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Maybe hoocd? Please help



Oct 4, 2021
Hi guys I posted something ages ago and I still feel it hasn’t gone away and it’s really annoying. So literally what happened is I had a dream of kissing a girl and I been overthinking obsessively and it has taken over my life I did some small bit of cbt and we did some challenge and I have every evidence it was a dream nothing more . I feel I might have hoocd all I have is thought that are effecting how I feel about boys and girls I feel numb . So then I went on medication which is only starting to work now I had no thoughts it was great I felt things were okay again until my boyfriend kept being full on always being there when I tried listening to music he was asking me questions and questions to the point it irritated me . And all the negative thoughts I had not thought about since I went in medication had all came back it’s like he triggered them and then I started questioning how i feel again . So I think I rushed too soon into everything after panicking and stressing all the time before the medication I don’t think I gave myself that time to feel alright again and now I feel like this is never gonna end . Does this makes sense does it get better I feel like the hoocd won’t ever go away it’s like it’s always there even though I have nothing but thoughts towards it please help