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Mental Health Treatment?



Jan 26, 2010
I've had a long metal health history, it started at age 2 tho I've been having mental health treatment since I was 12. Some of the help I got was good or ok and quite a few were not so good. The drug therapy I've had since age 14 some helped with my sleeping but nothing much else. They just seem to get you on pills and push you aside. The last type of anti-psychotics I took that I was on before I was put back on Stelazine, were Olanzapine and I put on loads of weight. I have recently lost a few pounds or more but it'll take some time to get back to 9st (from 12 1/2 st). My mum wants me to go back on anti-psychotics and I don't incase I put on more weight, risk having heart problems and because they don't work. I don't see any point in taking them. When I was 14 and the doctor put me on anti-depressants, Prozac, for a while none seemed to work just make me worse until they gradually put me on stronger and stronger mgs, then it only helped the sleep problems. They tried me on them again at 16, 18 and 21, several different anti-depressants and none of them worked. All the anti-psychotics are the same and when I went on sleeping pills most didn't work and one worked for 3 or more years. I have 2 types of sleeping pills, Hydroxezine and Amitrip, the Hydroxezine was what I was taking from age 21 and for 3 years worked, now it only works when I've had a few drinks first and Amitrip works the best. If I have a few drinks before Amitrip they may not work. I don't get it, recently this duty nurse diagnosed me with a paranoid psychosis and the last psychiatrist said I had a mental impairment and that's why I don't respond to drugs. He said I couldn't ever be treated, that I had chronic anxiety, chronic depression and neurosis?


Well-known member
Oct 20, 2009

I am sorry to say that meds dont work for every one, and for some conditions there are no meds at all realy...

I can see with you diagnosis that it is hard for you, and somtimes it will be very hard ....

.... I hope you can get some help here ...

... boB ...... :flowers:

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