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Manic friend

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Concerned wife and friend

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Jul 26, 2021
My friend who I haven’t spent time with since childhood recently moved to my town. He’s a really great guy who is a lot of fun and constantly cracks jokes. He’s also bipolar, had gone off his meds and had to be admitted to the hospital as a result of his extreme manic behavior. Thankfully, he is now back on meds and under the care of a psychiatrist, but he’s only been out of the hospital for about a week. He still seems really manic. He says he’s never felt better and never had so much self confidence. Im sure he’s still manic based in his behavior. Should I be anticipating a crash? How should I deal with him? I am trying to be positive but don’t want to feed into it. He quit his (really good) job when he got out of the hospital and has lots of ideas as to what he wants to do next.


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Sep 14, 2020
If he is back on his meds and still taking them on his own, that is a really good sign. The hospital likely released him even though he was still manic because they were able to get him back on his meds. My wife was hospitalized last year after she went back on her meds and she was released even though she was still manic because they were able to convince her (after 5 weeks) to start taking meds again. They released her while admitting she was still manic, because they were *hopeful* she would continue her meds and continue her progress. I was worried but she actually did stick with her meds (even though constantly saying she probably doesn't need it because she has "never felt better" and "never had more clarity" in her life). Eventually the meds did her thing and her mania slowly subsided over the next two months. Hopefully you friend sticks to his meds and the mania subsides - it won't happen overnight. In the meantime, you can support him by spending some time with him and listen to him. Being positive is good but don't feel pressured to agree with what he says if you really don't and if some of his ideas are really bad ones, you can gently try to mention it. The key thing is boundaries. If he starts to get aggressive with you because you don't agree with him or whatever, they don't be afraid to let him know and walk away. It is always tricky setting good boundaries in such situations. As for a crash (depression), it is common for someone manic to eventually slip into a depression (as my wife did also), though hopefully he is on meds that will also help reduce the severity of the depression. You are a good friend to want to help him and learn about his illness, and he's lucky to have someone who cares.


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Apr 20, 2019
He's probably not taking his meds.
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