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Mental health TV - Sat 28/2/2015 - Fri 6/3/2015



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May 8, 2008

7pm, Hoarding: Buried Alive, TLC

9pm, I Dated a Psycho, Crime and Investigation. Documentary series examining once-loving relationships that soured in terrifying fashion.

10:55pm, Spike Milligan: Love, Light and Peace, BBC Four. Documentary offering a personal portrait of the truly unique comedian, as told in his own words and featuring exclusive home movie footage. With contributions from those who worked with him, lived with him and were inspired by him

11pm, The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin - , Yesterday. Classic Seventies comedy, starring Leonard Rossiter as the executive stuck in a middle-aged crisis rut and eager to change the world

(The next one is on Sunday and then the next weekend etc)

0:20am, Psychoville, GOLD. Comedy thriller series, written by and starring The League of Gentlemen's Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton, focusing on the lives of five apparently unconnected characters. A blind recluse, a telekinetic dwarf, a hook-handed clown, a deranged midwife and a man-child obsessed with serial killers each receives a mysterious card bearing an anonymous message.

With Dawn French and Adrian Scarborough

3:30am, Taxi, CBS Drama. US sitcom series set in a taxi firm. The Latkas Gravas character is from a fictional European country where they don't speak English. His dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder) was conceived late in the series as a result of actor Andy Kaufman expressing boredom at portraying Latka. This allowed him to broaden his comedic abilities with alternate personas.

(New York City taxi-drivers are often notoriously foreign - or that is the stereotype which this character plays into)


11:30am, Dr Sanjay Gupta, the CNN news channel. General health magazine show, often has mental health items

6pm, Brain Games, National Geographic Channel. Documentary series with interactive experiments, illusions, and mind tricks revealing the inner workings of the human brain./tv/brain-games/season-5/9009122

With that dress malarkey this week, I see light lilac and light brown - I don't know about you - The dress: Celebrities join the white and gold or blue and black debate | Daily Mail Online

(Ellen DeGeneres on the topic - "From this day on, the world will be divided into two people. Blue & black, or white & gold")

7pm, Blue Bloods: Nightmares, Sky Atlantic. It's Halloween in New York, and when a knife-wielding attacker dressed as Baron Samedi - the Spirit of Death in voodoo - stabs a man dressed as a priest, Danny's investigation leads him into the world of voodoo.

Elsewhere, Jamie becomes involved in the welfare of a volatile psychiatric patient

7pm, The Deadly Look of Love, True Movies 2. A deluded woman bored with her humdrum existence conjures up a fantasy life with the already-married man of her dreams : but her obsessive idling soon leads to murder.

Far-fetched potboiler

(Don't you just love it when even TV listings themselves put you off watching TV itself - in what other industry do you get that? It's like going to a car-showroom to find the dealer has put "Knackerbox" or "Will break down the very minute you put it in 4th" etc on the cars)

Starring Jordan Ladd, Vincent Spano, Holland Taylor and Richard Blackburn

9pm, TNA Impact Wrestling, Challenge TV. American wrestling.

(Repeated on Tuesday at 11pm)

The story so far - wrestler and demented stalker Samuel Shaw has been stalking the attractive female ring announcer Christie Hemme (by setting up a secret shrine to her in his house etc - which she then accidentally discovered). Knight in shining armour (or actually shining lycra to be more accurate) wrestler Mister Anderson rode to the rescue. The two men have since been feuding.

During a resulting "Padded Van Match" aka a "Committed Match" (where you have to throw your opponent inside an ambulance which has padded interior walls and then lock them inside) the goodie wrestler Mister Anderson won by doing that to baddie crazed stalker wrestler Samuel Shaw.

You win that type of bout by forcing your opponent into the padded ambulance as I say, and the loser (locked inside) is then transported under flashing lights and sirens to a mental institution!

We saw scenes of Samuel Shaw simply sitting catatonic in the padded-room of a mental home, and he was dressed in a strait-jacket too!

Fellow wrestler Gunner began talking to him there and counselling him

See what the next stage of this wrestling storyline is.

Latest - Shaw has now turned on Gunner and has a woman helping him!

American wrestling, so subtle - eh? Anyone would think it was all fixed.

Samuel Shaw (wrestler) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

9pm, Total Recall, Channel 5. A factory worker, Douglas Quaid, begins to suspect that he is a spy after visiting Rekall - a company that provides its clients with implanted fake memories of a life they would like to have led - goes wrong and he finds himself on the run.

