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Meetings of the minds



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Mar 11, 2008
Where would a person who has mental health problems meet a potential partner who suffers in the same way.If this person suffered some avoident issues and anxiety difficulties how could this be overcome.

Do these relationships stand a chance of surviving longer then peoples who suffer no ill fate.:cool:


This question keeps coming up,(How about opposites attract!)some people have said it helps because thier partner understands them, some peole have said that thier partner dosent understand but is there to give them :hug:s which helps, I think like in any relationship its give & take.Somepeople feel stronger by not having a relationship, its really whots best for you. I have always found when you least expect it love finds you.


I wouldn't actively seek a partner on the grounds that they had a similar mental health problem anymore than I would seek a partner on the grounds that they were a recovering alcoholic or a clean drugs user. It's irrelevant. I've met a lot of new people lately and they very politely ask me about bipolar when it's raised and then continue on with the real stuff of conversations. One person said lately he'd like to understand it more because it's part of my life and therefore part of his.

So I don't think it's about what you've got but who you meet.