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Maximus your new provider to get you off of benefits to starve...



Apr 2, 2013
Ok folks it's now supposedly official this new American co can hound you off of benefits are you happy about that? Tis not even funny or right but they are and they will get paid to get you off the register? What Will they do to you? 5000, 0000 million they are paid to see if you are or are not eligible for any benefits, scrutinise you scrutinise to get you off of any monies to make your life better.... Write to your MP shout from the roof tops why are they getting paid 5000,0000 million for a budget of less than that to screw you? Why?



Jul 30, 2012
Great name though. Open to lots of puns...

I found this...
The government has sparked fury after appointing a US company with a lengthy record of discrimination, incompetence and alleged fraud to take over delivery of its controversial “fitness for work” tests from the much-criticised Atos Healthcare.
Disability News Service (DNS) revealed two weeks ago that Maximus was in prime position to win the three-and-a-half-year contract to carry out hundreds of thousands of the hugely-controversial work capability assessments (WCAs) every year across England, Wales and Scotland.
Iain Duncan Smith, the Conservative work and pensions secretary, confirmed today (Thursday) that Maximus had won the contract – which also includes the delivery of other health-related assessments, such as eligibility tests for disability living allowance and attendance allowance, but not the new personal independence payment – in a written statement to MPs.
Maximus is due to take over responsibility for delivering WCAs from 1 March 2015, but will be working alongside Atos during a transition period. The contract is believed to be worth about £500 million.
Richard Montoni, chief executive of Maximus, said in a statement: “Assessments for people who need health-related benefits should be timely, respectful and fair.
“Our goal is to improve the overall customer experience by addressing certain challenges that exist today.”
He said the company wanted to “reduce waiting times without compromising quality by bringing in more health care professionals”.

I lost the link. Sue me. :)


Jul 30, 2012
I expect a disgruntled psychiatrist will exact painful revenge upon me. Unless I get into full - time work and find sanctuary.

Im not a loud mouth yob in real life. Honest guv.

It's all the stress these schemes bring into already stressed lives. I dunno...


Well-known member
Sep 12, 2009
I'm just taking it it easy until they come to me, not going to seek them out anymore, my local job center reminds me of a funeral directors, same amount of useful action going on. Could easily be a taxi driver, delivery driver etc no problem and would really enjoy it.:p
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