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Mental health news this week



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Mental health news this week

The Heera Foundation has been networking with existing organisations which support and guide communities and individuals on mental health issues - https://www.theheerafoundation.co.uk/

Sikh Your Mind - bridging the gap between culture, religion, spirituality and psychology. We hope to share information, guidance and other resources about mental health issues which may be affecting the Punjabi Sikh community - Sikhyourmind.com - Mental Health Awareness

The Jet Singh Trust (Sikh) was created to inspire and encourage people in coming together to improve their physical, mental and social health as well as to fundraise for great causes - Jet Singh Trust

Mind Management Newsletter August 2020 - theme of Staycations - Staycations - Mind Management August 2020

Mind Management Newsletter - September 2020 - theme of Laughter - Laughter - Mind Management September 2020

National Survivor User Network (NSUN) weekly bulletin - Tuesday 1st September 2020 - NSUN Bulletin Tuesday 1st September

National Survivor User Network (NSUN) weekly bulletin - Monday 7th September 2020 - NSUN Bulletin Monday 7th September

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National Survivor User Network (NSUN) weekly bulletin - Monday 21st September 2020 - NSUN Bulletin Monday 21st September

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National Survivor User Network (NSUN) newsletter - Monday 5th October 2020 - https://sna.etapestry.com/prod/view...personaRef=9829.0.1810364&memberId=1353881160

National Survivor User Network (NSUN) newsletter - Monday 12th October 2020 - https://sna.etapestry.com/prod/view...personaRef=9829.0.1810364&memberId=1353881160

National Survivor User Network (NSUN) weekly bulletin - Monday 19th October 2020 - https://sna.etapestry.com/prod/view...personaRef=9829.0.1810364&memberId=1353881160

Jadstone September 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to the September Newsletter. I hope, for some that some kind of normality is resuming after the enforced lockdown and uncertainty we have had over the past six months. I am still holding my monthly meeting in WhatsApp chat. I will consider changing this to a physical presence in a physical location when clarity is clearer on all gatherings, some-time soon. My Digital Business card is live - https://gopaperless.eu/jemmastone

To announce, our next meeting will be on Saturday 19th September 2020. Change of day due to work commitments but hopefully a Saturday is better for people to join us. Assist Angels is now assisting people with their cleaning and decluttering of houses on Thursdays and Fridays. Get in touch if you need this doing or have this experience as we may need extra Assist Angels on board to deliver these services. DBS essential, masks to be worn and cleanliness crucial at all times, carrying out your work in isolation. Previous experience is necessary. This is in addition to the typing & coaching.

We are recruiting now - We are recruiting Angels to do our work. Get in touch if you are a free-lance well-being practitioner. If you are trained in Reiki Healing, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, please call.

Future Announcements - Our clients, our associates and our friends are looking forward to all the announcements regarding the app, books, new projects, client success, websites, brochure, direction plan linked to all the companies associated with – Brand Name - Jemma Stone. Exciting times lie ahead and more importantly, we will be able to reach out and help more and more people. Assist Angels promotes itself as first port of call. These are all the related companies and business names connected to Jemma Stone.

Availability - Always here on mobile 07400 076 664 and land line 01299 489726. Our Assist Angels Service is contactable 24/7/365. You can always reach me by text/call. Only use if urgent to talk, when it can’t wait, to make a call. Wifi is switched on for connection using social media (WhatsApp and Facebook messenger) from 9am-11pm to connect and take bookings. You can contact this service to arrange a convenient time to talk.

Messages on messenger and WhatsApp are viewed though not always actioned immediately especially between the hours of 11pm and 9am. Between 9am and 11pm7 days a week. Between these times, it is more likely that your calls/messages will be answered. WIFI is often In these times.

Monthly Meetings - meetings are held monthly in this WhatsApp chat group, on a Saturday, once a month from 11am – 1pm with time for networking and catch up connection chats by telephone until 3pm. https://chat.whatsapp.com/KgawdzFwVo07Jg81eTZwOC

Share with your friends to make this service widely available locally, nationally and globally. We are looking for Assist Angels to join us making referrals to them and carrying out our/their work with clients who need us. We are looking for other people to take on the role of an Assist Angel, assisting others on the journey of well-being and recovery, supporting people with coaching, financial support, owning small businesses, selling products, giving encouragement, raising self-esteem and instilling confidence.

