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Nov 23, 2008
Belfast, N.Ireland
This is kind of my way to gather my thoughts about what has gone on and a chance for me to get it written down. I don't mind if no one replies. It is rather long anyhow. Friday last week and all of the week after, I was extremely high. Many people told me I was hyper, high as a kite etc. My mum said she was going to buy a massive plaster and stick it over my mouth as I don't shut up and jump from topic to topic and confuse her.

Last Saturday I was all over the place. I kept talking the biggest load of gobbledygook. I fell over my words and sometimes I didn't make any sense at all. I recognise that as I was saying it - but I couldn't stop it or say what I had intended. I was trying to say something to my mum and she looked at me like I was crazy after I had said it and she said what the hell was that meant to be?? It really did make no sense whatsoever. I believe that it was the phenomenon known as word salad. It was words that were connected with no connection to the next word being said.

It was my great-nephew's 1st birthday last Saturday. From the moment I entered the house - I was cracking jokes and acting an eejit. Appears it worked. They were all in hysterics pretty much the whole time I was there. My niece's boyfriend's sister said that they could take me to any party and I would be the life and soul. I have to admit - that I loved every minute of it - making them all laugh. I felt fantastic and wonderful. I said things that I didn't even think were funny - but they all laughed their heads off. My niece rang later and said that her partner's brother and mother think I am hilarious. I do love to laugh and love to make others laugh too. But I rarely make others laugh. My mum said that I embarrass her as I am so loud and noisy.

I am a very outgoing and friendly person; however, I am not the type to have people in stitches or to be the life and soul of anything. I enjoy a laugh - but I am not usually making people laugh. I am not noisy or loud generally speaking. I am quite different when I am high.

I believe, as does my nurse, that I was manic last week. I haven't been manic for such a long time. I am high or very high a lot of the time. Seems that I live most of my life on a high. It wouldn't be so bad - but I do a lot of things I should not be doing and find myself in dangerous situations.

I have come dow again - but not with a bang. I'm just level now. Until the next high which most likely will not be that far away.:scared:


I'm pleased jax that you have found somewwher e that you can write things down for yourself take care x:hug: frank