Memory of being groped- I feel like I am being silly.



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Apr 23, 2012
Years ago, about 8-9 years, I went for a night out and there was this man that was with the friends I was out with. I knew him from school although he was in the year above me and we never spoke to each other. On a night out he would try to flirt with me and I would decline and try to laugh it off because I felt sorry for him. I remember he grabbed my crotch and I think I pushed his hand away. I turned my back on him to walk away and as I was walking off he came up behind me and groped my breast. I didn't know he was there until he touched me.

A similar situation happened with a different man and he grabbed my crotch and muttered something. I can't remember exactly what happened although I am remembering tiny bits which i cant say I have remembered in specific detail since it actually happened. In this situation the detail I remember was that I was standing quite close to him as we were with a group of friends. I think I was talking to a friend and he was to the left of me. He grabbed my crotch and I glanced down to see what happened. I looked up to him and it was like he was trying to convince me to get with him.

I don't know why these memories are so prominent. I would go so long without thinking about it but for the past few weeks it keeps coming up.

Girl interupted

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Nov 17, 2018
Im sorry this happened to you. I believe you. Do not let it define you.

And don’t let it ever happen again. Next time scream and make a gigantic scene,

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