Calling all Assist Angels – Recruiting now – free-lance, self-employed, Directors

App - Progress has been made regarding the app - we are building on a pc first to be available to be accessed by website jadstone.co.uk. Then we will upload on Google play store

Contact Jemma Stone (BA Hons) with Qualified Teacher Status - 2000
07400 076 664 +44 England UK

The meeting has started from 11am - 1pm then until 3pm for continued discussions and networking.

The websites are live, up and running www.jemmastone.org

The app will signpost to the most popular phone numbers to call if you are experiencing an emergency, non-emergency, domestic abuse, suicidal thoughts, mental health disorders, illness or just need a general uplifting, upbeat chat.

The direct contact will always be Assist Angels - Jemma Stone for coaching, transformational help and energy shifting.

Encouragement, support and signposting. We are hoping to direct the existing websites to jemmastone.org and deloragreen.org.uk
gogetyourdreams.co.uk justdogoget.co.uk and jadstone.co.uk will be the host to the new signposting and support app - Assist Angels. The blueprint is done. The development has begun and I / we hope to have it live by mid-September and launched fully by the end of September. Ready to roll out from 1st October. Available first on PC then, an App.

WhatsApp Groups - Join our Team21Infinity group - https://chat.whatsapp.com/Cfz6KSS5voDJqHCgz6K4yP

To advertise your own business and service or product that you offer. We are a team of 12 building to 21 and when we reach 21, we will be growing to infinity and beyond.

Quaterly Newsletter - I am now ready to bring myself to arranged speaking events and meetings although social distancing must be adhered to and the use of hand wash antibacterial wipes will be ever present. I will also be wearing my bandana - face covering. I expect others will do so in the interests of everyone. You can arrange non-contact, social distanced consultations by phoning the main number and speaking to the Director, Owner.

New Book: Lost and Found: Near or Far - My latest fiction book Lost and Found is now complete. It is waiting to have its finishing touches done. It will be available in e-book version. It will then go to print, available in black and white first then colour. Two publishing companies have staked an interest on a publishing deal. This month, I am going to do something I wouldn’t normally do but because I feel it would be great for you to read, I am sharing the first 35 pages. This is also available for £5 fee in print.

Read at your own leisure. I have attached it with this email.
I am gifting this first 35 pages for free. It can be read on kindle. The full version will be available by the end of September 2020, available on all platforms and in paperback format too. Send me an email [email protected] for all inquiries.

Jem Stone Publications - I have completed another poetry book written by a friend of mine, Philip Hill who is a member of the Assist Angel Team. His previous book 'The end of a rainbow' has already been printed and we have now gone and got that book published with an ISBN number available in e-book and it will be available in print, to buy in bookstores to order on the high street and on-line. I have 25 copies. I will post out for £8 including postage and packing. There are more copies in stock with the Author, who will sign a copy for £12 with p&p

‘The Heroine – ‘This is his new book. Being converted into pdf and will be available at first to purchase on e-book/kindle then in print with ISBN number in coming months.

Take a look at his websites philhillpoetry.co.uk and philhillpoetry.com. where you will also find his other books.

If you are interested in writing and sharing poems, join our poetry group ‘The Mavericks’ - www.facebook.com/groups/935431996913656

My existing Book – Living In A Bubble - available on Amazon - www.amazon.co.uk/Delora-Green/e/B00JVVS8IU

There is a reduction in cost of this and free delivery with Amazon - £16.16 instead of £18.95

For those of you who haven't read my new book yet, make sure to do so. It will inspire you onto greater things. Go to my website and follow the links on there to find out more. deloragreen.org.uk You can check out my other writings here - www.prosynchronization.in/blog/

The first few chapters of my up coming new novel ‘Ground Zero’ From Corporate to The Valley of Dreams’ can be found by signing up to this platform. I have also written a poem, which is uploaded there. ‘Making Lemonade with Lemons.’ Lost and Found will be available to purchase on there for £5 for e-book (Kindle), and you can access the first 35 pages for £1. Follow the link on there and make sure to sign up using name and email. Share with your friends to spread the word about this new platform.

Sales of Skincare and Make-up - We will be having a pamper party for four days where you can purchase skincare products over the bank holiday weekend until 3rd Sept. Using this link. Starts Saturday 29th August - www.tropicskincare.co.uk/shop/jemmastone/party/W2625426

I hosted an online pamper party on Saturday. Using this link, you can order products from Saturday 29th August through to Wednesday 3rd September. Whilst the link is becoming live, take a look at my website. http://tropicskincare.com/jemmastone

You can order at any time your tropic skincare and make products using this link and even have the products delivered to your own address. Make sure to use the e-pamper link supplied.

