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Mental health news this week



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May 8, 2008
A father has died after allegedly being restrained by three members of staff at a Pontins camp following a fight with another parent. Paul Gladwell, 38, grappled with another man at the Pontins camp in Pakefield near Lowestoft, Suffolk, following a row over another child bullying his son. This incident allegedly led to him being restrained by up to three members of security. Friends claimed that up to three security staff held on to Mr Gladwell's arms and legs while another kneeled on him in a bar on Tuesday night. Friends of Mr Gladwell said he was unemployed and unable to work due to having Asperger's syndrome.

Read more: Father dies after 'Pontins staff pinned him down' in fight | Daily Mail Online

A week-old baby was taken off his parents in hospital by social workers after his father expressed 'unorthodox views about the benefits of formula milk'. Social workers from Kirklees Council took away the baby boy after his father had voiced his opinion about bottle sterilisation and feeding. The mother, in her 20s, suffered from minor mental health problems

Read more: Kirklee social workers took newborn baby from parents | Daily Mail Online

(Remember that Sheffield social worker who said that any UKIP voters would be banned from fostering kids - and the backlash gave Nigel Farage SUCH a big boost that David Cameron then called a In/Out referendum in panic ........ ? Just me then. Yes - that is how it happened. Trump and Brexit - not exactly spirited from the ether)

Race horse Shergar’s jockey Walter Swinburn suffered fatal head injuries after falling to his death from his bathroom window. Walter, who rode the iconic ill-fated horse to win the Epsom Derby in 1981, was found by his father in the courtyard of his luxury maisonette in Belgravia, London. Walter had suffered from post-traumatic epilepsy after falling from a racehorse in Hong Kong in 1996. It left him prone to fits and he was prescribed high doses of two anti-convulsant drugs.

More - Shergar jockey Walter Swinburn plunged to his death from bathroom window in horror accident at his own home where he was found by his dad

A CORONER pleaded for the death of a 21-year-old woman ‘not to be in vain’ as he issued a warning on the dangers of cocaine. An inquest heard Penny Hargreaves, who had epilepsy, died in the days after taking cocaine during a party, but coroner Michael Singleton said he could not rule on whether the cause of her death was natural or drug-related. The student nurse had left university after stress led to an increase in the number of seizures she had - 'This is a very, very tragic death of a young girl who had her whole life in front of her' - Coroner says Penny Hargreaves' death is a warning of the dangers of cocaine (From Lancashire Telegraph)

MQ stands for mental health and quality of life - two things we believe we can transform through research - MQ: transforming mental health through research

Plan Zheroes is a social network where relationships are built between food businesses and charities to ensure food reaches those in need - https://planzheroes.org/

Save Our Support Lobby - Birmingham

Thank you to everyone who made it down to the lobby at Victoria Square on Tuesday 14th February. 100's turned out to support #saveoursupport as we said no to cuts to supporting people. Speakers from across the services that these cuts will impact spoke just outside the council offices. We hope the message was heard loud and clear by the people who will make this important decision.

We have one final ask from you all. On Tuesday 28th February, the final decision on the budget being proposed will be made. The council could vote to approve these draconian cuts to important services that support vulnerable people. We can't let that happen and we need your help to send one final message to the council that these cuts will have a devastating impact on our city. Here is what we need you to do.

On Monday 27th February at 12pm we are asking you to join us in Victoria Square. All that is required is that you come along at that time and bring a blanket with you. Then at 12:15pm, take the blanket out, wrap it around you and sit down. The reason for this is simple. The proposed cuts will mean 450 bed spaces will be lost in Birmingham. That means 450 people could be forced to sleep rough in the city. We want to send a clear message that, if these cuts are implemented, this is what we will see in Birmingham. Are we really okay with this? Do we think that this is honestly acceptable?

Join us on Monday 27th February at 12pm and let’s send one final message to the council that these cuts will have a devastating impact on our ability to help vulnerable people in our city.

Thank you


More - https://www.bvsc.org/news/join-us-save-our-support-protest-lobby

There is an on-line petition that people can sign to show support for the all the services funded via Supporting People and Third Sector Grants which Birmingham City Council is proposing to cut by up to 40%. We feel that the mental health services are particularly at risk from being cut if reductions are made. This will affect Supported Housing, Floating Support (support in people’s own homes) and Recovery services in the community. However the proposed cuts by the Council could also put at risk homelessness services, Domestic Violence Refuges, services for people with learning disability and sensory impairment and addiction/offending backgrounds so there are wider concerns than just the impact to mental health issues.

