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Mental health news this week



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May 8, 2008
Mental health news this week

Sorry I've fallen behind a bit with these.

National Relaxation Day was an annual event on 15 August - National Relaxation Day - Wikipedia

Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies. COVID 19 Response - We know that this is an unsettling time for us all and the country is being asked to change behaviour on a scale not seen in our lifetimes. Like us, many of you will no doubt be worried about protecting and caring for loved ones, yourselves and the community. In line with government guidelines we have taken the difficult decision for BCAT to postpone all face to face therapy sessions and workshops for the time being - www.bcat.info

Focus - June 2020 Mind Management Newsletter - Focus - Mind Management June 2020

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Jadtone - August 2020 Newsletter and Update

Text ‘Assist Angels’ – to Mobile Contact 07400 076 664 - a response will be given within the hour between the hours of 9am and 9pm, 7 days a week. Out of hours are available too, although response is not as immediate. On all accounts, a response will be given - Be Patient. Use this number for non-urgent or non-immediate assistance. Only text if you need voice support or signposting. If in any danger, life-threatening, or in any emergency, dial 999 or 101 to report a crime. Dial 111 for all nhs medical assistance and advice. Dial 119 for all Covid19 enquiries, if symptoms of Covid19 are being had. A test can be given at a local test centre. Notify anyone you have been in contact with.

Introduction – www.jemmastone.org – first port of call – take action. There has never been a stranger time than this, times we have never lived before, and a different way of living has taken hold. It is with my utmost encouragement, dedication and perseverance throughout all of this pandemic, that I give you this information in this August Newsletter. I am working out of hours, around the clock, tirelessly to be available to assist people in their hour of need. It has been a dream and a drive of mine for over a decade.

I’m sending the newsletter out by email, and will make available privately and publicly to all I have known over the years, those who I have connected to and worked with. I will also send out this information in my WhatsApp groups: Assist Angels Team and TeamInfinity21. Text on the above number, to request a link. I will also share as a file on all Social Media platforms. It is my intention to reach out to as many people as possible in orchestration.

My request is simple: That we all connect, stay in touch, work together, supporting each other and our clients, the citizens, the general-public, by signposting and making referrals, pointing out places of support for people who are struggling with this whole episode, of the Corona Virus Pandemic and continued staged lockdown, suggesting ways of how to deal with life during these unprecedented times and how to deal with the after-effects. For the greater-good. For the higher-self. For the general-public, an alternative way of connecting, the traditional way. Stay positive, keep safe, socially distance yourself respectfully of others, and carry on as we mean to carry on, in an ever-changing society, we survive.

There have been so many changes and so much going on that it has taken a month to compile this newsletter, and I’m glad I waited to release later, as I have so much to say, as vitally important developments are taking place, daily. It is important that we take one day at a time and that we stay focussed, alert to the changes and sensible in our approach to taking care of ourselves and protecting others. On the 31st July 2020, it was announced by the Government on the BBC www.bbc.co.uk that restrictions within lockdown will not be lifted until 15th August. It is clear that we should adhere to these compulsory rules, wearing a face covering wherever you go and keeping a respectful social distance from others, washing your hands, using anti-bacterial wipes and hand-sanitizing. I am so pleased to announce a new app will be available soon, and is currently in development, followed by a digital and hard-copy brochure and in the future, a Full Business Direction Plan. All documents are in the initial draft stage. We want to avoid the situation getting any worse.

Developments – Monthly Meetings. Our meetings take place on the 4th Friday of every month, at 10.30am for welcome and introductions, followed by an 11am start, announcing Agenda, Apologies and Advancements. We finish at 1pm then from then, until 3pm, we use this time for open discussion, for networking and contributions. Comments can be made in the group anytime. Our next Meeting is on Friday 28th August, followed by meetings on Friday 25th September, 23rd October, 27th November and 25th December 2020.

Moving into 2021, here are the dates of our meetings. Friday 29th January, Friday 26th February, Friday 26th March. We celebrate 16 years in business on Thursday 1st April 2021 and will be having a get together, bringing together our Team21Infinity members, and Assist Angels, if allowed. We will connect virtually, if not. I will keep everyone updated and informed about future developments, in the September and January Newsletter Update. Our April 2021 meeting will be on Friday 23rd. Ready to tackle the future. Head on. Robust.

Everything has carried on within the companies I run and we have continued to conduct our meetings from home. With me leading the chats and welcoming of others to contribute and share their work, we have used WhatsApp to update our Team Members who we aptly call our ‘Assist Angels,’ who take on a caring role, in their own right, helping to educate others on Financial, Health, Business Matters. Certainly, we will continue using this method until at least our September meeting. We are asking that our members make referrals.

