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Mental health affecting sexual relationship/everyday life



New member
Jul 27, 2020
Hoping not to make this too long, but hoping someone may have some tips or opinions regarding OCD/ADD affecting sexual health.

my boyfriend (24M) OCD/ADD, his OCD falls under the “counting” category of OCD.
Long story short, he has a lot of problems “disconnecting” durning the naughty times, he says get has a lot of problems where when he goes to shut off his brain to get in the mood, the day starts repeating itself and he starts worrying about everything throughout the day, etc. he hasn’t had the best past sexual experiences due to this, which has caused him some more hidden issues that we have been slowly working through, e.i slowly continuing until he’s ok again, reassuring him, cuddles, affection, cock rings to boost his confident when he “falls out of the mood”.

He’s getting really heart broken because I have an extremely high sex drive, and Im basically just here to see if there’s others similar to him that may be able to give me/us some tips on how to better work through this,
Or how to better communicate together, etc,
it’s really hard for me to understand always, because as much as he wants to participate, when he gets “out of the mood” it almost feels like I’m forcing him (which he swears isn’t the case) and my anxiety kicks into over drive 😅


Jul 28, 2020
Vallejo, Ca
in my experience, sometimes you do have to force it. Not in a non consensual way, but once the motor starts running it kind of takes care of itself.

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