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Medical Non Payment "Guarantee" for current year (HC2/)



Well-known member
Aug 1, 2014
Hi Folks, Hi All,

Up to now, I had always always recieved my actual certifcate, for Doctors' Prescriptions, and dental prescriptions and treatment.

Now, I have a huge problem on my hands, the chemist was apparently checking up on something, and the system couldn't accept the previous reference number, implying that to parents that she needs to have an actual current in date certificate.

In dental , on MOnday, I had even more of a headache, and the dentist just couldn't delete the current out of date certificate that he had a copy of in his computer system.

So I have a huge task or parents will have on my behalf, that a actual current certificate must be requested, it's not viable and not pracitical just basing upon the last reference number, sure, I can still receive my prescriptions, it's just that they are and I am having headaches, at the moment admin wise.

Have a good evening all,

Happy new year all,

Best regards all,



Jan 14, 2020
Hello Natalie,

Hope all is well as can be expected, with regards to your post if you're in receipt of ESA it's based on contribution-based or income-based one will cover you for all your Dentist, Medical Prescriptions and treatment and one does not ( if live in the UK)

Universal credit I am not sure about, best check citizens' advice or google it.