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Medication Woes


Lucille 45

New member
Mar 17, 2021
Hello all.
I am requesting insight and/or guidance. I have been taking SSRI's and at one point, an SNRI. I am no longer able to take any serotonergic meds because I developed platelet aggregation issues, leading to bleeding under my skin. I even tried to switch to Clomipramine, TCA, and the bleeding is starting again. It also affects serotonin, which is why this bleeding issue exists. I feel I am really out of options at this point. The only meds I am aware of to treat OCD are serotonergic. I am really frustrated.

I am going to ask to see a hematologist soon to check and see how much my platelets are impacted.

Of course, now I am obsessing over hemorrhaging in my stomach and brain because OCD, but also because now I have this bleeding under my skin.

Sidenote: I know the bleeding is from the SRI's because when I discontinued them, the bleeding under my skin stopped. It covers my shins and ankles on both legs. I don't care how it looks, but the fact that I'm internally bleeding is not OK.

Are any of you aware of any other type of meds that are not serotonergic that have worked for your intrusive thoughts? Have any of you ever experienced anything like this?

Insight and support are appreciated.

Thank you for your time.


Well-known member
Forum Guide
Nov 10, 2019
I'm so sorry you have had this experience. I think the only person that can help with something this important is a consultant pharmacist or specialist in this area. It sounds like a rare condition you have and important you are prescribed something carefully.

Have you tried any non-medication treatments?

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