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Looking after Mum was on BBC 1 - Documentary following four young carers and their families as they navigate the formative moments of their lives alongside the emotional strain and anxiety of caring.

Watch it here - BBC iPlayer - Looking after Mum - a Children in Need Special

Doctors Of The Dark Side was on the PBS America channel. I'll say when it is on again;

A documentary focusing on the largely hidden work of the psychologists and physicians who are (allegedly) behind the torture techniques in US-controlled military prisons like Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib etc. The programme examines whether the medical profession is implicated in systematic waterboarding, sleep deprivation, walling, sensory deprivation and sexual humiliation

Website - https://www.doctorsofthedarkside.com/

Given that in the past we've had doctors like Josef Mengele in Nazi Germany and psychologists like Radovan Karadic during the Bosnian civil war we shouldn't really be surprised if some US doctors and psychologists have decided to bring their considerable skills to bear post-9/11 as an act of "patriotism" whatever that means to different people.

(My spellchecker doesn't recognise `waterboarding' as a word - so maybe The Pentagon has been waterboarding Bill Gates to make that the case)

This was on one of the Cable channels (Crime And Investigation) last week, about a murder in the Irish Republic;

24 Hours to Kill - Sean Courtney - Patricia O'Toole. Dyane Connor examines some of The Irish Republic's most brutal and sinister killings and the perpetrators. Reliving the last 24 hours leading up to these heinous crimes, the series looks at what inspired the killers to take such drastic action.

In the trial, Courtney retained the services of one of Ireland's leading criminal defence barristers, Paddy McEntee SC, to attempt a defence of guilty but insane which could have resulted in a relatively short period of detention in the Central Mental Hospital. But a Dublin jury rejected his claim to have been suffering post-traumatic stress disorder and so was insane when he battered Patricia O'Toole to death.

If you are actually in the Irish Republic (and maybe Ulster too) you can watch it online here - 3player | 24 Hours To Kill - Monday, 27 January 2014

(When I click that link from Birmingham it comes up with the old "This video is not available to watch in your region" malarkey). I'll say when it is on Cable TV again in The UK

Sorry if it is teaching you to suck eggs, but the series covers "Ireland's most brutal and sinister killings" but actually only covers the Republic's cases - the Ulster bit of Ireland had far more and far worse killings during The Troubles of course.

As I say I live in Birmingham - and I was at a pub quiz night once during the annual Drumcree stand-off in Ulster - and one team sarcastically called itself the name - "We Don't Care If You Do Know The Pope - You Still Aren't Coming Down This Road" !!!

In case you wonder how we got lumbered there 30 odd years (and yet actually THEY somehow won the pub-quiz!)

I often wondered why whilst the Protestants were all trying to walk down that road, that the Catholics instead of stopping the Protestants somehow never saw that it meant they could then freely walk up to that school at the same time if they wanted - since there would be no Protestants then blocking that road!

Like in Carry On England with the 2 tunnels.

(Well actually one road being in Portadown and the other being in Belfast was the reason - but why let geography spoil a good joke)

I was on O'Connell Street in Dublin (the main thoroughfare) a couple of years back, and some Moslems had put a stall out, and a big sign was on it which said something like "Please don't think that all Moslems are terrorists just because some are" - completely without any trace of irony - Moslems these days feeling the need to say that to Irish people - mere yards from the main Post Office on that road too!

General Post Office, Dublin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I was going to say something to them about the massive irony - but since no actual Irish passersby were pointing it out to them - I didn't either!

(And more irony I noticed when in Dublin - yards away too is the `Sinn Fein Cafe'. I wonder if they search you for bombs on entry - and if you haven't got one on you do they supply you with one?)

Anyway - on with the show;

In Neighbours this week, Chris has epilepsy


7pm, Hoarding: Buried Alive, TLC

9pm, I Dated a Psycho (so one for the negative portrayal of mental health column there do you think?), Crime and Investigation channel. Documentary series examining once-loving relationships that soured in terrifying fashion.

9pm, Girl Interrupted, Sony Entertainment Television. A would-be writer in the 1960s is committed to an exclusive psychiatric ward by her parents after attempting suicide, but the move seems to cause more problems than it solves.