2012 remake of the 1990 Arnie original

11pm, Dark Matters: Twisted but True: Lindbergh; American Nazi; Suicide Song; Living Organ Donor, Discovery Science. John Noble explores the strangest and most controversial science stories,

Suicide Song is the tale of a song so powerful it was linked to many suicides in the 1930's Hungary due to its depressing nature (warning! - we hear the song played).

I believe that Alexis St Martin was a French-Canadian frontiersman or something who was shot in a stomach in a hunting accident. Doctors saved his life but couldn't seal the wound, however that situation did allow them to observe for the first time how food is digested!

Adventurer Charles Lindbergh believed in selective-breeding amongst Humans in the 1930's - just as the Nazis did

(There are still conspiracy theories about who kidnapped and murdered his child - the McCann case of its day - but I think they got the right man - a German immigrant. Some of the paid ransom money bank-notes were found in his house since all the serial-numbers had been recorded, linguists said the ransom note was written by a native German speaker whose English was a second language, and bits of the wood from his loft were missing and which wood experts said exactly matched the wood from the home-made ladder left up against the Lindbergh house bedroom window where the baby was taken from etc. His defence was that he had previously shared the house with another immigrant who had since gone back to Germany and so it must have been them etc - he only gave very vague details about them though - and if so then why would they leave a load of the ransom money behind? I think he said that they owed it to him or something)

11:20pm, Twelve Monkeys, Channel 5. The 1995 movie. A time traveller from 2035 AD journeys back to the 1990's to discover the cause of a deadly disease that ravaged the world, only to be thrown into an asylum. He meets a fellow patient who may hold the key to his mission, but the more time he spends in the past, the more he comes to question whether he really is from the future or simply delusional.

Terry Gilliam's complex sci-fi thriller, with Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Madeleine Stowe and Christopher Plummer

(Just some help as the plot is complex - bear in mind that a destined Future doesn't go anywhere relative to a decided Past - i.e. people in the Future who see previous time-travellers failing to alter things can just keep sending other people back to various points in Time UNTIL one of them succeeds - hence the disjointed appearances of them throughout the film)


1:10pm, Sex and the City: Boy Interrupted, Comedy Central Extra. Carrie has dinner with her old high-school boyfriend and everything seems perfect until he makes a startling revelation about himself - he just checked into a mental health facility

9pm, Moone Boy, Sky 1. A boy has an imaginary friend

9pm, Britain's Benefits Crackdown, Channel 4

9pm, The NHS - £2 Billion A Week And Counting, Channel 4.

9pm, Benefits Britain, Channel 5

(Asylum on BBC 4 at 9pm is just a spoof of Julian Assange in that embassy)

9pm, Solaris, More Movies. Psychiatrist George Clooney arrives on a space-station to investigate the death of its commanding officer but subsequently starts to experience frightening visions of his late wife which seem all too real - and force him to question his sanity.

This sci-fi drama is Steven Soderbergh's eerie reimagining of Stanislaw Lem's original story, with Clooney on fine form as a man gradually unravelling.

Co-starring Natascha McElhone, Viola Davis, Jeremy Davies and Ulrich Tukur

10.35pm, Togetherness, Sky Atlantic. From the outside, life appears to be pretty perfect for Brett and Michelle Pierson and their two kids, but the couple are struggling to rekindle the spark in their relationship.

Adding to the stresses of family life are Michelle's sister Tina and Brett's best friend Alex, who both end up moving into the Piersons' already cramped house.

American comedy series, starring Mark Duplass, Melanie Lynskey, Amanda Peet and Steve Zissis

10:15pm, Psychobitches, Sky Arts 1. Comedy sketch show starring Rebecca Front as a psychiatrist who conducts therapy sessions with some of history's most famous women.

With Julia Davis, Sharon Horgan and Mark Gatiss

10:45pm, The Entity, Horror Channel. A woman is inexplicably subjected to repeated attacks by a terrifying invisible force. While friends and family are convinced she is losing her mind, she turns to a team of parapsychologists.

Fact-based psychological thriller, starring Barbara Hershey, Ron Silver and Jacqueline Brooks

(It is indeed `fact-based' as they say - but investigators looking for a logical explanation found that her drunkeness and drug-taking could be one explanation of everything! Your face tends to suffer "attacks by a terrifying invisible force" when drunk - from pavements somehow being lifted up to hit it - as you'd no doubt tell investigators afterwards).

