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Mental equilibrium in society



Well-known member
May 18, 2015
I hope you are all well and feeling good.
I have reached a summit, an equilibrium and stability.
Ones' mentality is currently feeling good and I wanted to share.
These words are not meant to be poetic or chronological but personal experiences that I have felt or thought about. I hope you enjoy what is going to be a long post...

The world is a place of different societies and cultures, always expanding and reaching new limits. Constantly changing dynamically and growing exponentially towards a positive equilibrium. Moving households and memories intertwine and blur in an array of spectrums towards an improving understanding of consistency without a need for labels of origins. Infrastructure is being supported by the people that travel them, reaching new places where it is sunnier and greener. Roads and railways combine to form a map of the mind, where transcendental inflation creates and saves energy to a system of productivity. Uni-directional ventures are funneled through the system as we conduct ourselves forwards to reaching happiness and content.

Economically driven bartering endures and adores the concept of trade, with no scope for possible troughs nor unhelpful booms. No zero-sum games are never finished or begun, only symbiotic scenarios which have taken flight. Employment is taken up by the majority of willing bodies and structures that give backing to avoid depressive states. Implicit models and templates are constructed and achieve Pareto optimality with ease. There is constant revolution on a human level, with both discrete and open, continuous time consistency. Humanity's hunger is and has already been reduced by intake of correct planning and improving conditions, only poverty hides the senses for yet on a global scale they will ease with time.

Education is not a necessity for success, but a luxury that is increasingly achievable and takes away the problems of any tertiary misdemeanors of immaturity. Macroeconomic features aggregate towards expenditures worldwide to achieve this whether it is through improved through top-down or bottom-up endeavors. The classical model of 'laissez-faire' is challenged by intervention from a governing entity. This is the drive and stoic resolve which pushes us to new heights while allowing us to relax and indulge in the beauty of leisure as we grow old.

Social equality whether it be by race, gender, class, or orientation provides us with the joy of differentiation of human kind in an anomaly of a planet with life in our metaphysical scriptures imprinted by nature. There does not need to be a binomial difference between two or more entities as we could always combine or stand together in the face of any situation that brings us confusion or distress. The world operates in degrees of freedom which replicate and resonate through our good feelings.

When one finds infatuation or a feeling of love that is toxic or overwhelming it leads to security and at the same time vulnerability. All understanding of the status quo is dropped and you feel like a new person, eager to understand and comprehend the counterpart. The system crumbles and becomes history as you try to play out the potential future. Insignificant features and characteristics are swallowed up in entirety of inexplicable and peaceful bliss. Some things go unsaid and unnoticed, others are spilled out for no reason. Time passes quickly with no worries. Enjoying ones company too much is not shared when others' outside perception of the happy couple is put under scrutiny and unnecessary stress. Brinkmanship is undertaken to find which side is more willing and which is less. One party becomes over confident and negligent while the other longing for affection. The respective individuals either talk too much or in the other case, not at all about private ordeals. Distance begins to settle in and drift each other apart, but I welcome it for as I feel humbled and grateful for friendship.

The world still turns. Sometimes it rains, sometimes it shines. The parameters of society begin to grip and hug you again, to a point of reconciliation. Your personal effort and labour in achieving goals set out, begin to progress. Wealth in materialistic, emotional and spiritual synthesis are gained with every passing experience. Day by day you continue and strive for the best, pioneering your life to the full. The hydraulics of civilization greet you in your outings and adventures. Periodical assessments of self worth are normal, yet you question the deterministic value of existence.

Escapism in the form of travel have been bestowed upon me, in a place warm with energy and people smiling. The party is fun, and the party of friends all happy. The music entangles the motion of my body, enveloped with sparkling lights and good atmosphere. I begin resonating with my environment as one. Thoughts begin to creep up in confidence of trying explore the possibility of love, despite most avenues having been unavailable. Humble emotions yearning for reciprocity, but to no avail.

The waves on the beach are cathartic, yet somehow become annoying. Things turn sour as money becomes an issue. Loyalties are tested on basic principles. Friendships survive yet are tested. The machine does not accept your plastic. You run frantically for an hour to reach the bank before it closes by yourself. The staff are not helpful or understanding and we speak in different tongues. There is no record of your existence in an alien system. Intuition and entrepreneurial fortitude succeed to a certain extent in providing a means, and possible way to find yourself back towards the other side of the island. Sellers of trinkets and drugs have made their contribution, now I think to myself how hard will it be to exchange some alcohol on the beach for money, in order to fund a cab fair. I feel tired yet stoic, powerful yet not as stable as wanted. A person in need is found, and I exchange stories with great contempt for each other. Am I leading the blind or am I blinded by the light. We muster resources and I manage to find the possibility of sharing a taxi back to somewhere more familiar after telling a joke. Upon arrival we have something from a cafe and begin to finally relax.

Technology is a progressive form of productivity and occasionally a helpful tool. I was certain that my phone was being tracked by secret service agencies looking to keep tabs on where I have been during my time on the island. I did not know why, but perhaps it had something to do with my enlightened power of overcoming the concept of money. Money had temporarily become my enemy. The capitalist system divulges enough freedom for people to achieve some sort of attainable goal, but then makes you feel anxious for temporarily taking on this quest. I had delusions of grandeur for several days on the island, and became entangled in a worry of natural disasters such as an earthquake, tsunami or volcano possibly occurring there. It got to the point that I was bottling all my frustration with the way the world works, I was on the edge of exploding like a supernova from my head. Things calmed down after a climax.

So there I was, I did not know why exactly or how I got there. I was in a mental institution. I spent the best part of a week there. It was like a puzzle game, with trial and error eventually letting me reach freedom. Confusion was rampant but expected, and I was in a state of terror but euphoria. Several years later, I still hear the occasional voices and audio delusions, and carry the stigma of mental health issues. I believe wanting a better world, a better life, some sort of utopia whether it is just for yourself, or people you know or worldwide as an ideal shows true grit and resolve. Nobody deserves to suffer in silence. I believe we are all winners in the art of living.

My best wishes to all.