As you already know, Jem Stone Publications is a new venture, which has been working successfully for over four months now. Starting by typing, proofreading people's documents - stories, autobiographies, poems to now being able to produce a pdf for e-book/kindle and obtaining an ISBN number for local printing. Front cover designs too.

Jemma has also helped with the editing and proofreading of this book, ‘A Vile Virus in Bodiwell’ written by Joan Blaney to accompany her other health related books in the Bodiwell series. More information can be retrieved by going to the website. I have 25 copies of her book to sell. £5 inclusive of postage and packing. https://bodiwellbooks.co.uk You can like the page on Facebook

Another Writer Gordon Parsons has shared his story. ‘The Prosperous Patient and had printed some copies with our local Printer. We have the perfect set up. Typing for hand-written submissions, proofreading for existing stories, obtainment of ISBN numbers for wholesale, marketing and promotion – sales and localised printing with front cover design and PDF creation. Work with us and we can get your story into print. An E-book version will be available on the platform mentioned before so make sure to sign up for updates as his story will be available to download for £ 5 along with Philip’s book of poetry for £5.

Taking care of all signposting and support service - JEMMA STONE: 07400 076 664 +44 will still be the first port of call number for any general enquiries. A free text to this number ASSIST ANGELS will start our connection.

When the app is ready, it will be recommended as your source of information that will navigate you to charities, organisations that will assist you in your particular dilemma. If you just want a chat, then my number is the one to call. We can talk about your goals and how you are going to achieve them. The work is down to you but I am always your guide. Let us connect, to establish assistance.

Of course, my books will help. I suggest you familiarise yourselves with those and take note of the stories embedded in the trilogy. The third book is going to be written from the point of conclusion - 1st September and will be realised a chapter at a time until the book is finished. It will then be available in print. Each chapter will sell for £3 and will first of all be available on the pro-synchronisation.

Coaching and Mentoring - For longer term connection and a much more in-depth support package, I am charging these charges. Anyone else doing this kind of work must have referrals from me. I am safeguarding my clients, team members as much as I possibly can. Do not carry out Assist Angel work on behalf of Jemma Stone unless I have contacted you first and requested your support to help someone who has contacted me. Of course, carry on carrying out your own work in your own name and charging your own prices but not as an Assist Angel. If you are an established Practitioner then continue to practise within under you own name. If you want me to refer suitable clients to you, then contact me.

My Service will: Remove psychological blockages, deal with trauma, shapeshift energy, transform your life and being, healing yourself from within with my support.

£25 Connection/Message Fee
£50 Next Session - 1 Hour
£100 - £10 deposit - 2 Hours
£500 - £50 deposit - 3 Hours
£1000 - £100 Deposit - 4 Hours
£5000 - £500 Deposit - 5 Hours

Book an Appointment - The initial messages to establish a connection are free. At the point of enquiry, we are just establishing whether my work will work for you or not. It is always your choice and I make my prices clear right from the start. Recommendation of the App is free and free to use if you have internet access. A brochure will be produced to use as an alternative and the service will be available on the website jadstone.co.uk Referrals by recommendation are by far the better trusted way of connecting. Every case different.

If the App works for you then you can use without extra cost. Also, my books, once purchased will aid you in your transformation to lead a better life and be a better version of yourself having a better relationship with people and work colleagues around you, connecting with your own true, authentic self. If you need further assistance from me and you agree to the fees, then I am always here, at your service. Clients will come to me and be referred if I feel that a better person in my team of Assist Angels is more suitable to do the work, then I will appoint and ask for their Assistance. Please get in touch if you would like to be considered to be an Assist Angel and outline the work that you do. If I approve, then I will contact you if such a need arises. You will be an approved Assist Angel, assisting others with the talent, skills, mindset, training, experience that you have. You will work in connection with me and in trusted faith and belief. Together we will help the individuals who will be contacting our service.

Get in touch now. How can you help others? My work is done when I see progress in my client, shifting their energies from a far through telephone communication, or safe, face to face, so that they can do the work on themselves to see – out their vision then live out a better life. Turning goals and dreams into realities is my speciality. Living the dream and changing the mindset. jemmastone.org Go Get Your Dreams - Just Do Ltd. Keeping positive even in the most adverse times. Changing emotional state to achieve.