I've often thought that Wendlesham Forest UFO thing has the same explanation - New Year's Day, and some Americans newly in this country suddenly drinking lots of our beer - what do you think?

11pm, Wire in the Blood, ITV 3. Thrillers based on the novels by Val McDermid, starring Robson Green as eccentric clinical psychologist Dr Tony Hill, who possesses an eerie insight into the minds of murderers.

12:40am, The Daisy Chain, BBC One. A couple move to a remote village to recover from the death of their baby. They agree to take in an autistic girl whose parents have died, despite warnings from the locals that she is an evil spirit. As a series of disturbing events befalls them, they begin to fear the stories are true.

Horror, starring Samantha Morton and Steven Mackintosh


1:10pm, Tales from the Darkside: The Yattering and the Jack, Horror Channel. Twilight Zone type series. In this one, a persistent demon torments a man and won't stop until his victim cracks.

5pm, Against Her Will, True Movies 1. An easygoing lawyer joins forces with a former legal adversary to free a woman held prisoner in an asylum after admitting herself for psychiatric treatment.

Drama, starring Walter Matthau, Susan Blakely, Harry Morgan and Brian Kerwin

9pm, My Violent Child - Tearing Us Apart, Channel 5. Documentary about parents who are being physically abused by their children, beginning with two families whose lives are being ruined by violence in the home. Marcel believes his Asperger's syndrome is behind the outbursts that have seen him throttle both his parents and caused his 17-year-old sister to leave home, while Toby's violence is seriously affecting his mum and dad and his three siblings. Both families work with experts to try to solve their children's behavioural issues, including investigating possible childhood traumas

9pm, Girl Interrupted, Sony Movie Channel. A would-be writer in the 1960s is committed to an exclusive psychiatric ward by her parents after attempting suicide, but the move seems to cause more problems than it solves.

This emotional drama follows the same lines as One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, but lacks both the subtlety and power of that classic offering. Still, Winona Ryder gives a good gamine performance in the lead, and co-star Angelina Jolie won an Oscar.

With Clea Duvall, Brittany Murphy, Whoopi Goldberg and Vanessa Redgrave

9pm, David Wilson's Psychopaths, Channel 5.

10pm, Grimm, Watch. Fantasy series in which detective Nick Burkhardt is charged with keeping the balance between humanity and mythological creatures!

In this one, a woman claims that a persistently talking wolf drove her to madness

10.45pm, No Place To Call Home, BBC 1. Homelessness documentary

11pm, Hit and Run, True Movies 1. Thought-provoking drama about a guilt-ridden motorist whose self-respect and sanity are gradually eroded as she struggles to cope with the consequences of her rash decision to flee the scene after causing a terrible accident.

Margaret Colin, Lisa Vidal, Drew Pillsbury and Paul Brewster star

11pm, Terror in the Shadows, True Entertainment. A man's idyllic family life is shattered by the revelation that the deranged killer of his first wife has escaped from a mental institution and is out for revenge.

Psychological thriller, starring Genie Francis, Leigh J McCloskey and Victoria Wyndham

1am, In the Best Interest of the Children, True Movies 1. A manic depressive woman is released from an institution and tries to regain custody of her five children. However, their foster parents wish to officially adopt them, and her eldest daughter believes that would be for the best. As a bitter legal battle ensues, the mother's mental health begins to deteriorate once more.

Fact-based drama, starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Sally Struthers


1pm, Prairie Fever, True Drama. A drunken former sheriff is hired to escort three mail-order brides, who have all snapped under the strain of frontier life, back to civilisation. Along the way, he encounters a conwoman on the run and enlists her help in protecting the women - but his new friend's abusive husband is on their trail.

Western, starring Kevin Sorbo, Dominique Swain and Lance Henriksen

5:30pm, Leading Women, CNN. Profiling current influential women who have made it to the top in their fields. Leading Women connects you to extraordinary women of our time. Each month, we meet two women at the top of their field, exploring their careers, lives and ideas.

Watch online - Leading Women - CNN.com

8pm, GPs: Behind Closed Doors, Channel 5. The observational documentary returns, this time giving an insight into the work of doctors at Putneymead Group Medical Practice in Putney, south-west London.

9pm, Surviving Sandy Hook, BBC 2. The massacre by the autistic Adam Lanza

9pm, Limitless, Film 4. A failed writer acquires a supply of an experimental drug that enables his brain to process and learn information at a superhuman rate. His new-found abilities allow him to make a killing on the stock market, but he soon attracts the attention of shadowy forces who have sinister plans for him.