There is more info on the proposed cuts and impact on the petition. - https://www.change.org/p/ birmingham-city-council-say- no-to-proposed-cuts-for-vital- funds-for-vulnerable-people

Please sign and please pass on to as many people as possible as quickly as possible to get them to sign it as well

Ps you may have seen the reports on local news of the Lobby that people with mental health and learning disabilities/sensory difficulties did yesterday at the council house. We submitted approx. 3000 responses from clients on the budget consultation as well. There is likely to be a full demonstration on the 27th Feb and I will email you will details as soon as it is confirmed. To date as providers we have always worked with the Council however the largest local specialist charities now feel the impact will be so severe that we are publically protesting.

Many thanks

Helen Wadley
Birmingham Mind
Phone: 0121 608 8001
Fax: 0121 608 8006
Email: [email protected]

Are you caring for a friend or family member in Birmingham? Why not join our programme for a creative outlet and a chance to meet other carers.

Object Handling and Creative Writing - Soho House. There’s a hoard of objects with a past at Soho House, but what if they could speak? A poetry and free writing masterclass.

February 25th from 11am – 1.30pm

Stained glass painting - Musuem and Art Gallery. Learn about the stained glass collection in our Industrial Museum and have a go at making your own.

March 17th from 11am – 1.30pm

Sarehole Mill Easter Bake. Ever tried making Italian Easter bread? Learn how to make and bake your own. Decorate it or eat it warm!

April 13th 11am – 1.30pm

Life Drawing - Museum of the Jewellery Quarter. Expressionism or realism? However your pencil interprets the model and her extravagant jewellery is down to you. An introductory class to life drawing led by an artist.

April 20th from 11am – 1.30pm

House Tour and Drama Workshop - Aston Hall. In the dramatic setting of Aston Hall, uncover its history and unlock your dramatic flair. No experience necessary!

May 20th from 11am – 1.30pm

Italian Pizza Make - Sarehole Mill. Move over Jamie Oliver! Using a wood-fired oven, we’ll make, cook and eat together under the glorious sun (hopefully!)

June 29th from 11am – 1.30pm

To book please contact Hannah on [email protected] or call 0121 348 8271

Suresearch is a network of Service Users in Research and Education. We welcome as members, users and survivors of mental health services and their allies, who have experience and/or an interest in mental health research and education.

Remaining 2017 meetings;

Thursday 2nd March
Wednesday 5th April
Thursday 4th May
Wednesday 7th June
Thursday 6th July
Wednesday 2nd August
Thursday 7th September
Wednesday 4th October
Thursday 2nd November
Wednesday 6th December

Reasonable travel expenses are paid to members and guests who live in the Midlands, subject to a maximum of £15.

Park House. University of Birmingham, Edgbaston Park Road, Birmingham B15 2RT.

Information on access to the venue can be obtained by emailing us at - [email protected]

Updated information on meetings will be on our website at - www.suresearch.org.uk

Positive Mental Health Group - monthly networking meeting dates for 2017. The group is open to anyone with an interest in promoting a greater awareness of mental health issues across the communities of Birmingham and Solihull. Your chance to share information, news & views with statutory agencies, voluntary sector organisations, user groups - and individual users/carers/staff. Come and join one of the biggest mental health networking meetings in the Midlands, every month! Just turn up - no need to book. Meetings include guest speakers, information table, light refreshments & a chance to chat and catch up.

Remaining meetings;

Tuesday 28th February - from 2.30pm to 4.30pm
Tuesday 28th March - from 2.30pm to 4.30pm
Tuesday 25th April - from 2.30pm to 4.30pm
Tuesday 30th May - from 2.30pm to 4.30pm
Tuesday 27th June - from 2.30pm to 4.30pm
Tuesday 25th July - from 2.30pm to 4.30pm
Tuesday 29th August - from 2.30pm to 4.30pm
Tuesday 26th September - from 2.30pm to 4.30pm
Tuesday 31st October - from 2.30pm to 4.30pm
Tuesday 28th November - from 2.30pm to 4.30pm
Tuesday 19th December - from 2.30pm to 4.30pm

ALL MEETINGS ARE HELD AT - Matchbox Cafe, 38 - 40 Holloway Circus, Birmingham city centre, B1 1EQ

Just a short walk from all city centre rail stations and bus stops. The cafe is located next to Birmingham LGBT Health & Wellbeing Centre, opposite the Chinese pagoda traffic island and the Radisson hotel.

Buses 61 and 63 stop at HF1 outside the cafe. The journey is just two stops from the Rotunda/Bullring centre, board buses outside the Boots store.

PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) at BSMHFT can offer information on this group and other voluntary or user groups within Birmingham and Solihull - Phone 0800 953 0045

More - http://www.bsmhft.nhs.uk/service-user-and-carer/local-groups-and-events/positive-mental-health-group/

The Gaffer's Garden Project - Would you like to help re-create the vegetable garden at Sarehole Mill in Birmingham?

If you'd like to get out in the open air and join the mill's gardeners to help create our garden, while improving your wellbeing and mental health, we'd love to hear from you. This project is being run in collaboration with Birmingham Mind as part of Birmingham Museums' Health and Wellbeing programme, and is open to anyone who is, or has, been suffering with a mental health condition and would like to join us as part of their recovery.


23rd Feb
9th Mar
23 Mar
6th Apr
20th Apr
4th May

Sarehole Mill, Cole Bank Road, Birmingham B13 0BD

For more information about the project, please contact - [email protected]

Yours Live magazine wellbeing events;

Bodelwyddan Castle, Rhyl, Wales. 3 - 7 April

Thoresby Hall, Ollerton, Nottinghamshire. 7 - 10 July

Gunton Hall, Lowestoft. 6 - 9 October

Lakeside Village, Hampshire. 11 - 15 December

More details - http://www.yours.co.uk/2016/08/events2017

The Arches Project is a place that offers a platform for creative talents of all disciplines to gain experience and exposure to become employable within their industry, by showcasing the work in an exciting and unique space within the Birmingham art scene.

We are currently seeking work for an exhibition called 'Reflected Realities', which aims to explore the differences between what people think and see.

We are looking for works that are sculpture, installation, collage, mixed media, 3D and 2D work.

The deadline for submission is 21st April 2017 and the exhibition will run from 9th June.

We would really like to involve artists who have experience with mental health and can therefore offer a unique perspective of their own reflected reality in a creative way.

We would appreciate it if you circulate the attached poster for us amongst your community.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks

Catherine Bell
[email protected]

(Again I've had to hunt out details - the place is in Digbeth in Birmingham - I've found that link anyway)

So, the topic of alternate realities which some can see and some can't, another one of my abstract tests then, see if you can see this one;

The Crown Prosecution Service is deliberately setting terror trial court dates to harm The Labour Party?

(My evidence collected on this so far broadly fits but is anecdotal. Below is a way to check for yourself as 2017 unfolds if you want)

Crooked CPS Watch - latest

(The idea that a crooked Reactionary at the Crown Prosecution Service is deliberately timing Moslem terror trial verdicts to harm The Labour Party - they do know in advance how long any trial will typically LAST and therefore can in theory set the START date to fit an end schedule. How long a trial is expected to last is openly reported by the media on the first day of it - if you notice. It is The CPS who set the starting dates of trials. It is known that Labour are typically forced DOWN in Opinion Polls etc whenever Moslems cause trouble or it is revealed that they have)

So a suspicious Moslem terror trial pattern in 2017 would be;

1. No terror trials in January (or December and November 2016 the previous year etc)

2. Suddenly though some then in February (to coincide with by-elections on the 23rd)

3. Another lull in March and early April

4. Then picking up again to influence the local elections in May

5. Another lull after that (with the next "glut" of terror trials then just before or during The Labour Party Conference in late September)

6. Another lull after that

1 and 2 on that list already seem to be right so far in 2017, let's see how right the rest of that list turns out to be - it surely can't be a coincidence if that entire pattern ends up being correct?

(An innocent court pattern would be a fairly even spread of Moslem terror trials throughout each year except during times of most Crown witness holidays - Christmas, Easter, July, August. The CPS will innocently typically avoid those 4 times, as I say due to holidays. But the terror trials pattern each year is NOTHING like that if you check. Labour leadership contests, by-elections, mayoral elections, and the Labour spring and autumn conferences tend to produce sudden "gluts" of coinciding Moslem terror trials)

I think that sort of thing has happened in many years post-9/11. Check for yourself and see - e.g. the 2016 London mayoral election seems to be a conclusive example. Any such plot by The CPS failed to stop Labour winning that of course though.

Another example - pretty much the WHOLE of the 2015 General Election campaign coincided with Moslem terror trials, when there were NONE for several weeks (or maybe even months) before it or then afterwards. Explain that.

Remember, this is about the timing of Moslem terrorist court TRIALS, and NOT the associated (attempted) terrorist attacks which precede them.

(i.e. Al Qaeda deliberately targeting General Elections - which they often do of course - is NOT an innocent explanation of stated events. There is NO direct correlation across trials between the length of time passing in between a crime and its resulting court trial - e.g. remand times are NOT rigid).

Anyone know a professor of statistics?

