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meandering of a manic mind.?



Sep 13, 2009
I was diagnosed with bipolar 1 3 weeks ago (cyclothymia before that) tonight im really suffering with a manic. im at the irritable stage where everything is winding me up beyond belief. my step daughter was eating a yogurt just now and the way she was eating it was really making me cross )she was just being normal really) and to the point where I thought I was going to punch something hard. I've been like this all day but its gotten worse as the day has gone on.
thursday night I had a very bad episode (bordering on psychotic) and though I've been easier to deal with since after that I still haven't been stable and then this again tonight. when I get like this I worry about what I will do. thursday night apparently I launched myself at my husband and he said I looked really angry and scary (he isn't a small guy) and I can't evenremember much about it.
help. any advice would be appreciated.


Well-known member
Sep 9, 2009
bradford west yorks
i know how you feel

i was like that this morning, what meds are you on? if it gets so bad call your crisis team and ask for them to call your doctor and get some Valium, thats what they gave me until im rested. when im manic i just pace up and down , drink tea and maybe do a puzzle i know you cant really focus on that but try and explain to your partner how you feel, sometimes a hot bath and a walk calm you a tad. i really feel for you as that is what happened to me today , thats all i can say i know xxx


Sep 13, 2009
hey im on quetiapine. still steadily increasing my dose currently at 300 mg. its hard work feeling like this isn't it?! what meds ru on? x


Sep 30, 2009

I know what you mean, I couldn't find shoes this morning and totally flipped out. I hope you'll feel better when the meds are increased x
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