This emotional drama follows the same lines as One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, but lacks both the subtlety and power of that classic offering. Still, Winona Ryder gives a good gamine performance in the lead, and co-star Angelina Jolie won an Oscar. With Clea Duvall, Brittany Murphy, Whoopi Goldberg and Vanessa Redgrave

11pm, The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin - , Yesterday. Classic Seventies comedy, starring Leonard Rossiter as the executive stuck in a middle-aged crisis rut and eager to change the world

(The next one is on Sunday and then the next weekend etc)

11.25pm, Gothika, Sony Entertainment TV. Psychiatrist Halle Berry faces a nightmare when she wakes to find herself confined in the mental hospital where she once worked, accused of killing her husband. Just when she thinks things can't get any worse, the spirit of a dead teenager begins haunting her.

French director Mathieu Kassovitz's attempt at psychological horror fails for so many reasons, not least the bland plot which leaves Oscar-winner Berry struggling to find anything substantial to get her teeth into. Robert Downey Jnr, Penélope Cruz and Bernard Hill also star

2.35am, Deadline, Horror Channel. A writer retreats to a remote Victorian house after suffering a psychological breakdown. Determined to finish work on a screenplay, she soon finds her concentration broken by strange noises inside the home - but when she plucks up the courage to investigate, she discovers a secret that threatens to change her life for ever.

Horror, with Brittany Murphy, Thora Birch, Mark Blucas and Tammy Blanchard

3:30am, Taxi - Season 1 Episode 1: Like Father, Like Daughter, CBS Drama. US sitcom series set in a taxi firm. The Latkas Gravas character is from a fictional European country where they don't speak English. His dissociative identity disorder (aka multiple personality disorder) was conceived late in the series as a result of actor Andy Kaufman expressing boredom at portraying Latka. This allowed him to broaden his comedic abilities with alternate personas.

(New York City taxi-drivers are often notoriously foreign - or that is the stereotype which this character plays into)


9am, Men Don't Tell, True Movies 2. Unorthodox drama with Peter Strauss and Judith Light, attempting to turn stereotyped roles upside down.
They star as a married couple whose relationship turns into domestic violence. However, the victim in this case is the husband, who suffers horrific physical and verbal abuse at the hands of his unstable wife - only to find himself too afraid and embarrassed to report her to the authorities

Ashley Johnson and Michael Rand number among the supporting cast

(You aren't supposed to laugh at this movie of course - but I dare you not to. Like how his wife somehow always has on only a bath-robe or lingerie etc whenever she bashes him, but has proper clothes on whenever she attacks his car etc! And watch where they both crash through their house window and he twists in mid-air so that he lands of top of her so that she is injured and he is ok!)

11:30am, Dr Sanjay Gupta, the CNN news channel. General health magazine show, often has mental health items

1pm, In the Best Interest of the Children, True Drama. A manic depressive woman is released from an institution and tries to regain custody of her five children. However, their foster parents wish to officially adopt them, and her eldest daughter believes that would be for the best. As a bitter legal battle ensues, the mother's mental health begins to deteriorate once more.

Fact-based drama, starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Sally Struthers

4pm, Front of the Class, CBS Drama. A man who was bullied and victimised at school for having outbursts relating to his Tourette syndrome, is inspired to become a teacher. After being rejected by 24 schools because of his condition, he is finally accepted and strives to become an inspiration to the children in his classroom.

Drama, starring Jimmy Wolk, Treat Williams and Dominic Scott Kay

9pm, Lewis: The Mind Has Mountains, ITV 3. When a student is found dead during a college-based clinical trial for a new anti-depressant, Lewis and Hathaway struggle to determine whether the incident was murder or suicide, and receive little assistance from the institution's evasive psychiatric professor. A second student's death then leads to the revelation that the trial's participants are all operating under the influence of mind-altering drug ketamine, and that the lines between love, obsession and madness have become dangerously blurred.

Guest starring Douglas Henshall (Primeval), Lucy Liemann (Reggie Perrin) and Thomas Sangster (Love Actually)

9pm, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: The Happy Place, 5 USA. Meanwhile, Grissom hunts the killer of a high-school guidance counsellor, and former CSI Sara becomes involved in a murder case after a coma patient's breathing tube is removed by her husband.

Sam Murphy and Bruce Weitz guest star

9pm, TNA Impact Wrestling, Challenge TV. American wrestling.