Sci-fi thriller, with Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro and Abbie Cornish

10pm, Being Bipolar, Channel 4. Psychotherapist Philippa Perry explores bipolar disorder from the perspective of those living with it, to see the impact the illness has on them, their friends and family

10pm, The Butterfly Effect, ITV 2. Fantasy adventure starring Ashton Kutcher as Evan, a young man with supernatural powers. As a boy, Evan was prone to blacking out whenever he was faced with moments of stress. He found comfort in writing about these incidences and, as an adult, he uses his journals to physically revisit those times and change his past. But those changes then impact on his future of course.

Also starring Amy Smart, Eric Stoltz, William Lee Scott and Melora Walters.


8:30am, Dr Sanjay Gupta, the CNN news channel. General health magazine show, often has mental health items

9am, True Lives - U Can Cope, Community Channel. This film tells the stories of three people who struggled with depression and contemplated suicide. By finding people to talk to they eventually pull through. Linda Nolan narrates

6pm, Star Trek: The Doomsday Machine, CBS Action. The crew of the USS Enterprise hear of an enormous mechanical monster on a mission of destruction, leaving only rubble where planets used to be!

Kirk and the crew are sent to investigate, and come across the wrecked USS Constellation, manned by the now lone but shell-shocked commodore Decker - the victim of a previous encounter with the thing.

They soon all find themselves on a collision course with the Doomsday Machine when it then re-appears, but are hampered over tactics by Decker's obvious PTSD and the fact that he out-ranks Kirk.

Sci-fi adventure, starring William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy (RIP)

Earth parallel - the episode alludes to Moby Dick - Moby-Dick - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki

(Poor canon - Photon Torpedoes first appeared late in Season 1 alongside the existing ship's Phasers - but in this Season 2 episode the Enterprise now only fires Phasers again)

10:15pm, Psychobitches, Sky Arts 1. Comedy sketch show starring Rebecca Front as a psychiatrist who conducts therapy sessions with some of history's most famous women.

With Julia Davis, Sharon Horgan and Mark Gatiss


11am, True Lives - Uncle David, Community Channel. A retired man plants seeds within young minds in the hope that they will have a more positive attitude towards themselves and their environment

8pm, NCIS: Psych Out, 5 USA (or it might be on Fox as the series is simultaneously on that channel too at this time). A Navy reservist is found hanging in his home, and when Gibbs and the team examine the situation further, they discover he was working on a highly classified case for the Defence Department. The circumstances surrounding the man's death leads the investigators to suspect someone was using subterfuge to drive him insane, bringing them into contact with case brings them into contact with Samantha Ryan, the director of the ambiguous PsyOps division.

Guest starring Jamie Lee Curtis

(Has there ever been a day when neither Friends or NCIS have been on? February 29th isn't tomorrow this year but even it if was they'd still be on. Michael Caine recently said that the young employed should copy him - if David McCallum gave up his job in NCIS they'd be no young unemployed actors certainly)

9pm, Bridget Jones - Edge Of Reason, ITV 2

9pm, Girl Interrupted, Sony Entertainment TV. A would-be writer in the 1960s is committed to an exclusive psychiatric ward by her parents after attempting suicide, but the move seems to cause more problems than it solves.

This emotional drama follows the same lines as One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, but lacks both the subtlety and power of that classic offering. Still, Winona Ryder gives a good gamine performance in the lead, and co-star Angelina Jolie won an Oscar.

With Clea Duvall, Brittany Murphy, Whoopi Goldberg and Vanessa Redgrave

9pm, The Mrs Bradley Mysteries: Death at the Opera, Drama channel. Amateur sleuth and professional psychologist Adela Bradley is asked to give a lecture at her old school, but her visit takes an unexpected turn after a teacher is murdered during a production of the Mikado. When she and her chauffeur George investigate, they uncover a tangled web of skulduggery and secret affairs.

Detective drama, based on the novel by Gladys Mitchell, starring Diana Rigg, Neil Dudgeon, Peter Davison and David Tennant

3am, Circle of Violence, True Movies 2. A divorced woman is left unable to cope after her husband leaves, and finds communicating with her teenage son impossible. She is forced to care for her elderly mother, but ends up dealing with the stress by physically abusing the old woman, and secrets from her childhood are revealed when the violence comes to light.

Drama, starring Tuesday Weld, Geraldine Fitzgerald and River Phoenix