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Mental health TV - Sat 31/1/2015 - Fri 6/2/2015



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May 8, 2008
One to watch online;

The Lunatic movie (1991). The story of a village madman, Aloysious, who has the amazing ability to talk to anything, including trees, cows and cricket balls. Portrayed from a Jamaican prospective with an acute eye for the authentic dialect of the land - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sLCLdzdIuQ


7pm, Hoarding: Buried Alive, TLC

7pm, Proof, Sony Entertainment Channel. The death of a brilliant but disturbed mathematician (Anthony Hopkins) leaves his daughter (Gwyneth Paltrow) concerned she is doomed to inherit his mental illness. As she delves into her own frustrated ambitions, one of the late academic's students turns up to search through his papers and a recently discovered document has serious repercussions.

Adaptation of David Auburn's stage play, also starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Hope Davis

I did predict that Boris Johnson would start picking on Moslem as part of early Tory leadership machinations - he isn't specifically picking on Moslems in Uxbridge yet though

9pm, I Dated a Psycho, Crime and Investigation. Documentary series examining once-loving relationships that soured in terrifying fashion.

11pm, Donnie Darko, Syfy

11pm, The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin - , Yesterday. Classic Seventies comedy, starring Leonard Rossiter as the executive stuck in a middle-aged crisis rut and eager to change the world

(The next one is on Sunday and then the next weekend etc)

(Stark Raving Mad on BBC 1 at 1.20am is just a crime comedy)

3:30am, Taxi, CBS Drama. US sitcom series set in a taxi firm. The Latkas Gravas character is from a fictional European country where they don't speak English. His dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder) was conceived late in the series as a result of actor Andy Kaufman expressing boredom at portraying Latka. This allowed him to broaden his comedic abilities with alternate personas.

(New York City taxi-drivers are often notoriously foreign - or that is the stereotype which this character plays into)


11:30am, Dr Sanjay Gupta, the CNN news channel. General health magazine show, often has mental health items

7pm, The Ringer, Sony Entertainment Television. An able-bodied office worker's amoral uncle persuades him to compete in the Special Olympics in an unethical bid to raise money. However the presence of an attractive trainer, and the friendliness of his fellow competitors, forces the phoney athlete to change his plans.

Controversial comedy, produced by kings of the politically incorrect, the Farrelly brothers, and starring Johnny Knoxville, Brian Cox and Katherine Heigl

8.05pm, Criminal Minds: Psychodrama, Pick. Gideon and the BAU team investigates a series of bank robberies, made all the more unusual when it becomes apparent that the perpetrator is not interested in the money but forces his victims to undress and do sexual things with each other etc before he leaves the crime scene!

(Er, right - remind me to stand behind Jordan in the bank queue - though knowing my luck behind me would be Boy George)

Starring Mandy Patinkin and Thomas Gibson

9pm, Painful Secrets. True Movies 2. Capable drama chronicling the emotion-filled struggle of a teenage girl who reacts to stressful times by harming herself, and the misjudged reactions of friends and family to her problem.

Kimberlee Peterson, Sean Young and Robert Wisden star

9pm, TNA Impact Wrestling, Challenge TV. American wrestling.

(Repeated on Tuesday at 11pm)

The story so far - wrestler and demented stalker Samuel Shaw has been stalking the attractive female ring announcer Christie Hemme (by setting up a secret shrine to her in his house etc - which she then accidentally discovered). Knight in shining armour (or actually shining lycra to be more accurate) wrestler Mister Anderson rode to the rescue. The two men have since been feuding.

During a resulting "Padded Van Match" aka a "Committed Match" (where you have to throw your opponent inside an ambulance which has padded interior walls and then lock them inside) the goodie wrestler Mister Anderson won by doing that to baddie crazed stalker wrestler Samuel Shaw.

You win that type of bout by forcing your opponent into the padded ambulance as I say, and the loser (locked inside) is then transported under flashing lights and sirens to a mental institution!

We saw scenes of Samuel Shaw simply sitting catatonic in the padded-room of a mental home, and he was dressed in a strait-jacket too!

Fellow wrestler Gunner began talking to him there and counselling him

See what the next stage of this wrestling storyline is.

Latest - Shaw has now turned on Gunner and has a woman helping him!

American wrestling, so subtle - eh? Anyone would think it was all fixed.

