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Massive phobia of the dentist



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Apr 18, 2020
It’s been about maybe 3 years or so since I’ve been to the dentist. I’ve never had a phobia of the dentist till 3 years ago.. X rays were no problem for me, it felt like I needed to gag but never did, ya know no biggie. Well last time I went to the dentist my anxiety for some reason was at a all time high, although I was trying to keep my composure in front of my mom and brothers. It was my turn to do x rays and I’m watching the assistant prep for the x rays, well I never really watched them prep I was always in my own world just waiting for it to be all done but for some reason my stupid self decided to watch her prep and as soon as I saw the x rat thingy they put in your mouth I was done. She puts it in my mouth and I start to gag! I mean I was soo close to throwing up in that chair ( did I mention I developed this bad gag reflex these past couple of years and have a minor phobia of throwing up?! ) I hoped outta that chair and said I’ll come back later for my x rays. I’ve been scarred since. Recently these past couple of months my wisdom tooth has been killing me. I’ve been having re occurring infections that just won’t go away. Luckily I’ve had antibiotics for a while so I didn’t have to go the dentist, but I’m down to my last batch and I’ve been having lots and lots of anxiety over going to the dentist. I know I will feel 1000xs better if I went and got what I needed to get done. However my anxiety is so bad i keep shaking and getting so sick to my stomach I want to throw up. I can’t imagine going to the dentist with crippling anxiety + nausea and having someone stick a x ray in my mouth :-( does anyone have any advice on going to the dentist with anxiety? It would be greatly appreciated! <3


Jul 25, 2021
I m just going to say this,,i had a massive phobia of dentist for quite a few years. then teeth got so bad and painful,,i went and just got on with it rather than have painful teeth. Its better rather than waiting then down the line things will be worse. Its HORRIBLE,,,,i had fear of general anaesthetic,cancelled appointment to have polyp out of my womb,then thought,its just going to grow to god knows. Im only going to really get the stress out if i have it done. i found i thought i would panic in the ante room but something took over i just grabbed the oxygen and calmly got on with it. Your delaying inevitable full on stress thats going to get worse. you will be fine,,i know you can do it!!!!.


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Dec 9, 2007
The World
does anyone have any advice on going to the dentist with anxiety?
There is a great website on dental phobia and dental anxiety.

They have a specific page on coping with a strong gag reflex.

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