(Repeated on Tuesday at 11pm)

The story so far - wrestler and demented stalker Samuel Shaw has been stalking the attractive female ring announcer Christie Hemme (by setting up a secret shrine to her in his house etc - which she then accidently discovered). Knight in shining armour (or actually shining lycra to be more accurate) wrestler Mister Anderson rode to the rescue. The two men have since been feuding.

During a resulting "Padded Van Match" aka a "Committed Match" (where you have to throw your opponent inside an ambulance which has padded interior walls and then lock them inside) the goodie wrestler Mister Anderson won by doing that to baddie crazed stalker wrestler Samuel Shaw.

You win that type of bout by forcing your opponent into the padded ambulance as I say, and the loser (locked inside) is then transported under flashing lights and sirens to a mental institution!

We saw scenes of Samuel Shaw simply sitting catatonic in the padded-room of a mental home, and he was dressed in a strait-jacket too!
Fellow wrestler Gunner began talking to him there and counselling him

See what the next stage of this wrestling storyline is.

Latest - Shaw has now turned on Gunner!

American wrestling, so subtle - eh? Anyone would think it was all fixed.

10pm, The Hoarder Next Door, More 4.

10pm, Mind Control, Discovery Science, Using psychological techniques from hypnosis to the Barnum effect, this programme will expose the inner workings of the human mind

10.45pm, Broadmoor - part 2, ITV 1. Having been built as a Victorian asylum for the criminally insane, Broadmoor in Berkshire is now a high-security psychiatric hospital and home to some of the nation's most violent men - many of whom are considered too dangerous to be accommodated elsewhere. This documentary meets new patients at the institution, others who are responding well to treatment, and some whose lack of co-operation keeps them from moving on

11:30pm, Regeneration, BBC Two. Jonathan Pryce stars as a World War One psychiatrist in charge of healing traumatised soldiers and returning them to the front. His own ethics are called into question, however, when eminent poet Siegfried Sassoon is declared shell-shocked for making an anti-war declaration.

Intelligent drama, boasting good performances from the top-drawer cast, which also includes James Wilby, Jonny Lee Miller, Stuart Bunce and Tanya Allen.

4am, Sex and Mrs X, True Movies 2. A cheated on American wife leaves her heartbreaking past behind her to begin a new life in Paris, where she slowly rediscovers her sense of self-worth with the help of a kindly older woman (who teaches her to strip!)

So - in order to stop your husband running off with another woman, learn how to strip for him ladies. I can't see that advice catching on at Relate etc - can you? (Or maybe it has these days!)

I stripped in front of my wife, and she hit me with a chair-leg - made of chippendale.

Drama, starring Linda Hamilton, Jacqueline Bisset, Paolo Seganti and Peter


11am, Unabomber: The True Story, True Movies 2. Fact-based drama following the life of schizophrenic Ted Kaczynski, one of America's most prolific terrorists, notorious for a campaign of bombings between 1978 and 1995, and who threatened further violence unless his political manifesto was published. However, his own brother would prove instrumental in bringing the bomber to justice.

Starring Robert Hays, Dean Stockwell and Tobin Bell

(He remained at large for so long for 2 main reasons - he operated from the remote state of Montana. And secondly he opposed Technology and that was reflected by his actual bombs, so out of principle each one had to be entirely hand-crafted meaning that his campaigns were very periodic since each one took ages to make!)

12pm, Star Trek: The Doomsday Machine, CBS Action. The crew of the Enterprise encounter an enormous and seemingly indestructible mechanical machine on a mission of destruction, leaving only rubble where planets used to be! Kirk and the crew are sent to investigate, but soon find themselves on a collision course with the Doomsday Machine.

It first wrecks The Constellation (sister-ship of The Enterprise) and a roaming Enterprise crew and captain Kirk finds a shell-shocked commodore Decker aboard as the only survivor - who is clearly suffering from PTSD. Arguments rage later about his sanity.

Sci-fi adventure, starring William Shatner

9:20pm, Blackadder Goes Forth: Plan F - Goodbyeee, GOLD. Dopey Alan Johnson over a legal high which no-one had ever heard of, dopey David Davis over a terror law which never then became law, dopey Chris Grayling over a bed and breakfast in Cornwall - and dopey Michael Gove over this TV series.

Does anyone ever want to keep their Cabinet job these days?

Capt Blackadder tries every trick in the book to escape the trenches before the big push, including pretending to be insane.

