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memory loss episodes



Mar 7, 2013
Over the last couple of years significant life occurnces have been accompanied by memory loss incidents. These were put down to attempted suicides that landed with amnesia as the result of fall etc.

But the last couple of weeks ive started sleep walking and carrying out threats against my self while asleep. Self harming....overdose. im told by the pfoc that there are extremly rare and im unlikely to harm myself or others. Wrong.... As when i first started self harming it was during my sleep.

Anyway last night while having a relaxing evening with my girlfriend.. She realised that i seemed to be staring and shaking...... After some time i came too but was unable to remember the previous 4 hours.

Didnt remember arriving at her flat
Didnt remember taking the dog for a walk.
Didnt remember phoning my kids. Something i do every night at 8pm.

At first wasnt even sure who she was.

These have happened before but not like this .

Any thoughs and help.....appreciated.


This must be a very worrying time for both you and your girlfriend. I don't really have any area of expertise in this area but I think it was wrong for your psychiatrist to just dismiss this. Maybe it would be worth speaking to your GP as it may not be a psychiatric problem? I know there are a lot of sleep disorders that can make people behave totally out of character and dangerously. I remember watching a documentary about someone who had to board up his windows and get someone to lock him in his bedroom at night because he was such a risk and had in the past jumped out of his bedroom window. I remember he had to go to sleep clinics, can't remember what the outcome was though, sorry.

I think you should demand answers on this one, hopefully someone who is far more knowledgeable than me will come along with some advice.
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