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Mental Health Healing Centres



Sep 25, 2012
Planet Lunatic Asylum
Mental Health Healing Centres | Idea | My Big Idea

Resourceful, nature-based, respectful peer-run safe spaces where people with mental illness can go to heal from emotional stress, before escalating into medical crisis

Healing centres throughout Australia built and managed with lived-experience care and wisdom.

Anyone who's been through our psychiatric wards, knows they are no place for healing. They are medication management revolving doors at best. We are discharged back to the loneliness and desperate living conditions that go hand in hand with mental illness, unhealed from the initial distress. Psych staff do their best, but they work with tools that hurt people's body to relieve the mind, rather than heal the spirit to rebuild the heart.

Mental health healing centres would be designed with the issues of PTSD in mind. We are finding more and more that trauma and abuse are the first chapter in many of our mental health stories. Psych wards replicate triggering environments with their panicked energy and invasive medical priorities.

Healing centres would sooth and welcome you with sensory friendly designs, real skills based creative spaces for people to songwrite, paint, write, sit around a fireplace and talk with others who know what it's like. Cuddle up with a dog, feed the resident therapy horse.

Mental health healing centres would give you the chance to breathe and steady yourself before the CAT team, the police and the ED take away your identity and self worth by force and fear. Instead, be with friends, learn that it's OK to be not OK for a bit. See if you can find strength to keep going in the community heart beating around you.


Well-known member
Oct 25, 2015
My dream (as in occupational calling) would be to create somewhere like this. :)

Although with more of a focus on animal therapy for me. I genuinely think there is a need for more service dogs for people with mental illness. A healing centre would be a great place to start a partnership with an animal, a place where both people and animals would have their wellbeing looked after.

And in the UK :p! (obv. worldwide would be the idea, but UK is where I am! :D)