(If there is yet another Labour leadership contest in 2017 with enough of a grace period before the votes occur etc then any crooked CPS person will try to coincide Moslem terror trials with the closing stages of that - and Trump arriving in The UK with enough notice beforehand would mean trial verdicts coinciding with that visit too. Sub Judice court rules mean the Verdict timing is key of course. Trump arriving during a trial isn't too useful if the verdict hasn't yet been given and he leaves before the verdict is decided - he wouldn't be able to mention it nor could it be mentioned to him. A guilty verdict just before he arrives or once Trump is here would be the desired timing though. Obviously any crooked CPS person would know about Sub Judice like that)

One of the reasons I haven't got outright proof yet is because I don't know WHO at the CPS has set the dates for WHICH past terror trials - it probably isn't the same person each time and they may not all be doing it deliberately. Once you can put a CPS person to each trial though, any pattern will be clearer - and then a case of finding any links between the suspicious CPS people and The Tories or UKIP

So - that Arches Project seems rather sneering and patronising, broadly making out that stuff about `alternate reality' as seen by mental patients is false.

What about an art exhibition where the `alternate reality' is the TRUTH but so-called sane people CAN'T see it UNTIL explained to them by people like me? Certainly the dopey Police FAIL to understand that CPS allegation thing even when explained repeatedly to them.

Mind Body Spirit festival

Olympia, London

28 April - 1 May

More - http://www.mindbodyspirit.co.uk/london

Flo Vibe Festival

2nd - 4th June

A weekend to dip into yoga masterclasses, dance and movement workshops, lakeside revelry and treatments in the woods. When twilight comes, get your groove on and let your spirit soar to spellbinding musicians and DJs.

Kelmarsh Hall and Gardens, Northampton NN6 9LY

More - https://flovibe.com/

Calm Zone Stress Management with Dr Liz Croton

Venue - Barefoot Yoga studio, Harborne, Birmingham

Sat 17 Jun

3 - 5.30pm

Cost: £30 / £25 Early Bird when booked by 17 May

Simple, fast techniques based on neuroscience for eliminating anxiety, panic, depression, reducing chronic stress and self-sabotage, and gaining more freedom in your life.

More - http://barefootbirmingham.com/calmzone-workshop-g-p-lizzie-croton-sat-17-june-2017/#more-'

From my local Trust;

NHS Improvement - Operational productivity: expanding to community and mental health - https://improvement.nhs.uk/news-alerts/operational-productivity-expanding-to-community-and-mental-health/

Prisons need profound culture change to prevent loss of life from suicide, says report from Centre for Mental Health and Howard League for Penal Reform - https://www.centreformentalhealth.org.uk/news/prisons-need-profound-culture-change-to-prevent-loss-of-life-from-suicide

Centre for Mental Health - Fathers have crucial role in a child's mental health and need better help to fulfil potential - https://www.centreformentalhealth.org.uk/news/fathers-have-crucial-role-in-a-childs-mental-health-and-need-better-help-to-fulfil-potential-says-centre-for-mental-health

Mental Health Today - Online support service for people with bipolar receives funding boost to cope with increased demand - https://www.mentalhealthtoday.co.uk/online-support-service-for-people-with-bipolar-receives-funding-boost-to-cope-with-increased-demand.aspx

Mental Health Today - More than 500 people placed in out-of-area psychiatric beds in December - https://www.mentalhealthtoday.co.uk/more-than-500-people-placed-in-out-of-area-psychiatric-beds-in-december.aspx

HSJ - 'High' risk to patients due to regional bed shortage, CQC warns - https://www.hsj.co.uk/hsj-local/providers/birmingham-and-solihull-mental-health-nhs-foundation-trust/high-risk-to-patients-due-to-regional-bed-shortage-cqc-warns/7015513.article

NHS England - Q2 data now in mental health dashboard - https://www.england.nhs.uk/mental-health/taskforce/imp/mh-dashboard/

NICE seeks to support new mothers with mental health problems - https://www.nice.org.uk/news/article/nice-seeks-to-support-new-mothers-with-mental-health-problems

NHS Networks - New standards on optimising medicines for people in secure environments - https://www.networks.nhs.uk/news/new-standards-on-optimising-medicines-for-people-in-secure-environments

University of Birmingham HSMC - New Birmingham Policy Commission on Mental Health Promotion - http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/research/impact/policy-commissions/mental-health/index.aspx

University of Birmingham HSMC - Evaluating System Leadership - http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/schools/social-policy/departments/health-services-management-centre/consultancy/evaluation.aspx#EvaluationofSystemsLeadershipinMentalHealth