpha Quadrant empires which The Dominion could then offer them!

What it DID mean though was that The Maquis on the border stood absolutely NO chance against a united Cardassian/Dominion foe in their existing fight with The Cardassians - and were wiped out.

Maquis members like Chakotay and Torres, lost with Voyager in the Delta Quadrant in this series (with us at home seeing the above Alpha Quadrant events unfold in Star Trek : Deep Space 9), remain oblivious - but find out later as Voyager near Earth

In this episode - shortly after finding out in a previous episode, Torres now begins self-harming by fighting Cardassian holograms who are capable of injuring her etc

10pm, Along Came a Spider, More 4. The daughter of a senator is kidnapped from her expensive private school, sparking a desperate race to hunt down her psychotic and devilishly intelligent captor before it's too late. Luckily, grizzled police psychologist Alex Cross (Morgan Freeman) is on hand to match wits with the villain.

Nail-biting thriller based on James Patterson's best-selling page-turner, starring Monica Potter, Michael Wincott, Dylan Baker and Penelope Ann Miller

10:15pm, Psychobitches, Sky Arts 1. Comedy sketch show starring Rebecca Front as a psychiatrist who conducts therapy sessions with some of history's most famous women.

With Julia Davis, Sharon Horgan and Mark Gatiss

11pm, Out of the Ashes, True Movies 1. A Holocaust survivor heads for America where she dreams of starting a new life after WW2 as a doctor, but finds it difficult to put the past behind her - especially when she's forced to relive the nightmare of Auschwitz at medical interviews.

Haunting drama, starring Christine Lahti, Richard Crenna and Beau Bridges


10am, Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Crazy, FOX. Goren and Eames investigate the case of a heart surgeon murdered during his son's bar mitzvah. Although they initially suspect someone with Mob connections, the detectives later discover another man's obsession puts him in the frame for the killing.

Drama, starring Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe

Seal - the song Crazy (1990) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWmaoQWX6Ws

8pm, NCIS: Psych Out, FOX. A Navy reservist is found hanging in his home, and when Gibbs and the team examine the situation further, they discover he was working on a highly classified case for the Defence Department. The circumstances surrounding the man's death leads the investigators to suspect someone was using subterfuge to drive him insane, bringing them into contact with case brings them into contact with Samantha Ryan, the director of the ambiguous PsyOps division.

Guest starring Jamie Lee Curtis

9pm, Twelve Monkeys, Syfy. The recent series. A time traveller from 2035 AD journeys back to the 1990's to discover the cause of a deadly disease that ravaged the world, only to be thrown into an asylum. He meets a fellow patient who may hold the key to his mission, but the more time he spends in the past, the more he comes to question whether he really is from the future or simply delusional.

9pm, Psycho Kitty (er - right), DMAX. Cat behaviourist Pam Johnson-Bennett and co-host Chris Duchaine instruct viewers in cat training.

11:25pm, The Crazies, Film 4. The 2010 version. A small town is infected by a toxin in their water which leads to it's residents converting into violent psychopaths. A sectioned group of un-infected fight for survival.

Timothy Olyphant and Radha Mitchell star.

The next week;


10pm, Asylum, Horror Channel . Anthology of short tales (the channel can conveniently slot adbreaks in after each!)

Dr Martin (Robert Powell) arrives at a secluded asylum "for the incurably insane" to be interviewed for a job by the wheelchair-bound, authoritarian Dr Lionel Rutherford (Patrick Magee). Rutherford explains that he owes his current incapacitation to an attack by an inmate.

Rutherford reveals his unorthodox plan to determine Martin's suitability for the post of chief doctor. One of the asylum's current inmates is Dr B. Starr, the former head of the asylum, who underwent a complete mental breakdown.

Martin is to interview the inmates of the asylum to deduce which one is Dr Starr. If his choice is correct, Rutherford will "consider" him for the post.

(You can play along at home and guess too - just notice a potential red-herring which we hear Powell also rule out early on - although by straight probability Dr Starr is likely a man especially given that this is 1972, it COULD be a woman though and nothing says that it isn't)

The psychiatrist separately interviews the four patients in a mental hospital, and hears the terrifying stories of the events which led to them being committed there - involving revenge from beyond their grave, a suit with disturbing qualities, a deadly sibling rivalry, and life-like toys.

Horror anthology, starring Robert Powell, Peter Cushing, Britt Ekland and Charlotte Rampling

(Possible `in' joke - the mental patient played by Herbert Lom looks like a cross between Harold Wilson and Edward Heath - who were the Labour and Tory leaders when this film was made!)


1. In the end tale, how exactly does the little doll get up a straight wall into the dumb-waiter? If it can climb sheer heights like we see it doing then, why use the dumb-waiter instead of the stairs etc anyway?

2. Powell then stamps on the doll downstairs, and that kills its insane creator who is still up the stairs in his room, since that person thinks the doll is them. But the tales are all supposed to have a logical explanation alongside the deluded ones - so how can stamping on a doll logically kill even a deluded person who doesn't actually see the stamping happen? Ok. so Powell then runs up the stairs and is only told that the doll-maker is dead by a person later revealed to be an insane murderer themselves and who arrives at the room first and is in fact emerging from it - so maybe that murderer actually killed the doll person - but THEY didn't see Powell stamp on the doll EITHER - so HOW do they know to do the murder right at THAT point?