Final episode of the comedy, guest starring Geoffrey Palmer, with Rowan Atkinson, Tony Robinson and Hugh Laurie

(With all the Orwellian to-ings and fro-ings about the merits of WWI post the Falklands War and the thoughts of chairman Ben Elton here, I simply say this - essentially it took 4 years to push the Germans back the length of Belgium - how many times could you merely walk back and forth across Belgium in that time? So hardly a blitzkrieg campaign - well in fact WW1 simply led to blitzkrieg later on didn't it?)

10pm Not Going Out: Therapy, Dave. UK Sitcom series. In this one, Lucy becomes a relationship counsellor, so Lee and his father take advantage of her new-found skills in an effort to patch things up between them. Can they finally forgive and forget?

Bobby Ball guest stars as Frank, with Lee Mack, Sally Bretton and Katy Wix

10pm, Stalker, Sky Living. Homicide detective Jack Larsen teams up with troubled-yet-knowledgeable detective Beth Davis - and together they encounter stalkers of every shape, size and age. All the while struggling to keep their own compulsions at bay.

Psychological thriller series, starring Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott

1am, Do No Harm, Watch. TV series with a Jeykyll and Hyde theme

1:25am, Lunacy, Film 4. A man plagued by horrific nightmares of going mad is travelling home from his mother's funeral when an aristocrat offers him a place to stay for the night. He is soon dragged into a disturbing ritual and faces being 'cured' of his dreams by being sent to an asylum where the patients' delusions are given free rein!

A satirical horror movie, testing two approaches to running an insane asylum - absolute freedom versus control and punishment - within the context of a world which combines the worst of both.

Starring Pavel Liska and Jan Triska.

In Czech with English subtitles

2:45am, Dangerous Edge: A Life of Graham Greene, Sky Arts 1. Documentary exploring how author Graham Greene's life drove him to attempt suicide, while inspiring him to produce classic novels including The Quiet American, Brighton Rock and The Third Man. The film weaves his novels into the story of his life, revealing his time as a British spy, the doubts he had about his Catholicism and the bouts of manic depression he suffered


1pm, Hit and Run, True Entertainment. Thought-provoking drama about a guilt-ridden motorist whose self-respect and sanity are gradually eroded as she struggles to cope with the consequences of her rash decision to flee the scene after causing a terrible accident.

Margaret Colin, Lisa Vidal, Drew Pillsbury and Paul Brewster star

1:55pm, The Professionals: A Man Called Quinn, ITV 4. (During the Cold War) a former agent regresses to a time when he was captured and brain-washed by the KGB into killing four of his colleagues. After escaping from a mental hospital, he sets out to resume his mission, leaving Bodie and Doyle with the task of trying to protect them.

Action drama, starring Martin Shaw and Lewis Collins

7:55pm, The Liberal Democrats - The Political Slot, Channel 4. Care Minister Norman Lamb talks about Liberal Democrat plans for improving mental-health services, as patients discuss their needs

8pm, Nightmare in Suburbia: In the Dead of the Night, Crime and Investigation channel. A look at the murder of 21-year-old Asperger's sufferer Shaun Rossington, who was fatally attacked in Lincoln in 2010. Five people were convicted of his murder after they made amateurish attempts to make it look like a road-accident to cover up the crime.

8pm, Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners, Channel 4

8pm, Quantum Leap: Jimmy: October 14th 1964, Syfy. In this one, Sam assumes the body of a man with learning difficulties who is struggling to live independently in the 1960's.

The premise of the series is rather complicated - so I'll explain it;

Sometimes God makes mistakes - really, well he does in this anyway.

(I'd have thought an obvious error was creating a world where not everyone is a Christian or is a different type of Christian such that people then kill each other over that), but anyway - when God sees that Sam can travel in Time, he uses Sam to put those past errors of God right - got that?

So the "all-powerful Almighty" - eh?

When Sam travels back on a mission, he takes over the body of someone relevant to the historical error, whilst that person is instantly transported forward in Time to Sam's office, and they wait there until swapping back with Sam.

(So the other people left in the previous Time period still see that person, but it is temporarily Sam really. We watching at home see Sam - the actor Scott Bakula - wearing that person's clothes)

Sam also has a hologram companion, whom the people in the Time period can't see either.

Even more patronising, you'd think that the tasks set by God would involve killing Hitler in say 1935 and hence averting The Holocaust etc - but it is usually something mundane like making a woman feel better who bought a dress in 1973 which was a size too big etc!

