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manic episode



Feb 26, 2020
Having my first manic episode was terrifying. I did not know what was happening. No one around me did either.

I got professional help right away. The process started out slow. I had a relapse and was hospitalized.

Accepting my diagnosis of bipolar was very difficult, but I was willing to face it because I had no other choice and I wanted to get better.

The hardest part in all of it was losing friendships that had been in my life for many years. It was so surprising and hurtful that they would suddenly leave and not offer any love or support. All they wanted was distance from me. The stigma on mental health runs deep. People don't want to show empathy toward someone with a mental illness. Their gut reaction is to protect themselves from it (as if it's contagious.) Very sad. Very disappointing. Going through this made my recovery a lot harder. When I needed them most, my friends were not there.
pandr oid

pandr oid

Active member
Feb 13, 2020
Stockholm, sweden
Most probably your "friends" are jerks...
Maintaining friendships is difficult for many bipolars even if there are people willing to help, so I find it very positive that you have the need to communicate with friends...


Feb 26, 2020
Thanks. Yes I don’t want to go into deep isolation / depression. So reaching out and trying to maintain friendships has been a priority for me.
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