1am, Murder of Innocence, True Entertainment. Emotional drama, starring Valerie Bertinelli as a woman whose descent into insanity is witnessed by her confused and alienated husband (Stephen Caffrey) as he battles the authorities to prove she is a danger to society.

With Megan Cavanagh


9am, Star Trek: Dagger of the Mind, CBS Action. A mad psychiatrist from the Tantalus Penal Colony smuggles himself aboard the USS Enterprise, prompting McCoy and Kirk to investigate strange goings-on. They soon discover the colony's director is using a sinister device to control the inmates and staff.

Starring William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and De Forest Kelley

12pm, Star Trek Voyager - Future's End part 1, Syfy. See part 2 at 6pm.

6pm, Star Trek Voyager - Future's End part 2, Syfy. So here we first meet Captain Braxton, we meet him again later in the series when he suffers "temporal psychosis" (and is played by a different actor!)

The background so that you understand that later episode;

This franchise is set in the 24th century, the time-traveller Braxton is from the 29th century (so his equipment is more advanced obviously)

In Star Trek it is possible to alter history, but by the 29th century such things can be spotted and set right again by Braxton etc travelling back to intervene

So in this two-parter we see him get stranded on Earth in 1967 by the actions of Voyager, whilst Voyager itself gets stuck in 1996 - the crew set out to find him, and do (by which time of course it means that HE from the 29th century has been stuck in the 20th century for 29 years remember - so he his hardly pleased with Voyager which put him there of course).

Then we see that eventually there are TWO Captain Braxtons - the one still stranded in 1996 even at the end, and the other one who emerges from the 29th century created by the altered time-line

The 2 men can be `assimilated' into one being by 29th century technology, but the 1996 one is still stranded there - we learn that it takes several more years for him to be rescued and merged with the other one

(Note how the new 29th century Braxton doesn't know about the stranded 1996 one and Captain Janeway on Voyager forgets to enlighten him exactly - thereby trapping the 1996 Braxton for even longer - which REALLY annoys him even more at Janeway and Voyager. In a coming episode we see the consequences re his "temporal psychosis")

9pm, The Undateables, Channel 4. Return of the documentary following people with a range of restrictive conditions as they search for romance.

9pm, Girl Interrupted, More Movies. A would-be writer in the 1960s is committed to an exclusive psychiatric ward by her parents after attempting suicide, but the move seems to cause more problems than it solves.

This emotional drama follows the same lines as One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, but lacks both the subtlety and power of that classic offering. Still, Winona Ryder gives a good gamine performance in the lead, and co-star Angelina Jolie won an Oscar. With Clea Duvall, Brittany Murphy, Whoopi Goldberg and Vanessa Redgrave

10pm, Stalker, Sky Living. Homicide detective Jack Larsen teams up with troubled-yet-knowledgeable detective Beth Davis - and together they encounter stalkers of every shape, size and age. All the while struggling to keep their own compulsions at bay.

Psychological thriller series, starring Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott

10.35pm, Togetherness, Sky Atlantic. From the outside, life appears to be pretty perfect for Brett and Michelle Pierson and their two kids, but the couple are struggling to rekindle the spark in their relationship.

Adding to the stresses of family life are Michelle's sister Tina and Brett's best friend Alex, who both end up moving into the Piersons' already cramped house.

American comedy series, starring Mark Duplass, Melanie Lynskey, Amanda Peet and Steve Zissis

11:55pm, Falling Down, Sky Movies Crime & Thriller. This sounds like a sort of movie version of the upcoming UKIP manifesto - Michael Douglas, giving one of his greatest performances, plays a stressed motorist who cracks under the pressures of everyday life - and who then goes on an increasingly violent rampage across Los Angeles against single mothers, gays, black and brown people, benefit claimants, the French, etc.

(Ok I made up that last one - but you know what I mean. Against everyone whom UKIP hates basically - which might be UKIP itself given how many members Nigel Farage is sacking these days!)


8pm, Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners, Channel 4

9pm, Excluded: Kicked Out Of School, BBC 3. Documentary following the staff and students at an alternative provision facility, where children who have been excluded from mainstream education go to learn, illustrating the difficult behaviour of some of the pupils and exploring the reasons behind their actions.

11pm, The Eleventh Victim, 5 USA. An assistant district attorney successfully prosecutes a serial-killer, but the case takes a heavy psychological toll. She abandons the law and starts a new career as a therapist while she recovers, only to find her clients being murdered by someone copying the methods of the maniac she put behind bars!