And they wonder why the churches are empty.

In later seasons, Sam sometimes switched places with a woman - meaning Scott Bakula had to dress in women's clothes to play the role! Note how the producers waited a few seasons before making him do that! He might have quit entirely if asking him early.

("Oh no - one of THESE missions again!" - Sam when seeing how he was dressed in those episodes on looking down and seeing a woman's outfit on him!)

God hates Fags - eh? Well except when he needs them to put right his errors that is.

10pm, Katherine Mills: Mind Games, Watch. The illusionist uses psychology to influence people in spectacular displays of apparent mind control

11.05pm, Mindhunters, Sony Movie Channel. A group a trainee psychological-profilers have to catch a killer in their midst


9am, The Book of Ruth, ABN TV (I'm not quite sure how you get this channel - Sky Digital?) A woman tells the heart-breaking story of how she was browbeaten, abused and neglected by her jealous, overbearing mother - until finally she was able to step out from her parent's shadow and gather the strength to live her life.

Made-for-TV drama offering touches of emotion amid the histrionics. Nicholle Tom, Andrew Jackson, Evan Jones and Christine Lahti star

3pm, Wycliffe: Crazy For You, ITV 3. A psychiatrist's wife meets with a particularly grisly end, providing Wycliffe with another challenge for his well-honed deductive powers - and establishing a motive proves harder than actually catching the killer.

Jack Shepherd stars as the dour detective

5:30pm, Leading Women, CNN. Profiling current influential women who have made it to the top in their fields. Leading Women connects you to extraordinary women of our time. Each month, we meet two women at the top of their field, exploring their careers, lives and ideas.

Watch online - Leading Women - CNN.com

8pm, Saving Hope, Watch. Totally far-fetched series. When the chief of surgery at a hospital falls into a coma, his fiancée and fellow surgeon takes up the challenge of running the hospital - with only the helpful intervention of his spirit to guide her and which others can't see or hear!

As I say for a whole series!

(Inspired by Dallas where someone dreamt a year of episodes?)

9pm, Enigma, BBC Four. World War Two drama, based on the bestseller by Robert Harris, following the efforts of Britain's Bletchley Park code-breakers as they search for the key to allow them to decipher messages encoded by Germany's Enigma machine.

A troubled mathematician recovering from a nervous breakdown strives to solve the riddle - but he's haunted by the suspicion that the woman he loves may be a traitor to the Allied cause.

Dougray Scott heads the cast, with Saffron Burrows as the object of his affections, and Kate Winslet as a mousey co-worker. Jeremy Northam, Tom Hollander and Matthew Macfadyen also appear.

(The story seems disjointed - I reckon that the original intended tale wasn't considered strong enough and so the Kate Winslett angle was tagged onto it)

"Within half a day or round about, they could decode them - they were reading ALL of our messages. We went to Doenitz (head of the German navy) about our suspicions, we said there must be something wrong, but he said he had spoken to the experts, there were millions upon millions of different combinations - it couldn't possibly be broken. Dah!"

A surviving U-Boat captain in the documentary Hitler's Lost Submarine, which is on the PBS America channel this week.

10pm, Donnie Darko, Syfy. A disturbed teenager finds himself thrown into confusion as he's plagued by visions of a sinister giant rabbit that forces him to commit wanton acts of destruction in the community. Excellent, inspired fantasy which packs an unexpected emotional punch and creates a stunning, dreamlike atmosphere.

Jake Gyllenhaal is simply brilliant in the lead, alongside real-life sister Maggie, plus Jena Malone, Daveigh Chase, Holmes Osborne and Mary McDonnell. Patrick Swayze, Drew Barrymore and Noah Wyle also appear

11.35pm, Obsessed, BBC 1. Movie (2009) - a happily married man has his life turned upside-down and inside out by a colleague who starts stalking him.

Christine Lahti, Ali Larter, Idris Elba and Beyoncé Knowles star in this thriller.

11:35pm, Quills, Sony Movie Channel. Chronicle of the notorious Marquis de Sade's final years as he struggles to have his salacious and scandalous works published from behind the walls of a Parisian lunatic asylum. Encouraged to write by a sympathetic priest, he enlists a maid's help to ensure the manuscripts are smuggled out - much to the displeasure of the king. But it's not long before a new doctor arrives with more radical ideas on treating the institution's most infamous inmate.