Calling all Angels this service will give you the green light - go ahead to do the work similar to the work I do. You may be a Coach, Mentor, Financial Advisor, Card Reader, Clairvoyant, Counsellor - must have the relevant training and certificate to show. You may be an Independent Psychologist, Psychiatrist, had life experience of Mental Health and Well-being in addition to understanding and being trained is vital. Everyone needs a personal trainer. So, have you experience of that? If you are an independent CBT Practitioner, Occupational Therapist, Hypnotist, I want to hear from you. Certificates need to be held and recent relevant training completed. I am looking for Assist Angels to join me in your quest. Safeguarding is my top priority and all work is done in the strictest of confidence. All conversations are over the phone and no video calls at a time convenient to both of us. A client centred approach to healing. A forward-thinking initiative.

Don't forget that I am around and waiting to take specific business involvement calls. If you want to become an Approved Assist Angel, get in touch. Our lines are open on this number 07400 076 664 Text ASSIST ANGELS for a call back. Free of charge initially.

Any additional ideas, please add throughout the week/next few months in this chat or in a brief phone call. My next newsletter will be due out 1st September. I will be using the information from this meeting to summarise. The next update will be January 2021.

Jadanne – Singer/Songwriter - My hobby is to sing and I have completed an album, available to listen to on spotify
. Our team are ready to film and produce more music and albums.

On youtube
On itunes https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/jadanne/1176469059
On Twitter Take a look at Jemma Stone - Delora Green - Jadanne X (@Jadanne14): https://twitter.com/Jadanne14?s=09
On Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jadannedelora
On facebook https://www.facebook.com/singerjadanne/
https://www.facebook.com/Intrigued-Music-Words-154944294551985/ please get in touch if you want to get involved with production.

To conclude, two members of our Team have completed or are still completing their Studies in Mental Health Level 2. Training is available for those who become an Assist Angels through the company, free of charge, with The Skills Network. Contact me for further information on how you can complete additional training to assist you with your work. Register your details with Assist Angels [email protected]

I am also looking for Tropic Angels, Forever Angels and Revital U Angels as well as Assist Angels to assist us in making lives better for people.

Here are all the related website shop links.

FOREVER LIVING - http://jemmastone.foreverlivingsite.com/
TROPIC - https://tropicskincare.com/jemmastone
AVON - The Avon shop link is www.valsbeautystore.co.uk

The brochure link is Campaign 11 - https://www.avon.uk.com/onlinecatal...hpV-2DX2fw4c1mDi4gZyiD-SvQd2BE=&source=on-imb

REVITAL U - https://revitalu.co.uk/jemmastonerevitalu

If you are interested in being a REP for selling,trying and promoting skincare products, make up or nutrition, get in touch. There are WhatsApp groups you can join for all three companies. All different and established. Choose from one or two of the three. Like our Facebook Pages.

https://www.facebook.com/tropicbusinessshower and https://www.facebook.com/gogetyourdreamsjustdo
Forever https://chat.whatsapp.com/C8AzU9B8Ye2KkeE5WU1ARi on Whatsapp
Tropic https://chat.whatsapp.com/FhcvrCjSUSUGxBtyVKBT3F on Whatsapp
Revital U https://www.facebook.com/revitalucoffeeandsweetdreamscbdoil USA, UK and Canada https://chat.whatsapp.com/KK18HrZTPxTCpoJWFMjpwP on Whatsapp

Usborne Books are also selling from the vessel of Delora’s Retreat Boutique.


Like my Facebook Page. And the community group I have set up keeping members motivated and encouraged.

I will finalise with a farewell. Thank you for you continued support and belief. It has been a long journey but constantly evolving and that's what makes a leader, leaders, organisation, develop, move forwards and create the dream to be lived.

Dates of Next Meetings

September 2020 - 19th Saturday
October 2020 – 24th Saturday
November 2020 – 21st Saturday
December 2020 – 19th - Saturday
January 2021 – 23rd Saturday
February 2021 – 27th Saturday
March 2021 – 27th Saturday
April 2021 – 24th Saturday
May 2021- 27th Saturday
June 2021 – 26th Saturday
July 2021 – 24th Saturday

Proposed Date of App Completion. 30th September 2020 – APP Launch 1st October 2020
Proposed Date for completion of Direction Plan since 2005 – 15th September
Proposed Date for completion of Brochure - 21st September

Best Wishes

Jemma Stone

From my local Trust;

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