Thriller, starring Jennie Garth and Colin Cunningham


3:15pm, Another Man's Wife, Channel 5. Stalker slot movie

5:30pm, Leading Women, CNN. Profiling current influential women who have made it to the top in their fields. Leading Women connects you to extraordinary women of our time. Each month, we meet two women at the top of their field, exploring their careers, lives and ideas.

Watch online - Leading Women - CNN.com

8pm, GPs: Behind Closed Doors, Channel 5. The observational documentary returns, this time giving an insight into the work of doctors at Putneymead Group Medical Practice in Putney, south-west London. Dr Ashleigh Helm diagnoses a frightened patient with early onset dementia,

11pm, The Book of Ruth (not the Biblical tale), True Drama. A woman tells the heart-breaking story of how she was browbeaten, abused and neglected by her jealous, overbearing mother - until finally she was able to step out from her parent's shadow and gather the strength to live her life.

Made-for-TV drama offering touches of emotion amid the histrionics. Nicholle Tom, Andrew Jackson, Evan Jones and Christine Lahti star

1am, Do No Harm, Movies 24. A woman is devastated when her partner dies in a plane crash, and tries to kill herself. She is helped in her recovery by a female psychiatrist, but the doctor develops an unhealthy fixation with the patient and kidnaps her, hoping she will replace her own dead daughter!

Thriller, starring Deanna Russo and Lauren Holly


8:30am, Dr Sanjay Gupta, the CNN news channel. General health magazine show, often has mental health items

9pm, He Loves Me, Lifetime. A married estate-agent is horrified to discover her husband is having an affair - despite having a secret lover of her own! She resorts to desperate lengths to keep her marriage going, even eliminating people she considers a threat to the relationship - but her efforts only end up bringing dark secrets from her own past to light.

Thriller, starring Heather Locklear and Dylan Neal

10:15pm, Psychobitches, Sky Arts 1. Comedy sketch show starring Rebecca Front as a psychiatrist who conducts therapy sessions with some of history's most famous women.

With Julia Davis, Sharon Horgan and Mark Gatiss

10:45pm, Psychosis, Horror Channel. A writer recovering from a breakdown relocates to rural England, unaware she has chosen the location of a massacre to recuperate in. She is tormented by a series of disturbing visions, but no one believes her story, leaving her uncertain if her home is haunted, if someone is playing mind games with her, or if she is simply going mad.

Horror, starring Charisma Carpenter and Paul Sculfor


9pm, Odd Girl Out, True Movies 1. A high-school student seems to have it all. But a jealous rival begins spinning a web of lies which causes her friends to turn against her - and sparks an increasingly vicious cycle of bullying. As the troubled youngster sinks into depression, her mother vows to do whatever it takes to put things right - and restore her daughter's self-confidence.

Thoughtful teen drama, starring Alexa Vega, Lisa Vidal, Leah Pipes and Alicia Morton

3:10am, Enlightened: Pilot episode, Sky Atlantic. Corporate buyer Amy embarks on a three-month holistic retreat after suffering a very public nervous breakdown. She returns a changed New Age woman and vows to make a positive difference to the lives of others - but her friends, family and former colleagues are less than impressed with her.

Comedy drama series, starring Laura Dern, Luke Wilson and Diane Ladd

The actual term `enlightened' can mean many different things - certainly Hindus and Buddhists differ over its exact meaning - though both agree that it means seeing the Truth that is.

I simply say that every step on the road to enlightenment should itself be an enlightened one - which in those 2 religions it isn't!

(Episode 2 is the next day etc)

The next week;


5pm, If You Believe in Christmas, True Drama. Reworking of a Christmas Carol - a miserly female magazine editor has lost her spirit of goodwill, and is estranged from her family. However one Christmas she receives a visit from a mysterious little girl who claims to be the child she once was!

(The little girl version of herself constantly follows the now grown adult editor about pestering her and no-one else can see or hear her - leading others to think that the editor has schizophrenia etc whenever spotted responding to her)

Me to my little boy version if talking to him about Christmas past - "Er, that racing-car set we get in 1971, don't drop the instructions on the floor carrying it back home. We won it in the school raffle and then I couldn't use it - grrr! The school was only opposite our house too. Though maybe that shaped the man I am now - where I usually don't need instructions to do complicated things."

Drama, starring Ally Walker, Tom Amandes and Hayden Panettiere