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Mental health news this week



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May 8, 2008
Mental health news this week

McLaughlin & Harvey, lead contractor at the Alexander Stadium Redevelopment, has announced a second round of the You Matter Communities scheme – with a focus on tacking the local impact of COVID-19. The scheme, open to all Birmingham-based community organisations, offers support to local communities, such as volunteer time, small grants, and the use of excess materials from the construction process.

More - www.birmingham.gov.uk/news/article/796/alexander_stadium_contractor_announces_second_round_of_you_matter_communities_scheme

United Nations - Department of Economic and Social Affairs Disability - Mental Health and Development - www.un.org/development/desa/disabilities/issues/mental-health-and-development.html

Heal Hub is a programme designed for 14 to 25 year olds in the West Midlands struggling to cope with life re lockdown - Healhub

Mind Allies started with a thought that stemmed from experience. Experience that there was a lack of help for people suffering from depression, anxiety or considering suicide. A thought that the help that did exist could be more effective, more accessible, and offer more understanding and support. And so Mind Allies was born - www.mindallies.co.uk

Wigan woman killed herself after mental health worsened in lockdown, inquest hears - www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/feb/25/woman-killed-herself-after-mental-health-worsened-in-lockdown-inquest-hears

Trends in suicide during the covid-19 pandemic - www.bmj.com/content/371/bmj.m4352

Mind Management For You. Coping mechanisms : February 2021 - Coping mechanisms - February 2021

Sheila McMahon : Feeling Stressed?

As lockdown continues on, some people are feeling fed up, stressed and overwhelmed. If this is you and you haven’t tried it already, then this Therapeutic Guided Meditation may help. It has certainly kept me going, along with many others too.

Please watch this 2 minute video which explains how it works - www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mtxl5WmRZA

It's just £7.99 and for every copy purchased, another copy is gifted to an NHS or frontline worker. You can purchase a copy from my website link - www.mindmanagementforyou.com/store/Meditation-c79984128

Please spread the word as we continue to help each other.

From my local Trust;

NHS England – NHS expands mental health support for staff after toughest year in health service history - www.england.nhs.uk/2021/02/nhs-expands-mental-health-support-for-staff-after-toughest-year-in-health-service-history/

Centre for Mental Health – Mental health and housing - www.centreformentalhealth.org.uk/publications/mental-health-and-housing

Mental Health Today – What’s up with everyone? Helping young people with their mental health - www.mentalhealthtoday.co.uk/news/young-people/what-s-up-with-everyone-helping-young-people-with-their-mental-health

Mental Health Today – BBC launches mental health initiative to prompt people to seek help - www.mentalhealthtoday.co.uk/news/awareness/bbc-launches-mental-health-initiative-to-prompt-people-to-seek-help

Mental Health Today – Bringing victims of domestic abuse into the light during lockdown - www.mentalhealthtoday.co.uk/news/parental-mental-health/bringing-victims-of-domestic-abuse-into-the-light-during-lockdown

The Guardian – About 7% of UK children have attempted suicide by age of 17 – study - www.theguardian.com/society/2021/feb/21/uk-17-year-olds-mental-health-crisis

The Guardian – NHS sees surge in referrals for eating disorders among under-18s during Covid - www.theguardian.com/society/2021/feb/20/covid-eating-disorder-referrals-rise-under-18s

The Guardian – ‘I could physically feel the germs on me’: how Covid is a double-edged sword for those with OCD - www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/feb/21/i-could-physically-feel-the-germs-on-me-how-covid-is-a-double-edged-sword-for-those-with-ocd

NHS Confederation – Working together to improve patient care: how PCNs are working in partnership to support people’s mental health - www.nhsconfed.org/resources/2021/02/mhn-pcn-briefing-working-together-to-improve-patient-care

Mental Health Today – Black and Asian mothers require tailored postpartum psychosis support, says charity - www.mentalhealthtoday.co.uk/news/parental-mental-health/black-and-asian-mothers-require-tailored-postpartum-psychosis-support-says-charity

Mental Health Today – Online resource launched to support the mental wellbeing of the self-employed - www.mentalhealthtoday.co.uk/news/workplace-mental-health/online-resource-launched-to-support-the-mental-wellbeing-of-the-self-employed

NHS Networks – The role of leaders in reducing mental health stigma and creating mentally healthy cultures - https://cdn.mentalhealthatwork.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/02114357/BMA-Stigma-Resource-.pdf

Kings Fund – Covid-19 recovery and resilience: what can health and care learn from other disasters? - Covid-19 recovery and resilience: what can health and care learn from other disasters?

NHS Networks – Engaging men earlier: a guide to service design - www.samaritans.org/about-samaritans/research-policy/middle-aged-men-suicide/engaging-men-earlier/

The Guardian – ‘Pandemic burnout’ on rise as the latest Covid lockdowns take toll - www.theguardian.com/society/2021/feb/05/pandemic-burnout-rise-uk-latest-covid-lockdowns-take-toll

Mental Health Today – Schizophrenia found to be second only to age as a risk factor for Covid-19 - www.mentalhealthtoday.co.uk/news/mental-health-disorders/schizophrenia-found-to-be-second-only-to-age-as-a-risk-factor-for-covid-19