Wickedly good drama, starring Geoffrey Rush in an Oscar-nominated role, alongside Kate Winslet, Joaquin Phoenix, Michael Caine, Billie Whitelaw and Patrick Malahide

1am, Bones: The Devil in the Details, Sky Living. Offbeat crime drama series, starring Emily Deschanel as a forensic anthropologist who has an uncanny ability to find clues left in human bones, and uses her talent to solve gruesome murder cases

In this one, Brennan and Booth investigate the death of a schizophrenic who was found ablaze and disfigured on a church altar.


8:30am, Dr Sanjay Gupta, the CNN news channel. General health magazine show, often has mental health items

8pm, The Mrs Bradley Mysteries: Death at the Opera, Drama channel. The professional psychologist and amateur sleuth Adela Bradley is asked to give a lecture at her old school, but her visit takes an unexpected turn after a teacher is murdered during a production of the Mikado. When she and her chauffeur George investigate, they uncover a tangled web of skulduggery and secret affairs.

Detective drama, based on the novel by Gladys Mitchell, starring Diana Rigg, Neil Dudgeon, Peter Davison and David Tennant

10pm, Babylon, Channel 4. Satirical drama series mocking the relationship between West Indians and the police, or the lack of.
In this one, Warwick's psychological state reaches crisis point after the high-risk pursuit of a gang of armed robbers,

"Babylon" (a very early Human civilsation of course if not the earliest) is West Indian slang for the police, via an allusion.

From Wikipedia;

"Babylon - Jamaican, establishment systems, often applied to the police. Also used in Black English outside of Jamaica. Derived from the Rastafari movement which, in turn, relies upon a Babylon (New Testament) interpretation symbolising debauchery, corruption and evil-doing in general."

(I always thought that it was some West Indian corruption of "bobby" - but that shows what I know)

This satirical TV show should be funny - until every furniture shop in the country is set on fire etc - again.

12:20am, Supersize vs Superskinny, Channel 4.


10:50am, A Touch of Frost: Appropriate Adults - Part One, ITV 3. Part one of two. Jack tackles what promises to be the most sensitive and unenviable investigation of his career - deciding whether a man with Down's syndrome is capable of committing murder.

David Jason stars, with Bruce Alexander and Matthew Marsh.

(I can't see when Part 2 is on)

5pm, House: The Itch, Sky Atlantic. The team treats an agoraphobic who refuses to leave his home, so House and his colleagues are forced to take hospital equipment to his house - despite Cuddy's reservations.

9pm, Love & Other Drugs, E4. A cynical sales rep for a pharmaceutical company applies the charm he uses on his customers to the task of seducing a succession of women. He starts a purely sexual relationship with a waitress, who has Parkinson's disease and is even less interested in commitment than he is, only to find himself falling in love.

Romantic comedy drama, with Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway

9pm, George Cross Heroes: You're Nicked, Quest. James Beaton, who thwarted a plot to kidnap Princess Anne along The Mall in 1974 by the schizophrenic Ian Ball, who had somehow managed to get hold of a pistol from somewhere. He had planned to ransom her for a million quid and then give the money to The NHS.

9pm, Perception, Watch. Dr. Daniel Pierce is an eccentric neuroscientist with schizophrenia who helps FBI solve complex criminal cases.

Starring Eric McCormack and Rachael Leigh Cook

10pm, Murder of Innocence, True Movies 2. Emotional drama, starring Valerie Bertinelli as a woman whose descent into insanity is witnessed by her confused and alienated husband (Stephen Caffrey) as he battles the authorities to prove she is a danger to society.

With Megan Cavanagh

The next week;

Next Sunday night

11:30pm, Moon, BBC Two. Sam Bell, Lunar Industries sole Moon based employee is nearing the end of his three year contract. During his time there Sam has been responsible for rocketing helium-3 back to Earth with no communication with anyone but GERTY, a computer that attends to Sam's needs.

Just days before his return to Earth Sam is temporarily knocked unconscious during an accident involving a mechanical harvester. It is only when Sam returns to the harvester that he makes and unexpected discovery, which makes him temporarily question his sanity, his identity and his mission.

Sci-Fi thriller starring Sam Rockwell.
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G Mental health TV shows - Sat 5/12/2020 to Fri 11/12/2020 Mental Health Events 0
G Mental health TV shows - Sat 21/11/2020 to Fri 27/11/2020 Mental Health Events 1

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