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Men get eating disorders too



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Mar 23, 2009
Men Get Eating Disorders Too’ is a new website for men who have been affected by anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, compulsive eating and / or exercise and 'bigorexia'. We have put together this site to provide male sufferers with essential information and advice on eating disorders including definitions of what they are and the associated symptoms, treatments and support services available. There are also personal stories and a message board so male users can connect with other men with eating disorders to share their experiences and offer peer support.

The project is being supported by ITV Fixers who are helping us to build the site and recruit volunteers. ITV Fixers is a major campaign for 16 to 25 year olds to enable them to set up a project about something they care about. For info about them please see their site http://itvfixers.com



Sep 22, 2008
I've been severely underweight for most of my adult life.I'm sure now that having such a low self esteem was the reason for me not eating.
After 2 years on antipsychotic medication I'm now 15 stone.I still feel like I'm underweight even though I'm not.So I still have issues.


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May 30, 2008
This is excellent news. What with all the other crap in my life I'm starting to feel the need to get this ED thing under control. I compulsively binge eat and have periods of purging too. Its a very private thing. Its weird as I would be fairly 'ok' about talking about my mental health but I wouldn't be comfortable discussing eating issues in the open.


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Mar 23, 2009
I have a problem when it comes to eating too much but i wouldn't be presumptuous enough to say i have an ED.
I am mildly obese i guess at 16.5 stone and 5-11. The problem i have is the disjoint between knowing what is healthy to eat and the boredom/emotional hunger/emptiness that leads me to regularly raid the fridge/freezer/larder.
I think something disconnects in my brain and emotional emptiness/hunger is translated into constant messages telling me i have a physical need for food.

Even a healthy eating /living course at my day centre sponsored by Eli Lilly didn't prove very effective.
It was easy enough for me to understand about healthy eating from an intellectual perspective but i bombed spectacularly when it came to overriding the emotional aspects surrounding my eating.
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