The logo for the app has been designed and branded in blue and black. The logo in black will be solely used for Jem Stone Publications and the logo in blue will be used separately for the app. The logo and brand name Jemma Stone will be marketed and promoted widely and the vision is to become the place to go to. This will be available widely and downloadable free of charge on googleplay and iphone apple.

I want you to know that I am here, supporting everyone, as a guide, helping to draw the chords together. I expect the same in return, so we can all signpost to each other and have a free flow of connection for the benefit of all our clients, those people who will use the service. The intention is to work together with an aim to help with the recovery stage of the situation we are currently faced with, giving people the confidence to reach out to all of us. Our focus is going to be helping educate children, the vulnerable, the homeless, the elderly, young people and adults with a mental health condition or who have been struggling with their mental health to help prevent suicides, long term depression including postnatal and work-related stress. We are providing an app that will help them to navigate around the various websites offering support, with contact numbers.

In addition to everything else I do, Jem Stone Publications has been set up within the last few months, typing up people’s poetry and stories, ready for print. Eulogies can be written to celebrate lives, to leave as legacies in families, including life stories. It has been a new journey I have embarked upon whilst we are all in Lockdown, where restrictions in some areas are still in place. I work from home using the laptop and telephone. At your Service.

Update – jemmastone.org – the new website that joins the dots. A Director of four companies - Jemma Stone – BA (Hons) with QTS (2000), Teacher, Singer, Writer, Mentor, Coach, Network Marketeer, Relationship Builder, Friend and Professional.

Go Get Your Dreams – Just Do Ltd (Tropic Skincare, Forever Living, Revital U, Usborne Books)

Jadstone Education and Direction 2005 Ltd (Tutoring, Mentoring, Music Theory, Signposting)

Intrigued Music & Words Ltd (Poetry, Journals, Novels, Albums, Music Production)

Assist Angels Ltd (Coaching, Typing, Proofreading, Scribing, Printing, Publishing)

Having ran all businesses for over two years, since November 2017, building upon the strands of the very first Soul-Trader Business, Jadstone Creative Learning, which began in April 2005, the ideas of the last fifteen years have been combined, offering a versatile, flexible, tailored service. My aim is to network with people, connect our resources and unite us so that we can provide a seamless service that connects us all together, to help.

Jemma Stone – is on the phone - mobile 07400 076 664 or land line 01299 489726 – +44 if you are calling from outside of the UK. We are based in Worcestershire, on the boarders of the Shropshire Hills in England.
Limited credit? Request a call back. Simply, text/call and ask for the text/call back service. No initial charges are applied. An enquiry is free. On-going connection fees apply and Packages are available at affordable fees to cover time, spent coaching. Messenger and WhatsApp are free to call. Bookings must be made first. Please text ASSIST ANGELS and you are connected. The work we do, will start from there. Briefly describe your issues/problems. When you send us the initial text ASSIST ANGELS, we will either assist you personally or signpost you to some other person or organization that will assist you further. There is no obligation to call/text again. The initial contact and support is free of charge. You decide to book again. The aim is for the service to be available to everyone, in support.

Also, contactable on WhatsApp & Facebook messenger. For full details, go here. My new digital business card Go Paperless
The company I used to build this digital business card, whose patron is Sir David Attenborough, will plant a tree for each member. We are doing our bit for the planet, saving rainforests. Eco-friendly and considerate to the environment, in this digital age.

A Simple Request: Call to action – joining the dots, holding hands and working together, during these unprecedented times. It is crucial that we do this. It is important we stay safe, physically distanced, socially connected, even if virtual for now and stay alert to the changes and adaptions to everyday life. I am requesting that all who work in Social Care, NHS, Government, The Care Sector, Health Watch, Education, Private and Public Services do so, by doing joint-linking, shared working and signposting to each other, collaborating and connecting, linking together to help the nation. This is not said to take credit myself but for all of us to act. Now. We, Assist Angels specialize in signposting and making referrals to specialized care professionals including individuals, charities and organizations, set up to support people exposed to domestic abuse, those who are contemplating suicide, or experiencing deterioration in their Mental Health. We are wanting to work alongside business people, business coaches, those who use reiki healing, hypnotherapy and other holistic treatments who can guide, support and help clients to gain in confidence, deal respectively with illness, help with recognized trauma, setting up people in business, network marketing with others, or building relationships. We are here to help, support, encourage, motivate and to find a solution. We want to share our talents with leading practitioners, professionals, experts, scientists, guides, psychologists, doctors, nurses, and care-workers. Our emphasis is placed on the patient, client, citizen as being at the central core. We are a person-centered business with a personal touch approach. Each client is treated fairly, with respect and every situation is different. We are here to listen and guide.

