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manic help me please i cant tell any one else xxi wont take long xx



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Sep 9, 2009
bradford west yorks
last night i seemed to lose it all , i have been depressed following a 4 month high. my depression has been her for 2 weeks now, and last night i got in to an argument with my husband because i thought he said something about me to my friend. any way i got so mad i said i would stab him in the chest and i ran down stiars and if he hadnt of come after me i dont know what i would have done. i feel calmish today but still really hopeless. im sure i keep seing things out the corner of my eyes, like black shapes. im trying to keep it togeher here, but my husband was crying last night saying that he did know where i had gone? is this normal of manic depression to feel so frightened when wound up . i felt as if i had been possessed by some thing evil or my dads ghost. i even thought the other day and still cant dismiss that this whole thing is ment to be , ment to open me up to a new level. what am i going to do . i have:mad: to back to work on monday ..


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Mar 21, 2009
I don't have manic depression but I definately think you need to go back to the doctor. It doesn't sound as if your meds are working and it must be really scary for you when you feel like this. Please try to get some help as soon as possible. Sorry I can't be much more help:hug:

mad as a hatter

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Jul 23, 2008
i have bipolor and yes i certainly have like u at times i wanted 2 stab my dad not so long ago and i still have some thoughts off doin it even tho i,m not quite as low as i was i r u taking medication i think u need 2 go 2 ur gp and try get a appointment with ur pdoc or go 2 local hospital and ask 2 spk 2 the 1 on call before it gets totally out control mines nrly did but i had the crisis team in at the time they helpec me a lot
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