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Medication - Help!



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Dec 15, 2008
Sorry if this is not the right place but........

I had a meds review and the p.doc has now put me on 50mg of Sertraline to take with the aready prescibed Mirtazapine 45mg - does anyone take this combination and how have they found it?

Am worried it is going to zonk me out and I am going to put more weight on.
I am more worried that I will not be able to feel anything at all and become even more forgetful as when I was on rispiridone.

I am meant to start it in the morning.



Jan 15, 2009
I was on sertraline a few years ago and from I remember I didnt have any side effects that lead to me becoming drowsy but we are all different and so because of that and the fact that you are to combine it with another medication then I suggest that you express your concerns to the GP or to the pharmacist who will be able to give you the best information.

Its likely that you will probably need to just try the 2 tablets together and see how you get on. It may well be fine or even if it does make you feel drowsy this may only be for a short period of time.

In the past I have been known to half one of my tablets (which reduces the dosage) to avoid the drowsy effects so thats another option but one that should be agreed with your doctor

As for weight, I dont know of any anti depressants which cause you to gain but some can increase your appetite so if thats the case then when you feel the hunger pangs, reach for an apple or something healthy instead of crisps or sweet and then you more than likely shouldnt gain extra weight


I would just like to say that it isn't possible for individuals to compare medications and their effects or lack of.

What will work for someone else and give them some relief and healing won't work for you and might even make you sick. It is impossible to find a general medication but anti-depressants are completely unique in their interactions to your or I.

Keep trying until you find the one that works for you if you can. It can be a hard road to take but it is worth it.

All the best


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Dec 15, 2008
Thanks - I started taking it anyway - I didn't really have a choice - lets hope this combination works as you say for me.
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