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mad as a hatter

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Jul 23, 2008
i don,t get them they never believe how ur feelin i,ve spent last few wks in hospital and i had nurses and bloody doctors making me feel guilty cause i felt suicidal and didn,t wanna live ne more kept gettin hit with what about ur family how will they feel as if i didn,t feel bad and guilty enough without them puttin it down my throat all time i got laughed at by nurses telling me i wasn,t feeling like this i,d never do it that,s after a fairly big overdose ended up in hospital overnite with drip in my hand i kept trying escape ward all time 2 kill myself i feel so bad inside what,s the point yet they let me out hospital there trying say i got impulsive behaviour but they can,t treat that but i know there using this as an excuse if ne thing happens cause my family threatened 2 sue them twice cause way they treated me if they done there job properly i,d never been out ward 2 tk overdose in 1st place they let a suicidal person walk out ward and they knew but didn,t believe what i was sayin yet night before i tried 2 harm myself and had a few nurses round me tryin stop me leavin ward yet nxt day i was allowed on time out but at end day i put my hands up my fault i took od but they should help me with it there just a joke there runnin scared that somethin will happen and way i,m feelin it will and they get sued i,m vettin my anger and i,m upset cause they called me attention seekin and that,s a joke as i,d never been in hospital for yrs i had been fairly well so they got no case i better stop i,ll be here all nite sorry it,s so long by the way i,ve still got bipolor there not disputin that least that,s somethin eh


Oct 3, 2008
let me tell you something.if you have a psychiatrist/therapist, or similar. the therapist doesnt choose you, you choose the therapist. the first few i never got on with, never connected. they were FAKING emotion, faking sympathy,how dare they,i can sense it! one of them was a religious man, a good man but religious nonetheless and whenever he would mention anything like god i would shut down totally.now i have a therapist who i can relate to and who i feel can relate to me, we get on well and because of that i can actually tell him things and he believes me. give it time my friend!

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