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Mental Health Relapse



New member
Jan 2, 2017
Hi everyone,

I was hoping to get your thoughts on an experience I've had this weekend.

I am someone who has struggled with mental health issues for a long time, I suffered from emotional abuse as a child from my Father but this has never been addressed. My family brush everything under the carpet and I've struggled with anxiety and depression as a result of it all.

A few years ago I had a breakdown and have spent the past three years working hard on myself and to be honest have done a really good job. On paper I have a 'normal life' good job, great friends, happy relationship. The one final thing I need to conquer is my relationship with alcohol. I haven't drank since November and had been feeling really good for it, however I went out with some friends on Friday and got paralytic. I was a state by my own admission and when my husband came to collect me I was hysterical, crying screaming shouting at him. Now I know this is totally unacceptable and I apologised profusely. But I feel like my husbands reaction was terrible. He wouldn't speak to me for hours and when he finally did told me I was a state, told me I was a mess for staying in bed all day hungover and why hadn't I bothered tidying up our home, kept saying what an embarrassment I was and that I needed to get help because I wasn't normal. I just feel like he put me through a really horrible time as like a punishment and I don't think I deserved it. I know I was embarrassing and probably awful but it was an isolated incident and I feel like my husband isn't treating me very kindly.

What does everyone think?

Ramson mash

Well-known member
Feb 1, 2019
Im trying to see it from his point of view. It reminds me of my dad who was really disapointed in me for asking him to lend me money. He stopped speaking to me and said i was interfering with his life. Dont be dissapointed in yourself you've done the hardest bit, stayed sober for this long and seen the benefits. Relapses happen and no one feels good about it afterwards. Goodluck and stay strong.