MISSION STATEMENT - We focus on bettering and changing the lives of people from aged 18 – 122. Children below the age of 18 are the responsibility of adults who are parents or their Carers. By showing people a better way to live with respect, protection and gratitude, we believe that talking openly with respect to the rights of the individual, voicing their concerns, is a way forward to changing one’s outlook on life and the recommendation of a new direction, or another way to look at things from a different perspective. This is key to our work, assisting. We are assisting in people’s support bubbles in home environments that is safe, cleanliness, with strict adherence to the government rules on restrictive limits.

On a wider scale, by encouraging positive outcomes, we help to create new self-employed jobs, more business start-ups by offering training using a third sector provider and providing an open-market by sharing expertise, experience and knowledge. We encourage self-employment, channelling one’s energy into exposing our caller’s talents. We connect with other agencies, organisations, charities, including individuals, to signpost our people, so as to support them by being mindful of experience and expertise in other professional fields different to our own. We rely on the knowledge that others have that can enhance, help and give support for others to re-direct and refer our contacts and clients to, who contact our first port of call number or use the upcoming app, free of charge, initially asking for help and direction using our signposting services. Text/Call 07400 076 664

What is available? A brochure will be made available and a Future Website will be designed. Watch out for www.jadstone.co.uk Sometimes, just touching base is what can do to save a life or divert a life in another direction. With Suicide Assist First Aid training, we prepare people on the onset of an illness by educating, supporting, guiding, spotting the signs, developing coping mechanisms, management strategies, being there without hopefully the need for early emergency intervention. We are here to prevent panic calls to emergency response teams, lessoning urgent calls out to the police & ambulance service. Aim: To provide an alternative contact. A suggestion will be made to download the new app when it is available.

How can we help?. Prevention We are the pre-stage to the doctor’s surgery, the hospital trip, the police and ambulance call out. A simple text to us can get you pointed in the right direction, an offering of someone who is sympathetic and with life experience to talk to, in the form of counselling, or alternative therapies. With access to websites and phone numbers of experts who can help in the field of education, health, business and development including mental health, matching the need, information to requirement. Each case is treated differently and will be dependent on the need. All emergency and life threatening, still call 999. Our number is for the less urgent, ongoing support, pre and post treatment. A Solution

What do we do? Early Intervention is the key and we provide the before and after care-package with on-going assistance & check ins, providing a pathway to wellness, well-being & recovery before it gets too late, where illness becomes too serious, requiring medical attention and treatment. Self-Referrals are accepted, so is a referral from the General Practitioner. We aim to offer a short-term solution, which may prevent long-term care or specialist attention. Knowledge is power where understanding is crucial to improvement, progress & recovery. We have the specialists to recommend for those more complex issues. Self-Education is what we promote and action. Knowledge is power and crucial for understanding and acceptance so that outcomes can be positive, direct and tailored.

How do we function? We flourish by combining alternative therapies for support, by giving knowledge and guidance, giving each client, the treatment they deserve. Our focus is on prevention, rather than cure, though we do offer a Transformation Coaching Package building up people’s confidence, self-esteem and desire to self-educate, by coaching, motivating, putting learning at the fore-front of improvement to self and situations, suggesting coping strategies and ways to manage low and fluctuating moods, aspiring people to greater vision & expectation for a want of a better life & future, encouraging and empowering people to take control of their goals and targets in life. A mental health course is being undertaken.

What we can offer? Coaching & Mentoring is available via text request. Just text ASSIST ANGELS off any mobile and we will get back to you. Immediate Response between the hours of 9am and 9pm. We will continue to assist and support you in your hour of need and will be there on the end of a phone-call or text to help you assess the urgency of assistance, helping you to know which way to turn. Developing mindset and adaptation to new ways of living, learning and thinking. We Signpost out to Emergency numbers to call that are readily available to you.

What to do now? How to use this Service? First, consider this help/life/crisis-line. Call/text us 24/7 for free on 07400 076 664. During Night-time hours, from 9pm – 9am to the following morning, there is no guaranteed immediate response but certainly within 24 hours. Day-time hours, are wi-fi empowered with internet switched on – you can message by WhatsApp or Facebook – Jemma Stone www.facebook.com/gogetyourdreamsjustdo and get more of an immediate response. We will be happy to talk to you, to comfort, nurture, empathise, support & care. On hand to support and comfort you. An email can also be sent to [email protected] Join our readers list on www.deloragreen.org.uk Here, you can view all Literary Products by the Author. Sign up to our mailing list www.jemmastone.org There are many ways to get in touch and keep us informed. With best wishes until September.

Jemma Stone. Please click the link below to view my digital business card:
Go Paperless

From my Local Trust;

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Jul 16, 2020
Hey well done for the effort put in there. Giving up your time for the good of the community gets my respect all day long. Well done fella